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Transcript from news conference with Browns coach Pat Shurmur

By Nate Ulrich Published: November 28, 2011
Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur talks with line judge Byron Boston (18) in the second half of an NFL football game against the Cincinnati Bengals, on Sunday, Nov. 27, 2011, in Cincinnati. Cincinnati won 23-20. (AP Photo/Tom Uhlman)

Browns coach Pat Shurmur met with reporters today. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(Opening statement) - “First start with injuries.  Scott Fujita is going to need surgery on his hand, he’s going to miss a significant amount of time.  Quinton Spears is coming back, he’s continuing to progress, we’ll see how he does for the week.  Emmanuel Stephens has a pec (pectoral) strain and again he, like Scott, will miss a significant amount of time, so we’ll just leave it at that right now.  T.J. Ward continues to progress with his foot.  He’ll do more this week and he’ll continue to run. We’re hopeful that we’ll have him back soon and then his finger, of course, is better.  Mike Adams sprained his shoulder in the game. We’ll just see how he is day-to-day.  Montario Hardesty, he did not play so he didn’t do anything more to his calf.  He was sore late in warm-ups and he could not compete.  Jayme Mitchell is making progress on his ankle.  Guys that played in that game, Peyton Hillis had no setbacks; he actually came out of it pretty well.  Kaluka (Maiava) sprained his knee, he’ll be day-to-day and we’ll just see how he does.  Colt McCoy, on the first drive when he scrambled, went down on his elbow and he’s got a little bit of a sore elbow but he’s fine.  He’ll work this week.  I would consider it he’s sore from the game.  Tony Pashos the same as always and then Dimitri Patterson, you saw where Phil (Taylor) fell on him, but he’s actually doing pretty well today.  The rest of the guys you can ask about will be full go.

“I think it’s a disappointment that we lost.  We were ahead late in the game and we didn’t close it out.  I went into this game, just like all games, feeling good about if we performed well and did all the right things, coaching and playing, that we would have a chance to win this game.  Unfortunately, we didn’t.  I know of only one way to approach this is you put all your energy and all the energy of the people in this building in to the preparation for this week coming up against the Ravens. That’s how you do it and I mentioned that to the team.  I’m reenergized on that goal and that task.  Life isn’t easy at times, we all know that, and you just keep pushing and you just keep pushing.  When you come out on the other side the tough guys will prevail and I feel like that’s the focus.  I don’t mean to be cliché, but that’s the way it is.

“In the game I think there were some things, we had a goal line stand, we took the ball away, and we found a way to score on the opening drive. There was some general efficiency on offense throughout the game, we could do a little bit better.  I feel like we have to catch the football.  Throwing and catching is very important. We had drops and you can’t have that and we’ll talk about that. I’m sure you have questions about that.  You cannot drop the football, it’s a no-no. Must protect the quarterback, can’t drop the football and then when you run the football, you have to be efficient.  I thought Peyton’s return had a positive impact on the game; I’m pleased on how he pulled out of it. Once again OB (Chris Ogbonnaya) filled in and did a nice job.  Again, I’m saying this all under the umbrella of we didn’t do enough to win, but these are things that happened in the game. Of course, when you have a chance to get points you have to get points and I’m talking about the last field goal.  Just has to happen so I’m sure you’ll have question about that too.”

(On when Fujita will have surgery) - “Later in the week.  It’ll be this week.”

(On if Fujita will be placed on injured reserve) - “We’re going to have to see.  We haven’t made any final decisions on that, but he’s going to miss some significant time.  Of course, that’s an option and we’ll just see.  We’ll get that information to you as quickly as possible if we decide that’s the route we have to go.”

(On if surgery makes Fujita’s hand impossible to club) - “Yeah, I think he needs to have surgery.  That part I’ll give you. Once they go in there and fix what they have to fix then we’ll see if he can get back out there and compete.”

(On if Hillis being on the field brings a different energy) - “I don’t know that.  I think, as I mentioned, he had a positive impact on what we did in the game.  He ran the football pretty efficiently, he ran hard.  You could see in there he’s tough to tackle at times. Some of the guys that tried to tackle him, I’m sure are dealing with some game soreness.”

(On Hardesty getting injured during warm-ups) - “Guys go out in pregame and most of them go out pre-pregame and get moving around and that’s typically how you do it. In pre-pregame he just felt it tighten up a little bit.  It was at the point where you couldn’t really change the inactive structure of our roster, so we just had him available and in emergency situations.  Fortunately, Peyton held up well and once again, OB (Ogbonnaya) was productive in his role.”

(On if he thought about throwing to the running backs more because of the defensive pressure) - “No, I didn’t.  I think there were some check down opportunities, but I felt like our plan to throw the football was; I’d go back to the same thing.”

(On Greg Little) - “He dropped too many balls. I think that catching the football it’s very important, focus and concentration and you’ve got to forget the last play and move on to the next play.  I don’t expect that to be a trend.  I expect that to be something that happened, he’ll learn from and I’m excited about him getting out there to practice so we can work on that not happening again.”

(On Little not being interviewed following the game) - “I don’t think he was avoiding anything.  That must mean to me that he was bothered by what happened and I think that’s a starting point.  I do think it’s important.  We have a responsibility to answer your questions.  He and I will visit about that.”

(On if he needs to remind the team on the history of the Ravens) - “I think what matters is that we’re playing a division opponent that’s darn good.  I think that’s what matters.  I’m aware of the history.  It’s interesting, some of the young players don’t know the history of our game, it’s just because they’re young.  It’s interesting if you ask guys who the best players in each franchise were to ever play.  They don’t go back beyond the ones they’ve seen the last couple years, so I think that’s some of what you’re dealing with.  I think the history of what’s going on here is important to know and at some point I’ll talk about that with them.  But, professional football players, they find a way to play well regardless of whom the opponent is and the history of the organizations and I think that’s the focus.  Watch who these guys are on tape, understand who their matchups are, understand what the plan is and go play. I think that’s the focus.”

(On Ryan Pontbriand’s snaps) - “The snap obviously was poor at the end and then the field goal previous to that was high.  We’ve tried a lot of different methods to rectify that and we’ll keep trying.”

(On possibly bringing in another long snapper) - “We’ve had discussions behind the scenes and we haven’t finalized our thoughts on that.  It’s important that we all produce and produce well.”

(On if he has ever dealt with veteran long snappers that fell into a slump) - “We can’t slump.  We can’t be in slumps.  I think it’s important that we all perform and we’ve got to perform all the time.  You hold me to that standard, I think the players hold themselves to that and then I know individually they do as well. So we’ll see.”

(On if the game action took the ball to Little or was he purposely targeted 13 times) - “The game action took the ball there.  They are a good defense and the matchup was right.  There were a couple other times when he became second in the progression or third in the progression because one and two were covered or Colt had to scramble.  That’s a good number if you catch them all.”

(On if Little is doing anything wrong with his catching technique) - “No, I think it’s focus and concentration and the ball placed accurately. When the balls in the air it’s ours and that’s got to be the mindset wherever the ball is thrown.  We want perfectly thrown balls that are caught, plucked out of the air and tuck it and you run with it. That’s what you want.  Can’t drop footballs, you have to be able to throw and catch in this league, you just have to.  Again, I don’t look for it to be a trend.”

(On McCoy’s performance yesterday) - “He battled.  There were a couple of throws that got away from him, but he battled.”

(On if he’s encouraged from what he’s seen from McCoy the last three weeks) - “Well, I’m learning a lot about all of our players each week and I think he battles.  He battles throughout the game.  As a coach, I look back after the game and see the areas where he could be better. That’s what you try to get out of him are those areas where he could be better. We’ve talked frequently about the quarterback, the quarterback’s a very important position and he understands it.”

(On if Little having missed his senior season is having an effect on him) - “Nope. He’s no longer a rookie in my eyes.  He’s played a lot of football.  He’s steadily become more and more productive and more and more professional.  I expect this.  The fact that he didn’t speak or answer questions last night tells me it bothered him.  Now that’s not the proper way to handle it, but it tells me it bothered him.  I can work with that.”

(On if Mohamed Massaquoi is healthy) - “Yeah, he’s healthy.  Mo (Mohamed) performed and there were a couple of other ones where he could’ve gotten the football as well.  He’s fine.”

(On if Massaquoi is struggling on offense) - “I think Mo (Mohamed) is trying to do what we ask him to do.  I’m not down on Mo.  He had a couple of opportunities and he could have had a couple more based on what I saw.”

(On why he is sure that he can work with Little) - “Because I think it matters to him and I think he’ll find a way to listen to us when we try to help him.  That’s why.”

(On if he feels Little can become an elite receiver) - “Guys need to be able to do the routine things routinely.  I think that’s important.  Be consistent and I think that’s what you get when you get a veteran guy that learns how to play.  You don’t talk about them much or they play well all the time.  That’s what you’re looking for.  I guess you would call that consistency.  You want explosive consistent guys.  They do it all the time.  When you have a good game you retrace in your mind how your week led up to that.  What you did prior to that game to get your mind right.  The preparation you put into the game, you try to recreate that and that’s a consistency.  When you go out and you have your opportunities you do it.  You do it.  I think that’s what you try to get out of young players.  I think that’s how you encourage and empower them to do it.  That’s what happens.”

(On Joshua Cribbs being frustrated after the game) - “I know exactly what was bothering him.  We lost 23-20.  I can tell you.  We can say it however we want to say it, that’s what’s bothering him.  We lost 23-20.  Again, I’m not trying to be cliché, their competitors.  We were ahead in the game and we didn’t win.  We can say it a bunch of different ways, but I think that’s what it is.”

(On if he’s convinced that Cribbs is frustrated by the team’s performance and not by his individual role) - “Yeah, I’m confident.  I’m confident.  That’s what you want.  You want guys that are disappointed.  I used to help coach my son’s little league baseball team.  You see kids strike out all the time.  You can work with the guys that throw their bats because they’re angry.  They care.  Guys that just drop their bat and walk back, no big deal, then those are tougher guys to get better.  If it’s truly I’m angry because I didn’t succeed or we didn’t win you can work with that because they care.  The ones that don’t care, those are the ones that are tough to reach.  This behavior, although we have to talk about the behavior, that’s the important thing.”

(On McCoy’s interception) - “He was trying to throw that ball out of bounds and then he was hit as he threw.  I got that on the field.  That’s kind of what I saw.  They ran a fire zone on the weak side.  We had a three level pass on the boundary there.  The play was designed to go deep, short, intermediate (in progression).  It was kind of covered.  They ran a fire and there was some pressure out in front.  He knew it wasn’t good.  He was trying to throw the ball out of bounds and then when he got hit it pulled it back in.  So that’s what happened.  He wasn’t trying to force the football there.  I confirmed it, I saw it and that’s what happened.  There’s nothing there.”

(On the special teams being mediocre at best this year) - “I think we can get better.  I think we can get better.”

(On Cribbs not being able to break big kick returns) - “I would imagine the way and where the ball is being kicked from has some effect.  You’re probably seeing more tackles inside the 20 then you ever have.  But the ball is five yards closer to being out of play.  We’ll have a better idea of that after this season.”

(On if McCoy will miss any practice this week due to his elbow) - “He’ll be at practice.  We’ll just see Wednesday how he feels.  He’s sore, but it’s bruise soreness.”

(On Eric Hagg playing in the nickel package) - “We felt like he could give us some stuff.  I thought Usama (Young) did a nice job of playing close to the box.  He did some good things.  He was in good position to make some plays.  They obviously made a play on him, but we felt like he has been making some progress and wanted to get him in there.”

(On Owen Marecic’s injury status) - “He’ll be ready for Sunday.  He’ll be ready for Sunday.”

(On if Jayme Mitchell will play Sunday) - “Jayme’s fighting back from injury now, so we’ll see how he does.”

(On if there will be any linebackers brought up due to Fujita’s injury) - “If we have to place Scott on IR then we’ll have to make a move there.”

(On who would fill in for Fujita) - “We would put (Chris) Gocong probably over at SAM and then move Kaluka (Maiava) up.”

(On if Maiava’s knee will prevent him from playing) - “He’s sore.  There’s a chance he’s going to be back.  If we’ve got all of our linebackers back minus Scott then we’ll probably put Gocong at SAM and then move up Kaluka.”

(On if Joe Haden could’ve done anything different on A.J. Green’s 51-yard catch) - “A.J. made a great play on that.  I think if you ask Joe he could say that he should have been tighter in coverage.  They made a hell of a play.”

(On what he will emphasize this week to the team) - “The details of everything from blocking, tackling, throwing and catching. All the things that we just talked about and the effort in practice.  This is the time of year when you can’t practice as long and as physical as you want.  I think by rule I only have three more padded practice days.  That’s not the way you do it.  Its focus and concentration and working on the details.”

(On if having less padded practices effects tackling) - “Based on my experience no, because in Philadelphia, by this time of year there were weeks when we didn’t practice in pads.  We still found a way to run the ball efficiently and play good defense.  That’s my experience with it.  I think at this point late in the year guys get a little sore, just natural.  It’s a long season and usually as the year goes on your practices are a little bit shorter.  I think that’s just natural.”


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