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Transcript from news conference with Browns coach Pat Shurmur

By Nate Ulrich Published: August 3, 2012

Browns coach Pat Shurmur met with reporters today after practice. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(Opening statement)- “Good morning. I’ll tell you before you ask the question, I had a chance to meet the Haslam’s. It was brief, it was just before practice. What I found out, and it was just a brief meeting, and when you get to know the Haslam’s, you are going to find them to be very passionate people, very excited to own the Cleveland Browns. It’s going to be a great mix for our team, our fan-base and the city. Again, I don’t know much more than that because we just met briefly. After these press conferences here - I guess they are going to meet with the media a little later - I’ll have a chance to sit down and talk more, but I this point, I saw passion in their faces. I felt passion in their handshakes, and that’s about what I can say about that at this point. They had an opportunity to watch practice which was great. I felt good about the work that we got done today. I told the players, don’t let anything stop the train, the train is moving. That was more of a comment about the heat, training camp and what you go through. I think our guys again handled it very well. Today was a work day on the calendar. tomorrow’s another work day, and then Sunday will be an off day. Our players understand the process, and they’re going through it in a very, very professional way. With that being said I’ll take your questions.”

(On the players being pumped for practice and if he if he said something to them)- “No, I think they understood what we were practicing today. We had some new plays, and new coverages in, some things that they were excited to get better at. I just think that it’s an indication that our guys know how to work. I think it will show on Sundays.”

(On if the players were trying to put on a show for the Haslam’s)- “I don’t know that. I think they were trying to put on a show for me.”

(On Brandon Weeden’s comfort level increasing throughout camp and him being more in sync with the receivers)- “I think all along he’s been working with the guys he’s going to throw to. You kind of said it in your question, the more you work with guys the better you get a feel for one another and I think that’s starting to show because he is not throwing the ball any better or worse, he is just getting used to the guys he is playing with and I think its showed up the last couple of days.”

(On what point in training camp will he narrow down the reps for all of the wide receiver groups)- “Inside of all that you’ve got guys, one’s and two’s, rotating in and we’re getting certain guys ready to play two or three positions. Then we got certain guys that are really going to primarily play one position, typically your younger guys so they can get up and running and function at a high level. I think they’re all getting an opportunity to work together enough at this point.”

(On how the depth at the wide receiver position will help Greg Little)- “Skill players, in their nature there’s this thing about being selfish and they want the ball and that’s a good thing. Now, we don’t ever want it to manifest itself in a bad way when they don’t get the ball so when there’s competition and there’s guys out there making plays, it makes them all better. If that’s what is happening with Greg great. I’ve said all along I think he’s made great strides from a year ago and I would agree with you I thought he had a good day this morning.”

(On Scott Paxson missing practice today)- “He was out there today. He’ll be back tomorrow. He just had to leave practice. He’ll be fine.”

(On if Billy Winn’s quickness is only important in the pass rush)- “No, I think it’s important in the run game too because when you have quickness, of course you have to always defeat the block, address your gap and then separate and find the ball so that quickness allows him to those things as well in the run game.”

(On if he sees Montario Hardesty’s confidence growing)- “I think so. When you return from injury, and I can speak from experience I had an ACL repair, when you return from injury there is a point where everybody says you’re healthy in that first year or so and technically you are, but it takes a little bit of time before you are healthy and confident. I think he is more at that place now.”


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