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Transcript from news conference with Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron

By Nate Ulrich Published: September 8, 2011

Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron met with reporters today. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(On the rookies’ progression on the defensive line)- “They are obviously further along than they were about five and a half six weeks ago.  It’s hard to play in there and I think it’s a little bit easier maybe for Jabaal (Sheard) to play outside, not that it’s ever easy, but inside Phil’s (Taylor) got people on both sides of him.  A lot of things are going on in there, but they are both doing fine.  We are really happy with both of their progress.  They have a lot to learn obviously.  I think they are quick studies, I believe that they are.  They work at it, they like it and they are serious about it.  So here we go, it will be a great learning experience for them and I believe they will do a good job.”

(On if Taylor can be a third down player)- “At times, maybe not all the time, but at times.”

(On if they have a small personnel package in the sub defense)- “We can rush with defensive ends inside if that’s what you are referring to, yes.”

(On if Ahtyba Rubin would be a part of the small package)- “We believe Rubin will be part of most everything we do.  We really like Rub.  Obviously for the big guys, it’s hard to play every snap of the football game.  We are going to need to have a rotation to play at our best.  Rub is a part of all the packages whether if he will be in their all the time, I would say no hopefully nobody will be in there every snap off the line.”

(On if Marcus Benard made a push in camp towards competing with Sheard)- “I would say that Benard because of his injury, his physical situation, really in camp never got to make a push because he was very seldom out there completely healthy.  At this point, he appears to have regained what he had in the past.  He is moving pretty well.  He is moving well, but in training camp he just wasn’t.  He didn’t have the opportunity to let it go and compete.”

(On what kind of coach Pat Shurmur is)- “Coach Shurmur has been really great for us.  In every way he is organized.  He is an offensive coach, but he is certainly concerned about us.  I feel like he has given us all the opportunities in terms of personnel.  I think our organization has done a good job kind of retooling because of the difference in the 3-4 and the 4-3 and certainly Coach Pat has been a huge part of that.”

(On Shurmur bouncing ideas off of him and if it is nice having that open line of communication)- “It definitely is for me and I certainly appreciate it.”

(On Sheard being a little too aggressive and over pursuing and if they need to temper his attacking style)- “I don’t think we want to temper his attacking style. They are going to make errors and what Peewee (Dwaine Board) and I tell them is that you are assigned a certain gap or responsibility on a play and just because you’re there it doesn’t mean that you have accomplished your job.  At times a guy may get out of his gap and he may get beat.  Somebody may get behind him, but he can’t be so cautious that he just stays in his gap and the play goes away and he feels like it’s done.  Occasionally a guy will get out of that gap or believes he sees something and not be right.  I tend to believe that you have to live with some of that stuff.  It’s going to happen on the field unless you want to slow him down and we don’t want to do that.  We don’t want him to let him go and he is a rookie also, so he is learning a lot of things about the game at this level and the speed people play at.  He hasn’t seen it yet at top speed yet, he has not.  It’s a lot different when you start this Sunday so he may not be perfect all the time but as long as he keeps playing hard like he does and like he has through college and there is no reason to believe he won’t do that.  I think he will be fine and we will be fine.”

(On Jayme Mitchell is what he hoped and how important it is for him to be a consistent pass rusher)- “Going through the whole sort of offseason thing that occurred, Jayme was a guy we identified in our scheme and with our personnel as a guy we need to get back here just to be able to have enough qualified people up to play.  He is a serious player.  I like Jayme’s attitude.  He wants to do it right and will ask questions about it a lot.  If he doesn’t feel like he is exactly where he wants to be with it, he wants to know and that’s a good thing.  It’s important to us.  Obviously it’s important to us to have everyone perform at a high level, but our defensive ends we are going to need pass rush from them.  We are kind of leaning on Jayme and hoping he comes through and produces and I believe he will.”

(On his scouting report on Andy Dalton)- “He is smart and steady.  He’s a guy that has a proven track record in the highest level at the college ranks. He looks like he doesn’t rattle.  They have a formidable team around him.  They can do things to help him and they look like they have and are doing things to help him.  He’s been fairly impressive.”

(On the rational for playing the cornerbacks left and right instead of putting their best corner on the best receiver)- “You can match corners at times.  I have been in a number of situations where what you would consider your best corner does not want to go over to the other side. He’s very, very comfortable on one side or the other and not that comfortable on the other side whether it’s in press or off, they just aren’t.  Then you find the opposite, there are guys that will travel all over the field and it doesn’t bother them.  That’s really the only rational for not matching because you can match in all phases of the game.  You could match in pressure.  You can match in pure man.  You can match in zone, so the offense wouldn’t have any idea.  It would be hard to disguise certain things if a certain receiver you were matching went inside.  It would depend on coverage then what you wanted to do with that.  Usually it’s a comfort level of the defender as opposed to the scheme.”

(On if Joe Haden will matchup or just play one side)- “I wouldn’t think there is a good reason to answer that today (joking).”

(On if Haden and T.J. Ward and playing like veterans or still make young mistakes)- “There are some young mistakes, but I am really happy with them.  We believe they are both really good players and just going to develop further.  Again, playing inside is a little bit more demanding, a little more difficult.  I shouldn’t say difficult because obviously the challenges outside can be as difficult as you can get.  There’s maybe a little more thinking involved inside and adjustments involved inside.  T.J. and Joe I think are outstanding picks and they have great futures for us.”

(On if this system is similar to the one with the Bears)- “Not similar, so I would say no.”

(On who has been a pleasant surprise so far)- “I would say there are a number of them, I would hate to leave somebody out.  In terms of draft picks, take a guy like Buster Skrine, he wasn’t drafted awfully high.  He doesn’t come from I what people I would say is the highest level of college football, but Buster has had a really good camp and I believe in the long run, he is going to be an outstanding addition to this football team. Is it a surprise?  You would say no because you drafted him, if you drafted him you clearly saw anything in him.  He has done an outstanding job.  I think Scott Paxson, you don’t really here a lot about him.  He is just a tough guy, a conscientious guy.  He does his job all the time, all the time.  There are a number of them, but like I said I fear I have left a lot of them out, but there are two examples. We obviously didn’t know anything about any of the guys that were not on tape a year ago and only what we saw on tape from those guys a year ago.  It’s been a really interesting five or six week period here.”

(On how he continues to relate to young players)- “I suspect you will probably have to ask them because I think I relate to them, but they may not think that (joking).  I never felt like it was very different ever.  I don’t know if that answer makes any sense.  I guess I don’t try to, I try not to, I just love being around a team.  I have been around a team all my life and I like it.  I feel pretty comfortable with it and I like most of the guys. I guess I like most people.  I don’t know the answer to the young people thing.  I’d like to think I’m one of them, but we’re not that close in age. I do know that.”

(On how the defense can defend better against the run)- “We favor a bigger front than most people do.  I’ve always like to be big inside.  You’d like to be big everywhere if your athletes could do it obviously.  It’s kind of a big man’s game to a certain degree and certainly in that part of the game.  We have pretty good size inside and now we have to develop their feel for it and Phil’s got to start experiencing the game.  Once again, even though he’s played in the preseason, it’s not going to be anything like what’s going to happen.”

(On D’Qwell Jackson)- “There are certain things you can do to take advantage of his skills too and we’ll try and do them.  The more we learn about our players, the more I think we can help them.  Primarily, you have to have size, be disciplined and tough up front.”

(On if he would describe himself as aggressive or conservative with blitzing)- “I wouldn’t describe myself, I’ve never seen a reason to do that (joking).  We’ll blitz.  We’d like to think we’re going to be varied enough to keep people off balance.  If people would say, ‘What ideally would you like to do?’ I would say most people in the league they would say about 33-40 percent pressure depending on what you’re doing, how good you are at it and who your people are.  The better your people the more you’re going to pressure, the better the combination of people.  You’d like to be varied enough to keep people off balance.”

(On if you automatically try to pressure a rookie quarterback more)- “I would say no.  I don’t know that anything automatically happens anytime in the league. You have plans, you see what’s happening, see where the game is going, what direction its taking, what’s working and what’s not.  You certainly have plans going in, but it all kind of takes on its own life every game.  Maybe that’s one of the best things about it all, you can do all the planning, all the research, look all the stats and then the game starts. Then you see what’s happening and the game kind of takes on its own life.”

(On his linebackers)- “I really feel good about them.  I wish they were all healthy, that’s our issue now.  D’Qwell, Scott (Fujita), Chris (Gocong), Kaluka (Maiava) and then Titus (Brown), that’s a pretty solid group.  If we can just keep them healthy, but we haven’t been able to do that in training camp and obviously in the past they’ve struggled to.  They are very smart, very aware guys and they have experience.  They know how to play in the league.  They appear to be and I’ve been around them enough now to be able to say they’re very team oriented guys.  They care about this team.  They think it’s more important to them that the team succeeds than it is for their own personal stuff and that’s a good thing.  We have a good group, we just have to get them all healthy and practicing enough to feel comfortable with the deal.”

(On Joe Haden becoming more of a pro and if he got that from working with a coach or/or other players such as Sheldon Brown)- “I really have a lot of respect and confidence in Jerome (Henderson) and with the addition to Ray (Rhodes) in the secondary, you have a great combination of guys there in terms of coaches to help Joe advance.  Then on the squad, as you mentioned, Sheldon is a great resource for Joe.  Sheldon is a pro.  He knows how to play and it is important to him.  He’s not a real loud guy, but he doesn’t tolerate a lot of foolishness and I think that’s to of had a positive effect of Joe as a young player.”


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