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Transcript from news conference with Browns coach Pat Shurmur

By Nate Ulrich Published: November 7, 2011

Browns coach Pat Shurmur met with reporters today to discuss his team's 30-12 loss to the Houston Texans. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(Opening statement) - “Let me just talk about injuries.  Auston English is progressing, we’ll see what happens for the weekend.  Montario Hardesty most likely will be out.  Peyton Hillis will be out this week.  He’s going to spend his time rehabbing his hamstring.  Mohamed Massaquoi as I mentioned yesterday came out of the game.  He was feeling woozy and he actually went home today, he wasn’t feeling well so he’s out of the building.  There was no specific episode in the game that caused him, we’re just having that evaluated.  Tony Pashos got kicked in the leg so we’ll see how he is.  Dimitri Patterson is progressing, we’ll see as we near the end of the week his availability.  T.J. Ward had a dislocated finger, they popped it back in, got it fixed and then he had a foot sprain.  I don’t have any details on that yet he’s still being evaluated on the foot.  Usama Young has a hip injury and again, we’ll see how he does as he goes through the week.  Rest of the guys, if you’ve got a specific question we’ll talk about it.  But, we got beat, got beat pretty well by a good football team. I talked to the players about it today, we watched the film, they’re continuing to finish making the corrections and just like we talk about each Monday we move forward.  I don’t mean it to be cliché, it’s just the way it is. You move forward, get yourself ready to play and get ready to play the next opponent, it just happens to be the St. Louis Rams on Sunday.  Had a chance to watch that game, they played yesterday and they lost a tough one in overtime.  They played good offense, they can be stingy on defense and it’s going to be a tough test.”

(On what troubled him the most about yesterday) - “I think we got behind early for a couple of reasons.  They drove the ball on us and then we fumbled the ball on the first snap.  On a run that’s going to gain yards, can’t do that.  So we spot them 10 points there and then we throw an interception right before half and give them another three.  Those are the types of things that upset me and that’s how that game went.  We’ll work on correcting those. ”

(On why a timeout was not called after Colt McCoy was sacked before the half) - “I chose not to call one. We got a play that we wanted, he threw the ball to Greg (Little) in the slot. I chose not to call one, there’s no reason to at that point.”

(On the run defense) - “We just need to get better.  They’re a good running team, we practiced against the run and they executed just like they wanted to.  We’ve just got to get better.  When you stop the run it’s a team thing and when you don’t stop the run it’s a team thing.  When teams have success running the football most of the time they attempt to.”

(On if Little should have run a different route on the interception) - “I’m going to leave that to the correction.  No, Greg was running the right route.  Greg needs to look for the football.”

(On the frustration level of the team) - “I think we’re disappointed we lost.  You’ll report it and write it the way you want.  This team wants to win and works hard to win and that’s what we want to do.”

(On possibly putting Hillis on injured reserve) - “Here’s where we’re at with Peyton.  We want him to get healthy. We talked about him this morning like the players that we talked about that were injured yesterday and our conversation about Peyton was ‘okay, where do we proceed to get him back as quickly as possible,’ so that’s where we’re at.”

(On if any frustrations by players with Hillis can be mended) - “Peyton’s out this week and he’s going to be rehabbing his hamstring and our players in that locker room will treat this like any player that can’t play and that’s the way it is.  When he’s healthy to come back and play, he’ll be embraced back and I think that’s the way it’ll work.”

(On if he gave any thought to putting Seneca Wallace in the game) - “No, not at all.”

(On if he’s worried about discussions amongst teammates being made public) - “I think it’s important and I talked to the players about making sure that we keep family business as family business.  How it came out and what it got talked about.  I’ve discussed it with the players so we’ll just leave it at that.”

(On keeping McCoy positive) - “You just keep playing, just keep playing and he made progress yesterday.  There were some things that he did better than he did the week before.  We didn’t win.”

(On the breakdowns in protection) - “There was only one snap yesterday where we didn’t have a hat for everybody that was rushing, however that works.  We had new guys in there playing at running back and a new guy at tackle and there was only one play where didn’t have a hat for a hat where it should have been picked up.  We need to get better at making sure that gets done.”

(On how much responsibility falls on McCoy to put new guys in the right place) - “It falls on everybody in the game being responsible to do their job.  The ultimate success or failure of an offense falls on the head coach and the quarterback making sure that it gets done.  The way we had the protection schemed up, like I said, we had a hat for a hat on every play but one.”

(On the defender coming off unabated to the quarterback) - “I just answered that.”

(On if McCoy needs to get rid of the ball faster in blitz situations) - “Other than one play, where he did get the ball off, Colt was under the impression that it should’ve been blocked.  Then of course, you have to get rid of the football.  I think that’s important.”

(On Massaquoi’s condition being related to the concussion) - “We’re having that evaluated.  We’re very strict with that protocol when it involves concussion situations.  There is no wiggle room.  We follow the guidelines as to when a player can be back.  He was able to compete, he practiced, he followed all the guidelines and standards.  Joe (Sheehan) is very to the letter on that.  He got in the game, he competed for a while and then he got woozy, so he came out.”

(On if he was hit in the head during the game) - “No, there was no significant play in the game that caused him to get worse.”

(On if he has spoken to Jon Sandusky) - “That’s a totally personal deal.  I don’t know the details of any of that.  I’m going to sit that one out.”

(On assessing the team’s pass protection) - “We need to block them better than we did yesterday.  No question.  That’s how I’d assess it.

(On if they will look to bring in another running back) - “We’re going to look at every way we can as we move forward to improve our roster.  If it gets to that point, then we’ll make those decisions.

(On if it’s tough to evaluate McCoy) - “Yes, I think, but I’m learning something every week about him.  You want to learn about your players, improve your players and win games.  That’s what we want to do.  I’m learning about Colt.  Some of that other stuff we can’t control.  I told the guys in there today.  I trust and believe in every player that we choose to put on the field, that they’re going to do a good job and their charged with going out, executing their assignments and winning the game.  That’s what we have to go on.

(On what he has learned about McCoy from week-to-week) - “I think he’s tough.  I think he battles and he can take a hit.  He did some things yesterday.  I thought he threw the ball for the most part more accurately.  But, the coaches, the players, Colt, the players, the coaches, we all have to get better.  That’s the one quote.  I’m going to surround him with the coaches, the players, Colt, the coaches, and the players.  We all have to get better in order to win games.

(On why the team didn’t bring more running backs in for tryouts last week) - “The guys that we looked at last week we knew about a lot of them. To see them again, it really didn’t make sense at that point.  Our personnel people, Tom (Heckert), Jon (Sandusky) and John (Spytek) do an excellent job of knowing who’s available, if we like them or not, and at what stage of physical conditioning they’re at.  It’s easy to go grab a name, but if he hasn’t played in eight weeks, so, no, we’re aware of that.  We brought Thomas (Clayton) in and he actually went in and played a couple good snaps for us.”

(On if it’s the pivotal part of the season to be able to stop the negative momentum) - “Oh yeah and the way you do that is by winning the game.  That’s how you stop any negative momentum in this business.  I’m a very impatient guy in a lot of ways.  But I do know this, win.  That’s how you stop any negative momentum in this league.”

(On if he is looking forward to facing his old team) - “I’m looking forward to playing our next game, for sure.  It just happens to be the St. Louis Rams.  I think there are some personal relationships there.  It’ll be fun to say hello to some people that I worked with.  Beyond that, it’s the Browns and the Rams.”

(On if he has ever been a part of an offense that has struggled like this) - “First year in St. Louis wasn’t great.  There are reasons why teams are the way they are.”

(On if there are things he can take from that and apply to this situation) - “Sure, you just keep working to get better.  You focus on the details and you realize that every play is important and you’re trying to get yards on every play.  You’re trying to create a couple explosive ones and put the ball in the end zone.  To this team’s credit, now we haven’t gotten into the red zone that much, but we put it in when we get there.  Aside from yesterday we’ve been good on third down.  So there are some things to build on that you don’t see when you’re playing good offense as you started the question with.  But, we need to be better.  What you take from having worked through tough situations is you keep battling and that’s the message. I’m sure you’re getting tired of hearing me say that, but that’s just the reality of it.  It’s like the diet that doesn’t sell, eat less and exercise more.  Football you keep working.”

(On the Texans getting first downs off of running plays) - “Based on the way they were playing us I felt like that was the best thing to do at that point.”

(On getting the ball to Little more on offense) - “He should have looked for the ball in that case.  There are times when we throw him the football and there’s times when he has done a nice job.  We don’t drop back and say we’re going to throw it to Greg every snap.  It’s the same situation.  Colt and Greg working together, Greg in the progressions that we’re calling. Everybody just doing their thing and doing it right.”

(On if Hillis is out) - “He is out this Sunday. Yeah he’s out.  He’s going to spend his time rehabbing his hamstring this week.  That I can tell you from now until Sunday.  That’s where he’s at.”

(On if Hillis is at the facility) - “He’s here.  He’s around.  Now will he be at practice?  I don’t know yet.  He could be in the building. He could be with Joe (Sheehan).  We’re going to go through that process and again, try to bring him back as quickly as possible.  He wants to be out there.  He wants to be playing.”

(On if there weren’t any hot receivers when a blitz was coming by the Texans) - “No, that’s not true.  I mentioned this.  There was one time where we didn’t have a hat for a hat.  That means he shouldn’t have been hot.  But there are hot receivers and there’s a place to go with the ball.”

(On if Hardesty will play Sunday) - “He’s most likely out.  I’m not going to rule that.  He most likely won’t play this week.  I’m not trying to mislead anybody.  I don’t think he’s going to play this week.”

(On if he and McCoy are more on the same page than earlier in the season) - “We’re both working through this.  He’s getting better.  He’s getting better.”


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