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Transcript from news conference with Browns coach Pat Shurmur

By Nate Ulrich Published: December 2, 2011

(Opening statement)- “Two guys didn’t practice, Quinton Spears and T.J. Ward.  Everybody else was out here and they were competing.  It was a good day of practice and we’ll just clean it up tomorrow with our mock game and get ready to play.”

(On how Montario Hardesty looked in practice)- “He actually had a good day.  He did a little more than we thought so we’re hopeful that he’ll be more of a factor than he would have been last week.”

(On if there’s any clarity on who will start at right defensive end)- “Based on what we’ve seen, Jayme Mitchell came along so we’ll probably put Jayme over there at this point.  Again, there’ll be other guys in there playing, but probably for the first snap that’s what you’ll see.”

(On if T.J. Ward will be ready next week)- “I don’t know.  As we go through this, next week is a real short week so we’ll see with that.”

(On if Peyton Hillis could handle the same workload as last week and perhaps more)- “We’re going to have to see.  I think he handled a little more than I thought he would and then his body responded pretty well after the game.  He’ll be in there playing.  In my mind he’s healthy so we’ll just keep giving him the ball.”

(On the role of the running back in pass rush)- “When it comes to pass protection, they’re going to bring more than four at times.  If they bring four or five, the tight ends and the backs have to do a good job of making sure they block the right guys and block them thick. I think that’s important.  Blocking the blitz in this league is extremely important.”

(On what makes the Ravens so good at pressuring the quarterback)- “Like we discussed earlier in the week, they’ve got very talented players and they’ve got a good scheme.  They can create pressure by scheming you to try and get a guy free and they can also get pressure with just rushing four.”

(On what the Ravens miss if Ray Lewis doesn’t play)- “I’m assuming they miss some leadership on the field although I’m sure he’ll be on the sideline if he doesn’t play trying to assume some of that role.  But, that’s what you miss, a very veteran guy that’s been very productive a lot of years.”

(On if his game plan changes if Hardesty is able to play)- “I think the plan is the plan and depending who’s available and healthy we’ll use them that way.  Peyton and Montario can both really do the same things.”

(On what he meant when he said mock game earlier)- “That’s our practice.  That’s what we call our Saturday practice.”

(On how Christian Yount has looked this week)- “I think he’s been very efficient and it seems like they’re working well together.”

(On if he would go to the stadium on Saturday so Young could adjust to the wind)- “Typically, we’ll take care of that during the pre-practice session. I think that’s what they’ll do.  They’ve been outside all week though.  They come in-and-out so they’ve been practicing outside, but Phil’s (Dawson) very veteran, Brad’s (Maynard) very veteran and they have a routine and they’ll bring the new guy along.”

(On if he knew Maynard was a safety in college)- “I didn’t know that, was he?”

(On Maynard having good hands)- “He does have very god hands.  I don’t want to jinx him or anything, but he’s got very good hands.  He’s a talented athlete.  I’m assuming he can play basketball and golf and do all that other stuff too.  That wouldn’t surprise me if somebody said he was good at other things.”

(On how important it is for special teams to be flawless with a rainy forecast for Sunday)- “I think in this league you count on the snap, the hold and the kick.  You count on it just like you do on the snap to the punter.  You count on all those regardless of the weather and the conditions and I feel confident that we’ll get that done.”

(On if he feels Scott Fujita has some more productive years ahead of him)- “I hope so.  I’ve really enjoyed him being here this year and I apologize that yesterday I was a little off.  Typically, what happens is we go through the list and I had a lot going on yesterday morning and didn’t get to Fujita. I guess Neal (Gulkis), cleared that up. I’ve texted him and we’ve communicated.  I’m hopeful he’ll be back and I think he’s got years left. I’m sure if you ask him he’ll say the same.”

(On if Fujita will be with the team Sunday)- “I don’t see him being here, but if he is we will welcome him.”

(On if Kaluka Maiava will start at WILL)- “Kaluka will start.”


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