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Transcript from news conference with Browns coach Pat Shurmur

By Nate Ulrich Published: November 4, 2011

Browns coach Pat Shurmur met with reporters today after his team practiced in preparation for its game Sunday against the Houston Texans. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(Opening statement)- “The three players that are out as of listed today would be Auston English, Montario Hardesty and Dimitri Patterson. Peyton (Hillis) we’ll have to see on his hamstring.  I think he’s going to get an MRI here this afternoon, just to double check and everybody else will be available.”

(On if he knows anything more about Hillis’ injury from practice)- “It’s fresh.  It was early in practice and then he went in and I’m sure he’ll be evaluated to see where he’s at.”

(On how comfortable he is with Chris Ogbonnaya possibly getting the start at running back)- “I’m very comfortable.  I think he’s done everything we’ve asked to this point and he came in and played in a limited role and did well. Last week, I thought he went in and did a good job with a major role.  Hopefully, it’ll be somewhere in between.”

(On what he thinks about Hillis and what Hillis’ thoughts are)- “Well I’d ask you to think about what he thinks.  It’s a game where you have injuries, you deal with them, you try to fight back from them and that’s what we all try to do.  At this point though, unfortunately, if he’s not ready to go we just move on and I think that’s the mindset at any position.  I’m sure if he can’t play this week then I’m sure he’ll be frustrated by that, but the key is to do everything in his power to get healthy so he can play.”

(On if Colt McCoy is pressing by trying to make everyone around him better and if that can be a problem at times)- “I think it’s important that everybody does their job.  The nature of the quarterback position is such where you try to worry about and be responsible for everything. I think that’s the nature of it.  I think at this point though it’s just very important how we all do our jobs, execute the offense, get completions and really distribute the football.  I think that’s something he’s aware of.”

(On if McCoy has a better understanding now)- “I think so and again I think there’s a process that all players go through, including quarterbacks in this league and it’s different than being in college, it’s very different.  Everything you do is challenged in this league.  Whether you’re playing offense, it’s the defense or whether you’re playing defense, it’s the offense so you’re being challenged constantly. I think it’s important that you just keep playing your way through it.  The more you see the better you’ll get.”

(On if it’s difficult for college quarterbacks to adjust to the NFL knowing they may lose more than one game)- “I think you have guys that have proven they are winners and they can win. There’s a general disappointment and frustration that goes with losing and you do everything in your power to go through the process to change the results. I think that’s where he’s at.”

(On Buster Skrine filling in for Dimitri Patterson)- “He’s another young guy that’s going to get a great opportunity filling in for Dimitri.  I’m confident that whatever his role requires he’ll do well.  He’s a guy that’s challenged, he’s really challenged himself to learn the scheme and when he’s in there playing he plays extremely hard.  I anticipate that he’ll show up well.”

(On if Phil Dawson had to prove to him this season how reliable he was from 50-plus yards)- “He’s a great kicker, I knew that coming in to it.  Obviously, because of the lockout I didn’t have an opportunity to talk to him.  I think the thing I’ve gained an appreciation for is what a great person, what a great competitor, what a great pro he is.  I think that’s what I’ve learned about him.  I knew going into this that he was an outstanding kicker and I was counting on that.  What I didn’t know about him was all the other stuff I just mentioned.”

(On if Mike Adams will see any playing time at cornerback on Sunday)- “That’s a Sunday thing.  You could see a lot of guys at a lot of different spots, I think that’s fair to say.”

(On if Hillis can’t go will they bring Owen Marecic in for two-back sets or will they consider bringing up Armond Smith from the practice squad)- “We’re going to have to talk about what we’re going to do there, but if we don’t make a roster move then we’ll go with the two-backs we have and use Owen if we go to a one-back set.  We have cover ups in other areas in terms of guys playing multiple positions so we can do that.  You always have tight ends trained as fullbacks, you have linemen trained as tight ends and we do the same thing at halfback as well.”

(On how challenging it has been for him with all of the injuries this season)- “Let me say this, I love my job. I love the profession and I really do enjoy the challenges of trying to put together a team that’s going to win a game on Sunday. I think that’s the part that stimulates me.  Nothing is surprising in this business and I’ve kind of made the promise to myself that nothing will surprise me.  You put it together the best you can with the guys and they’ve had three great days of practice.  We have a locker room of guys that try to do the right thing. I hope we can go out and put together an effort where the results are winning.”

(On Ogbonnaya and Thomas Clayton coming in with great attitudes and work ethic)- “I think they’ve displayed a sense of professionalism that’s good, that you need when you bring in guys and try and get them up to speed quickly.  I appreciate that and again, I hope they can go out and perform well.”

(On if the locker room has taken on his attitude of ‘nothing will surprise us’)- “I hope so.  I think that’s the message in the NFL.  You have to have a short term memory whether you win or lose and you keep plugging and I think that’s the message.  Andy Reid texted me this week with the same advice, just keeping plugging along and he’s right. That’s the way we did it, that’s the way I’ve always learned to do it and you work hard, you get up in the morning and try and do the right thing, make good decisions, put your guys in the best position you can to help them make plays and then you just throw it out there and here you go.”


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