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Transcript from news conference with Browns coach Pat Shurmur

By Nate Ulrich Published: October 28, 2011

Browns coach Pat Shurmur met with reporters today after his team practiced in preparation for its road game Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(Opening statement)- “The only thing I’d say about injuries, I’ll just say it right now, Auston English and Mohamed Massaquoi are out. They will not play.  Auston injured himself in practice yesterday and Mo hasn’t made enough of a recover yet to have him ready to go.  Other than that everybody will be available and ready to roll, we’ll get on a plane and go out there.”

(On what English’s injury is)- “Knee.

(On an update for Peyton Hillis)- “He’ll be out there and we’ll decide whether he’s going to play or not on Sunday so we’ll see.”

(On what Hillis was able to do today)- “He ran inside.  He was able to run.

(On why they brought Hillis back on Wednesday and if it might have been too soon)- “We brought him back with the idea that he could go out and practice. He did some things, he just couldn’t finish, that’s all.”

(On if Hillis will make the trip to San Francisco)- “Yeah, Auston English and Mo Massaquoi will be the only two that don’t go.”

(On what Hillis will be listed as on the injury report)- “I don’t know what we’re going to list him as, but he’ll be available and if he can play he’ll play.  I guess we’re going to list him as questionable.”

(On if Kaluka Maiava is okay)- “Kaluka’s okay.  We’ll list him as questionable as well.

(On Jason La Canfora reporting that Hillis is out for the San Francisco game)- “That’s not what I’ve said.  Right now he’s listed as questionable along with the other guys we’ve talked about for most of the week.”

(On how Benjamin Watson looked in practice)- “He did a good job.  He was out there and he got a chance to kind of get some of the work he missed earlier in the week.  He looked good.”

(On if Watson is a fast healer when dealing with concussions)- “I don’t know if he’s a fast healer or not, but he’s taken all the steps necessary to come back from a concussion. As far as I know he’s ready to go.

(On if Carlton Mitchell will start in place of Massaquoi)- “No, he’s not going to start, but he’s active.

(On what kind of role they have planned for Mitchell on offense)- “We’ll see the situations and where he gets in the game.  He knows the plays and the positions that we want to play him at so there’s a decent chance you’ll see him in the game.”

(On if he’s confident in the changes they’ve made of special teams)- “Yes, again, we’ve made some personnel changes as well as some things schematically that we think will help us.  We’ll see how it plays out.

(On if Phil Dawson was able to do all his kicking the last couple of days)- “Phil actually did all his kicking yesterday and then what we asked him to do today.  He’s back and ready to roll.  He essentially just missed Wednesday so he’s ready to go.

(On making a jump on offense when certain guys won’t be there)- “We’ll that’s one thing you deal with is trying to get as much work as possible with them during the week and then try to keep them fresh.  We’ve done a little extra work before and after practice and the guys that are going to be in there are aware of the routes that we’re going to run this week so you just try and get as much timing as you can.

(On if it would be a great week for Colt McCoy to take a jump and be sharp the whole game)- “A player’s next best performance is right on the horizon so we’re hopeful.  I’m hoping that’s the case.  It would be a good week.

(On who will start in place of Massaquoi)- “Joshua Cribbs, he’ll start.”

(On if Shawn Lauvao is good to)- “Yeah, Shawn’s good.  He was out there today.  He practiced and went all the way through it.”


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