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Transcript from news conference with Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron

By Nate Ulrich Published: September 29, 2011

Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron met with reporters today. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(On D’Qwell Jackson being named AFC Defensive Player of the Month and how he has been playing)- “Really well and I think it’s richly deserved.  Obviously he’s not doing it alone, but he is really playing at a high level.  I know that we’ve talked about him before, his work ethic, his quiet leadership ability, his seriousness about his profession and he really prepares.  He is a great example for any player, but particularly the young players. It is just really a richly deserved reward.”

(On if Jackson’s on and off the field attributes are unique amongst players he has coaches)- “He is a very good player.  All those things are really great qualities to have not just in sport, he is an outstanding person.  I think it translates well.  His work ethic and maybe his outlook on life, everything translates well to the field.  He’s got physical skills that he has improved and worked on and polished. It’s very important to him. He is very professional in his approach to everything.”

(On if he had the mindset that he might not have Jackson because of his past injuries)- “I would say no. I have been around enough to know that sometimes it just happens.  You see people get hurt for two consecutive years and never have another injury or someone never gets hurt.  We counted on having him, but the fact that he hadn’t played was there, but as I said I have also seen it happen so many different ways, so many different times where guys get unlucky and then nothing ever again, knock on wood.”

(On if a defense could spy Chris Johnson)- “You can, it clearly takes away from something else either the rush or coverage depending on if you want to be single safety high or two deep.  If you want to have a four-man push or five-man push however you want to do it, but you can.  You can do that.”

(On how often he draws on his past playing experience)- “Probably like all of you, I am just a believer that that everything you have experienced just keeps adding up.  It makes you who you are, what you think.  I don’t know necessarily what part of the playing aspect is critically important.  It’s just all part of it.  It just all fits together, so I don’t really know the answer to it.”

(On if he ever looked at coaches who didn’t play and thought, ‘What do they know’)- “I don’t think so.  I always felt that being a player when you walked into the room the first time it maybe gave you a little more credibility with the players.  But, if you didn’t know what you were talking about you lost it real quickly.  I guess that’s the way I still feel about it.”

(On if they could run the defensive scheme they want without a big time defensive linebacker)- “Probably not, you have to have somebody directing the defense.  You have to have someone calling, every time the offense comes out of a huddle there are things you have to talk about and things you have to identify. You need a communicator in there and preferably it is that guy.  I suspect you could do it without that guy provided you had him somewhere else and he was in the middle of the communication.  It would be hard, but maybe not impossible to have it be a safety, but he’s removed from the line. He’s got to be in different areas.  The guy right in the middle of it is the guy and luckily we have a real good one.”

(On them identify Jackson as their MIKE linebacker right away)- “I think first of all Bill (Davis) has done a terrific job with him in this new scheme for him for both Bill and D’Qwell.  He’s done a great job.  Once you see him play, he’s got that unique combination of feel for the game and the athleticism to see it and then get it done.  I guess that’s what always stands out when you are looking at a player on tape.  You don’t know him personally, you don’t know him as an individual, but just watching his performance on tape. I think things jump right out.  He’s got a strong desire to get to the football on every play.  The bottom line of our game defensively is to get to the guy with the ball and get him on the ground.  He can do this and he does it and clearly enjoys it, then everything else grows from there.”

(On Chris Gocong)- “I was introduced to Chris, not personally, but on a good deal of tape a year ago when I went to Philadelphia.  I watched the cut-up’s.  He plays at full speed and is a guy that plays fast.  He is a very tough player.  You know him, so you know he’s a very bright player as well too.  He studies the game and is very into it, but he’s got the size and speed for the position that you are really looking for.  You know he doesn’t look like he is as big as he is and he’s fast.  He can move. I am really happy about that about that situation.”

(On Chris Gocong still has pass rush ability that he hasn’t shown in the NFL)- “I think he definitely has pass rush abilities and hopefully over time you will see them more and more.  But, I am really happy with Chris.”

(On Jabaal Sheard’s growth from the first few weeks)- “I would just say it’s the natural progression of a young player.  He is getting more and more comfortable.  I believe he’s playing faster.  He’s always played fast, I would say it’s been one of his most outstanding attributes.  But, as he gets a feel for the league and the quality of the opponent, he will play faster still I believe and that’s happening from week to week.  Obviously the opponents change all the time, there are little differences in them and I think he will learn, he will keep a book.”

(On Sheard progressing to be a good pass rusher)- “I think what you are seeing is what he is and he can get to the passer.”

(On what they told Sheard after he got flagged last week)- “It’s not real profound, don’t grab his fast mask.  Don’t hit him in the head.  Jabaal was going for the ball. He makes really good move, he gets inside and he gets to the quarterback.  Now, he has a decision to make, what do you tell him?  You say we can’t take that penalty.  It was huge.  It was a huge turning point in the game to some degree. He was trying to get the ball out.  He saw the ball, he’s reaching for the ball and his hand got the mask.  There is not a whole lot you can tell him.  Peewee (Duane Board) and I certainly talk about it and talk about it with Jabaal, but you say, ‘What do you tell him?’ Do you tell him you should have kept your hands down and run over the quarterback?  Well, the next time he gets in that situation he’ll keep his hands down the quarterback will throw the ball and it comes out. Then you tell him you have to get your hands up and block the pass.  Sometimes things just happen and you wish they didn’t, you don’t want him to and really unfortunately it is probably the worst part of coaching when you say something like, ‘Don’t hit him in the facemask.’  It’s like saying don’t drop the ball.  They know those things.  You’re not really helping them, but there’s not a lot you can tell them.”

(On Matt Hasselbeck)- “First of all, he is completing over 70 percent of his passes. I think he’s the third ranked quarterback in the National Football League and you have seen about everything you could see.  He’s played a long time.  He’s been getting quality coaching obviously.  Maybe unfortunately, he has been well prepared by our boss to play in the league and he’s had a lot of success. He really knows what he is doing.  They do a nice job with their scheme.  They have skilled players.  He’s playing at a very high level.”

(On Joe Haden’s performance on Brandon Marshall)- “It won’t be significantly different then what we have talked about before. Joe is a very competitive guy and he’s got unique skills and he’s applying then more and more I think on the field.  He again as a relatively young player is learning more and more about the league and he loves that kind of a challenge.  You can just see it in him.  He wants to be out there and wants to be matched up and he likes it.  He’s got the skills to succeed at it.  He’s got an unusual ability to reach around people, even bigger people.  That was a significantly bigger receiver than Joe is as a corner. He did a really good job of staying on him and making plays around him, making plays on the ball again.  He is really an outstanding player.”

(On Hasselbeck’s old offensive system and now playing under Chris Palmer)- “I wouldn’t compare the two systems.  Chris has a lot of experience and he’s got a lot of options for the quarterback there.  There are differences obviously in the offenses, but the quarterback in both of them has a lot of options and he is using them.  He’s getting the ball out of his hand relatively quickly most of the time, when he has to he certainly is.  When he is pressured he certainly is.  He’s a skilled guy and recognizes what’s happening and the ball comes out fast.”

(On if Hasselbeck is going more vertical now)- “He’s gone down the field a good deal, a number of times to Kenny Britt, a number of times to (Nate) Washington.  They have got some big plays but he has also delivered the ball underneath with quick rhythm passes, quick passes, quick audibles and getting the ball out of his hand.  They have everything in that scheme.  Now, I was never in any offensive meetings with Tom (Coughlin) or Chris in Jacksonville.  I watched it a lot.  It was very successful and the ball came out fast and the ball came out long.  They did it all. Chris is good and he has good players.”

(On if he think’s Chris Palmer is trying to read his mind like he is to him)- “He’s studying our defense and we are studying his offense.  I don’t know how much further it goes.  We were together a short period of time and haven’t been together for a long time.  He’s been a lot of different places and I have been in a lot of different places.”

(On why Chris Johnson has gotten off to a slow start)- “Unfortunately I don’t think about that, I just think about him all the time.  You know the guy is so explosive and has been so productive.  He is really a great talent as we all know.  Both in the run game and in the pass game, unfortunately. We will have our hands full that’s for sure.”

(On the pass defense at the end of the game against the Dolphins)- “One of the great parts about that one last week was the fans.  I thought our fans were really outstanding and played a part in it.  They were so loud at the end.  It was a lot of fun really and there was a lot of excitement in the stadium.  You could feel it in the air really going out.  When our offense scored it just kept building.  The guys responded well.  I thought everybody made plays.  Everybody did their job.  I thought Dimitri Patterson made a terrific play on the first snap.  To have them get that ball at midfield was not good.  It was not a good deal for us and they had that one timeout.  I thought it was a huge play.  They all were obviously.  On first-and-10 to make that play on a ball that was probably thrown about 12-14 yards closer to field goal range as it was.  I thought that was huge and then afterwards it kind of got better.  We got pressure when we needed it.  I think we disrupted a pass where there might have been a receiver open down the field and then to have it end with an interception, having the crowd behind us like that was really great.”


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