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Transcript from news conference with Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron

By Nate Ulrich Published: September 22, 2011

Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron met with reporters today. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(On what he expects from the Brian Daboll’s offense)- “They are very multiple obviously.  They have been predominantly two personnel groupings so far, but I anticipate we may see more groupings and different formations.  He does a very good job moving people around and using his talent and they do have a good deal of talent.”

(On Daboll having a history of using trick plays and if that makes his job more complicated)- “You know our people here know him and have a lot of respect for him so we have gotten a good deal of information on those kinds of things.  Then the fact that lots of things get done in the league on a week to week basis so to some degree you have to prepare for them all the time whether you have seen him from a team or not.  In this case, we know that it’s part of his offense.  They will do those things, so we will have to take a look at them as much as we can.”

(On what Miami’s offense does well)- “They are a very talented group at wide receiver and overall their offense is a very experienced offense.  Their offensive line has experience.  They have good size.  They’ve played in the league and they know how to play in the league.  The center is the youngest of them and I think he was a high round pick.  He is a very good athlete.  There skilled people are very good.  They have size and speed at the receiver position.  They have experience there.  I think clearly there running back situation is a good one.  There rookie had a terrific first game and he is very talented.  We were aware of him coming out of college and obviously thought a lot of him and then of course with Reggie (Bush) there.  They give you some match-up issues that you have to deal with. Chad Henne, clearly in the opening game he really put up huge numbers.  In the second game, they were in that game until very close to the end of it against two outstanding teams. They are talented.  Again, they will give you some matchup issues, spread you out.  They do a lot of good stuff with a lot of good players.”

(On him telling Jabaal Sheard and Phil Taylor that the season opener was nothing like they have ever seen before)- “They understood after the first game that there is a huge difference.  Even in preseason to a regular season game and clearly from college to the National Football League there is a huge difference.  Now they are going to grow hopefully every week and get a little bit better.  They both understand the level you have to play on to scratch out a win.  It’s hard to win any game in this league and you have to be on it to have a chance.  They are both hard working guys and we are happy with where they are.  We just have to keep going.”

(On how it worked out with the defensive ends swapping sides)- “Really well, everybody was thrilled to get a win.  As I said earlier, it’s difficult to win in this league. For Jabaal and Phil and all the rookies it was their first one in the National Football League so they were really excited about it and really happy about it.  Jayme (Mitchell) and Jabaal both like the switch.  There was certainly a good deal of thought put into it, but it wasn’t earth shattering for the reasons.  Jabaal played more on that side in college. Coming out as a rookie we thought we would get him away from the tight end most of the time or more of the time on the other side, but he’s more comfortable on that side.  Jayme just wants to be on the field and just loves to play.  It worked out well for both of them so we will see where it goes.”

(On his feeling about having the starting defensive linemen getting most of snaps)- “Not great, we have to fall into a rotation. We just have get them more rest then what we are giving them.  I believe we will fall into that rotation.  I am not certain it’s going to be as soon as we would like, but it will happen as we see guys play more and more and getting a feel for everybody and then just doing it.  We struggled with some injury issues through our training camp.  Now, we are fairly healthy.  We just have to start a rotation and kind of stay in it and get there reps down a little bit if we can.”

(On T.J. Ward’s coverage skills)-“We really like what we see in T.J. and he is another young player that just needs to play.  He needs as many snaps as he can get both in practice and on gameday to just keep gaining experience.  I believe you saw in the Indianapolis game, he made a terrific play on their tight end.  It was kind of a crossing route down the field and he got a pass break up on it.  He’s got a unique ability, toughness.  Now we just have to get him more and more experience as much as we can and as quickly as we can.”

(On why the Wildcat has gone away)- “We have all seen things run in cycles for whatever reason.  It was difficult, it poses problems and makes you prepare. It makes you take time and prepare. Then things do go in cycles and personnel configurations shift on teams.  There are certain guys that can handle that and certain guys that can’t or they don’t do it as well, you don’t trust them as much back there with the ball making decisions with the ball.  They had a great pairing back there for a number of years. They certainly have the talent to do it and they could easily do it again, but for a while there it was the talk of the town.”

(On preparing to face Joshua Cribbs and the Wildcat before playing Cleveland in the past)- “It’s hard because it’s kind of a reversion.  It’s going back in football back to the original days depending on the formation and the personnel. It’s really power football, its single wing football.  You have to defend the quarterback with somebody.  He goes out to the sideline and you send a defender out there and then they gain an advantage blocking in the run game.  They lose something in the pass game you hope, you certainly hope.  It’s not an easy thing to do.  It takes time from them in their preparation and it takes time away from any defense preparing for them.  I guess you have to weigh on the rewards on their side.  Is it worth the time?  It certainly was their time worth in the past.”

(On if he is surprised that D’Qwell Jackson has been able to come back so strong from his injury)- “I don’t want to answer that question real quickly because I didn’t know D’Qwell until this year.  To me, I haven’t been around when he missed the time.  I don’t even really want to think about it.  He’s been so good and so important to us in many ways, on the field and off the field.  He is just a great person to be around in terms of his willingness to do it and his wanting to do it and wanting to do it right. It’s interesting, you just come in and there he is, I am aware he didn’t play, but I didn’t miss him when he didn’t play.”

(On Jackson coming back)- “The other players would say he’s got fresh legs.”

(On if Henne plays better on the road because his home team fans aren’t booing him)- “I don’t know. I don’t know the answer to that.  When I look at him I see a good player.  He is talented player and has good size, good arm strength.  He appears to be in control of his game.  He can run which is always an issue.  It poses a problem for you. Professional sports are interesting.  I don’t know if they boo him or not.  They boo you when you lose and they cheer you when you win so you have to win.  Somehow you have to find ways to win and he looks like a good one to me.”

(On what he liked the most about the Colts game)-“Just the ‘W.’ The thing we liked the most was just the win.

(On what helped them get the win)-“The red zone and the fact anytime you can make teams kick field goals when they get down there it will help your chances to win.  It was critical.  It was just critical for us.”

(On stance on faking injuries)- “I guess I have heard the talk about it and there is a lot of talk.  I guess I have heard more then what I heard before because I hear our staff talk about it.  Everybody must be talking about it out there.  My experience with the no huddle offense that go quickly like that is that you usually don’t need to do anything and if you do, it usually takes care of itself.  People get tired, they get tired and they can’t go and they fall.  I have never played inside.  That’s a long grind.  In a game where people huddle it’s a long grind because you have giant people every down pushing against each other.  That is a rough go in there, so they go down.  They will go down, but we don’t fake it and just play and hopefully you don’t have to use your timeouts.  Hopefully you get your stoppages in the course of the action and it usually works that way.  I didn’t see it, apparently and I guess it was the Giants-Rams game was where it all started? I didn’t see it.”

(On what Sheldon Brown has given the team)- “He is really steady, really smart, very professional and a very good corner.  He is a very solid corner.  He is maybe as good as I have been around, finding the ball, getting his hands on the ball, getting the ball out, deflecting balls.  He’s a constant example for the younger guys on how pro prepares, how he watches tape, how he approaches his work day, everything. He’s been critical to us and will be as we move.”

(On Brown is still good enough athletically)- “Oh clearly, yeah. Clearly.”

(On Joe Haden having three flags on him)- “You don’t want to get any penalties, but you know you are going to get them. When you play on the edges, you have to play fast.  You have to play really hard and then you have to make decisions quickly.  Every time you look at a really good corner or any corner people say, ‘You can get him with a double move.’  Well, yeah and it’s hard when you are out there and they run double moves and they do a lot of stuff out there.  Occasionally you are going to grab a guy and you better grab him because we would rather live with the penalty then one over the top. We play fast and we play hard and we live with some things as long as they are not really foolish penalties.  We will have to live with some of them because they occur.  You don’t want them and you certainly aren’t telling them it’s okay, but it happens, it happens in games.”

(On if he sees Usama Young getting a chance to start)- “We do,  I think you will see it fairly similar to what you saw a week ago as he gets back into it. He will get play time and then we will just work from there because we like them both.  We like Mike (Adams) and what he’s done. Usama is getting back into it, but we will still split time and give them both a chance out there and then once again just see where it goes as we move along.”


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