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Transcript from news conference with Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron

By Nate Ulrich Published: September 15, 2011
Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron signals his defense during practice at NFL football training camp in Berea, Ohio Saturday, July 30, 2011. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron met with reporters this afternoon. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(On how frustrating the quick snap play was)- “After playing so hard for so long, our guys really fought hard and put us in a situation to win the game, and to have that happen to you was hugely disappointing to everybody, certainly to us, our players and to our fans.  It was just one of those things that you clearly don’t expect and when it happens you probably never forget it.”

(On how they can combat that from happening again)- “Well in terms of combating it, we will leave our corners out.  Our corners probably won’t come to the huddle anymore.  That’s one thing you can do and that will help us clearly, but then we just have to be aware.  I had to pick it up.  I had to see it and I didn’t see it.  After making a call, I was back on my game plan sheet, thinking of a call ahead or thinking about the next call, and I missed it.  There is nothing else that I can say about it, I just missed it. I should have been able to help them, calling a timeout would be the way to do it.”

(On if they had a trend of getting out of the huddle late)- “We struggled to line up to a particular formation a couple times in that game.  It was three wides on one side and a tight end on the back side in our sub packages so they might have seen that.  It’s not a highly unusual formation, we haven’t seen in a lot of it from them coming into the game.  A lot of our coverages, it demands that both of our corners and what you would call our nickel, are on the same side and the safety has to go back side so they might have.”

(On D’Qwell Jackson’s performance)- “I really can’t say enough about him in terms of his demeanor and how excited he is to be playing, how serious he is about playing, how professional he is in his approach, his preparation and how badly he wants to do it right and win.”

(On if there was a headset problem on that play)- “The way that I remember,  you try to piece it together afterwards and put the play together from the video and the video is all snapped delayed.  They huddled faster than they normally did.  That shouldn’t be a problem though.  When the offense is ready to snap the ball, we have to be ready to play defense and that’s my responsibility.  I just failed to get it done on that play.”

(On if there is a drastic difference in game planning without facing Peyton Manning)- “We’ve played against Peyton before obviously, but we have only game planned this one game.  You are asking what the difference is without him in the lineup and not necessarily for us, but for everybody else.  We have a lot of respect for Kerry Collins.  He is a veteran, he is a strong armed veteran and he will have another week of preparation.  They are coming off a defeat kind of similar in some ways to our defeat very disappointing for them as I am sure ours was for us.  We anticipate that they will be ready to play, and as you pointed out, they have a lot of outstanding players on that offensive side and a veteran quarterback with another week.  I know your question was a comparison between maybe Peyton and the world, because he is a rare bird.  Obviously they’ve won a lot of football games with him in the quarterback position.  I think everyone in the league and every football fan has a lot of respect for what he does on the field, but he’s not there.  They will be ready to play without him and we will have our hands full.”

(On Joe Haden getting too exuberant at times and if he needs to focus more)- “I guess I would answer the question by saying that there is nobody anywhere in any business that can’t do better with a little more focus so I would say, yeah Joe could do better, but he sure played a heck of a game.  He was very into it.  Unless he is getting un-sportsmen like conduct and those kinds of issues and we didn’t from him, I think he is okay.  He is highly a competitive guy and he is getting better all the time.  He is just an outstanding corner and he is very, very competitive for that position as far as my experience has been.”

(On what Haden was doing well)- “He has the ability and the desire to just climb up on a receiver and just want to eliminate them from the game.  He wants to wipe them out, erase him from the quarterback’s attention.  He was close enough on a lot of those plays.  He got his hands on a lot of balls.  It’s a credit to his ability, his work ethic along with his toughness.  I think Jerome (Henderson) does a terrific job getting him ready.”

(On if Haden’s five pass break-ups is a huge number)- “That’s a huge number.  Yeah, that’s a huge number in a game.  I am not sure that I have ever been around that number.”

(On why the opposing team didn’t away from Haden)- “I hadn’t thought about it like that.  I was kind of glad they kept trying.”

(On Mike Adams and what it says that he is about to play in his 100th game)- “Mike is a real pro.  He shows up to work every day and gives outstanding effort on the practice field and on gameday.  We were actually talking about it just yesterday, he and I, and it’s a remarkable achievement.  It is really is a remarkable achievement.  We were talking about how quickly it goes by.  It seems like it just starts and you are into the 100th game and then I told him it goes even faster after that.”

(On the Bengals running to their left side and if he thinks other teams will do that)- “Possibly, clearly everyone studies everybody else.  That’s what we do and if they have success doing something, it is likely to be repeated.  If they think they find a weakness, they will certainly attack it consistently.”

(On trying to stop Dallas Clark)- “He’s a huge challenge for everybody.  The whole league has struggled with Dallas Clark and actually most of their people really to be perfectly honest about it. Dallas Clark as receiving tight end poses a huge number of problems because he is bigger than your defensive backs and is generally more skilled in terms of the receiving stuff then your linebackers.  You have to have a good match for him and they will put him out, they will keep him in the tight end position and match him inside generally against people in their sub package when they go three wides or they can put him in the slot and play like three wides with their two tight ends, two wide out personnel. I would say he is equally good at both because he can put you on his back and he’s got those long arms and good hands.  It’s hard to get through his body to make a play if you are a smaller player.  The linebackers are generally not agile enough to stay with him down the field.  He fits their offense and has fit their offense really well.”

(On if T.J. Ward need to get better at covering tight ends)- “T.J. will certainly improve as he ages in the game, as he gets more and more experience.  He’s another guy that is highly competitive though and he will work at it and he is going to have to use his quickness and strength against Dallas.”

(On how the defensive line played)- “We were clearly really pleased where that game was going until the two plays at the end occurred and it was a tribute to all of those guys.  They were playing so hard and they were so into it.  I do believe that they are just going to get better.  It was hopefully just the beginning particularly for Phil (Taylor) and Jabaal (Sheard).  We told them going in it’s not going to be anything like you have ever experienced before.  I think that they would probably agree with that.  From here we are hoping they go even faster because now they know this is how it’s played.  This is what you’ve got to do.  This is what you have to do every single snap.  We were pretty happy with the young guys.  We probably have to find a way to rest them more and rotate players.  We will keep working on that up front.”

(On if he doesn’t deviate from his set rotation schedule)- “I think once we get into we would like to deviate from it.  There are times in a game where regardless of the rotation you want certain people out there and you have to have them out there.  We are just still in a lot of ways learning about our guys in the real league play, but over time at the critical juncture of the game, you clearly want what you thought was your first group out there.”

(On what stands out about Ahtyba Rubin)- “Probably his professionalism, clearly he is physically gifted.  He is a very large and a very powerful man, but he’s a real worker.  I think he works as hard as anybody we have.  As you know he is not a real talker, but he is very much a leader and I think there is a huge place for people that lead by example.  Sometimes you need both, but I think it is much preferred the lead by example then somebody that you don’t necessarily look at him as a leader, but he talked like a leader.  This guy just plays.  He plays every snap and works every down in practice.  He’s got huge value for us.”

(On how the corners will know the coverage if they aren’t in the huddle)- “We can signal it from the sidelines.  They can signal it in out from the huddle too.  We have hand signals for everything.  I don’t believe it won’t be an issue.  I really don’t think it will be an issue in terms of communication.”

(On if he believes this is a defense he can win with)- “I believe we can win, I definitely believe we can win.  After the game talking in the locker room, certainly with the coaches and the players, but particularly with the staff, I felt like we can beat anybody.  We have to play at a very high level to do it, but we can beat anybody.  On the flipside of that, anybody that comes in can beat us.  We are going to have to clearly eliminate the errors that it cost us that game.  If we do that I think we can stay in games and win them.”

(On if the team has talent)- “I believe we have talent.”


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