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Transcript from news conference with Browns coach Pat Shurmur

By Nate Ulrich Published: December 12, 2011

Browns coach Pat Shurmur met with reporters today. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(Opening statement) - “Got the guys going today, got a good practice, got a chance to run around after couple days off their feet.  As we get ready for Arizona, it’s a little bit of a longer preparation week so it was good for them. They’ll be off tomorrow – typical off day – and back to work on Wednesday, against an Arizona team that’s playing well. So we’ve got some work to do to get ready for them.”

(On if everybody made it back) - “Everybody was in and some of the guys that didn’t compete today were in for treatment.  Yeah, everybody’s back.”

(On ESPN reporting that Colt McCoy was not given a concussion test on Thursday night) - “We followed all the proper medical procedures.  I don’t know what got reported other than what you’re telling me now, but we followed all the proper medical procedures and that’s where it’s at.”

(On if he is saying that the ESPN report is incorrect) - “I don’t know.  I don’t know what the report is so I’ll go back and find out.”

(On if his medical staff has told him they wish they had done anything different) - “Nope, not at all.”

(On if the medical staff indicated that he was tested for concussion-like symptoms) - “He was deemed ready to play and he went back in the game.”

(On what is the first test administered to someone who is suspected of having a concussion) - “There’s a process that you go through when he has concussion-like symptoms.  The specifics of that are probably better asked to our medical people.”

(On if the media can speak with someone from the medical staff) - “At some point, I don’t know how that works.  Maybe so.”

(On who told him McCoy was deemed ready to play) - “By our trainer after, being evaluated.”

(On if he is in favor of the NFL having an independent neurologist on the sideline) - “I think there are going to be procedures and changes.  Things change all the time.  I think it’s important that we keep player safety in mind and I’m for whatever is best for the players.”

(On if McCoy will be able to practice this week) - “We’re hopeful that he’ll be back practicing.”

(On if McCoy would be back by Wednesday) - “I don’t know.  We’ll have to see.  Again, we’re following the procedures as you go through this.”

(On if he’s talked with McCoy) - “I have talked to him, a couple of times.  I’ve talked to him and we’ve had good conversations.”

(On if McCoy is in the building today) - “He was in the building this morning, yes.”

(On if McCoy has said if he would have changed anything from Thursday night in their conversations) - “No, our conversations were good.  We talked about the game and I asked how he was feeling.  Just general conversation that you have with a player after a game.”

(On McCoy’s current status) - “He wasn’t at practice today.  He came in and we’re treating him for concussion-like symptoms.”

(On if he sends all players home when they have a concussion) - “It depends on who they are.”

(On if McCoy was in the facility at this time) - “He is not here right now, no.”

(On T.J. Ward returning to practice today and if he will play on Sunday) - “We’re going to progress like he may be available Sunday.”

(On what he expects to see from Seneca Wallace if McCoy can’t play on Sunday) - “Until Colt comes back Seneca will take the snaps.  I expect him to go in there and execute efficiently and hopefully lead us to a victory.”

(On if Shawn Lauvao will be participating in practice this week) - “Yeah, he practiced today.”

(On if McCoy was tested for a concussion by the medical staff after the James Harrison hit before he re-entered the game) - “He came off the field and our medical staff worked with him and I was told that he was able to play.  That’s where it’s at.  He was treated like any player that has an episode on the field.”

(On if his hand was the only thing treated on the sideline) - “He was treated.  His hand was treated and he was communicated with about how he was feeling.  In the midst of that communication, it was determined that his hand was fine.  Our doctors and our training staff have communication with the players and he was deemed ready to play.  That’s where it’s at.”

(On if there were three members of the medical staff evaluating McCoy on the sidelines) - “I’d have to get you the specifics on that.”

(On if he was shocked that McCoy was ready to go back into the game) - “No, nothing shocks me.  Colt’s a tough man.”

(On how much of a concern is it for Benjamin Watson getting his third concussion of the season) - “Each situation, each injury is different.  We just have to treat Ben like we would any other player, be very proactive with doing what we can to get him back.”

(On if he ever re-thought of sending McCoy back into the game) - “No. If a player is able to play then I think it’s important that he plays.  I do not want to put a player at risk. If he’s not able to play, I don’t want him out there.”

(On if he feels James Harrison should be suspended) - “That’s a league issue.  I’m not going to comment on that.”

(On if he still feels the team followed protocol) - “Yeah, I said it today.  I feel like we followed the normal medical procedures necessary.  I said it today, I said it then.  I feel like we followed the procedures to determine whether he was eligible to play.”

(On if McCoy didn’t reveal that there was an issue would the medical staff possibly not have checked to see if he had a concussion) - “Again, we’re speculating right now.  We followed the procedures and that’s how I’m going to answer it.  We followed the procedures necessary to determine whether he could play.  That’s what we did.”

(On if he is angry over the distractions that have been perpetrated by James Harrison in the light and in the context that Harrison is a repeat offender) - “I’m not angry about holding the bag.  As the head coach of this team I’m trying to get our players ready to play that game and then the next game.  My concern for their safety is very high.  I have, obviously, strong feelings and thoughts on a lot of issues that I don’t share for obvious reasons.”

(On if he has spoken to the league office about the situation) - “League business, I don’t want to comment on that.”

(On if it’s feasible for a player to be tested for a concussion in a three or four-minute increment) - “The specifics and the details of that, we’ll probably touch on at a different time.  When a player has concussion-like symptoms then it goes through that process.”

(On if the procedures and protocol followed to determine if McCoy was ready to play were for concussion testing or something different) - “Sideline procedures to determine whether the man can play. We followed them and I think that is what’s important.  Hopefully that clarifies it. Our medical staff works with the player and they determine whether he can play or not.  That’s what they do.  They work with them.  There’s communication.  They look at him.  They talk to him and that’s what they do.”


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