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Transcript from news conference with Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron

By Nate Ulrich Published: October 13, 2011

Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron met with reporters today before the team practiced. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(On what makes Chris Gocong so good as a blitzer)- “He’s a talented athlete for starters.  Chris is a bigger man than he appears to be and he appears to be a pretty good sized man obviously, but he’s close to 250 pounds and he moves very well.  He is very athletic.  He had all that experience pass rushing coming out of college, I think that helps him.  He’s got a feel for it and he’s done a really good job and he’s a smart guy, who’s a very, very hard worker.  He’s got the tools and he’s willing to work at using them.”

(On what kind of blow it would be if Joe Haden can’t play)- “It would be a big blow obviously, there’s no way around that one.  Joe has played at a very, very high level so far this year and is a very enthusiastic player.  He’s important to us, but like every team in the league, it’s a rough game and people get hurt and they sometimes they can’t go. We will just have to wait and see with Joe.”

(On if Dimitri Patterson can just slide into Haden’s spot and get it done)- “Dimitri’s done an outstanding job too and he is a very competitive guy. You never have enough of those guys, you probably never have enough of any kind of guys really. You don’t have enough coverage corners so you don’t want to lose any of them.  Again, we will just have to wait and see what happens with Joe and if he can’t go then Dimitri goes out.”

(On if the Titans offense did a nice job scheming with their big plays)- “I think Tennessee does a really good job. I think most teams in this league do a very good job and they have talented players like teams do.  It wasn’t the best call in this situation and they made a big play.  You’re talking about the one to the tight end?  The one to the tight end and the other one there’s not a whole lot we could do about that one except maybe get the play back somehow.”

(On if Scott Fujita is slowing down and if that’s why the tight end got behind him)- “No, I don’t think so.  I think first of all that tight end is very talented and very fast, extremely fast. I think I put him in not the best situation on that down and distance.”

(On what he has seen through the first four weeks defensively and what tweaks they could make from the bye week)- “We talked through a lot of things, review what’s gone before, look at it and we certainly can’t control when you get your bye.  The bye came relatively early. We are still young together, but we know a lot more than we did when the preseason started about our guys.  We’re still learning though week-to-week. We threw some stuff out that we didn’t care for and we didn’t add a whole lot.  We really like the way our guys played, their enthusiasm and we felt the longer we can keep them together and do somewhat similar things, the better off we’ll be.”

(On Patterson saying that there are only a handful of players that can play well both outside and inside on the slot)- “I definitely think he’s got a point.  It’s a very different game inside, when you’re playing in the middle of the field on a wide receiver that’s got all that space on both sides and you have to have a feel. Not everybody can do that, not everybody can make that move. Certainly there are a lot of guys that can, by a lot there’s probably 20 or more, maybe 32 who do it pretty well, but it’s not easy.  It’s definitely not easy.”

(On if Darren McFadden reminds him of anyone at a running back)- “I haven’t seen anyone in a long time that he reminds me of.  He obviously is having a tremendous year and he’s a tremendous talent.  He’s always looked the same, I believe that he’s had injuries that have kept him limited at play time at different times in his career.  Now, he’s staying healthy which has been really good for them and really bad for their opponents.  He’s a unique back.  He’s skilled obviously running the ball and they run it well.  I think they are second in the NFL and first in the AFC.  He’s very skilled at catching the ball too.  He’s got really good hands.  They will put him out on the edges and try to create mismatches in that way.  He’s a rare talent.”

(On if he had any dealings with Al Davis)- “I did not.  I certainly met him and spoken with him on a number of occasions.  We both spent a little time in Massachusetts.  I believe Al was from Massachusetts actually and maybe Brockton.  I’m not certain about that, but I think he was born in Brockton. That’s a pretty famous city in our little state, Marvin Hagler and maybe Rocky Marciano and it’s a big football town.  It used to be a huge football town, but anyway, yes it’s a big loss for the league, huge name in the league, huge influence in the league.”

(On if it is accurate to say that the Raiders seem to go deep a lot)- “It is, they will definitely take shots at everybody.  They have skill people that are not only talented but fast so they can stretch the field and they want to do that.  They will take shots.”

(On if the Browns linebackers will have issues containing Darren McFadden)- “Every team that they play has to deal with that speed, that unique speed that they have at a lot of positions and then specifically with him. You really have to have an edge on every defense and where you set the edge is going to be important.  The field as we know is only limited in width.  There is only a certain amount of space he’s got to out run you to the edge. If you don’t set the edge at the proper depth, you’ve got to make him bubble to make him get outside then you’ve got a chance to maybe catch him before he can turn the corner on you.  If you don’t have a set edge on your defense, you’re going to struggle because he’s very fast and he can beat you quickly.  That will be critical for us.  Whoever is responsible for creating an edge to our defense has to be there and they have to do their job.  They do a nice job of formationing you.  They do a nice job with their personnel and their groupings.  They’ll switch a lot.  They will do different things to try to get him on the edge and get the ball to their speed players.  We’ve definitely got our work cut out for us.”

(On if he blitzed on the Jared Cook touchdown play because the front four was being handled)- “No, it was still at a relatively early part of the game if I remember, it was still in the first half.  In the course of that game it became apparent they were not going to hold the ball, even that throw, that was a crossing route, but the ball came out on rhythm. The odds of us getting there were not very good. They did a nice job with the call and the execution and we didn’t. It was just a play in the game, it’s a play in a course of a year.  It happens and it kind of just breaks your heart when it does happen.  You don’t mind him catching it, you’d like to not seeing it go for 70. They’re going to get some 18-20 yard plays, those things happen, but you’d like to tackle a guy and get him on the ground and snap it again and make them bleed a little before they go the length of the field.”

(On if it’s frustrating when a quarterback gets the ball out fast when they are dialing up pressure)- “You’ve still got to do different things I think in the course of a game.  If the ball is coming out fast, you’ve still have to pressure them, probably play single safety high, you might play some two deep.  You just have to change up, keep playing the game and hope to stay in the game.  Your guys have got to make plays, tackle them, get off the field, bat the ball at the line of scrimmage, all those things come into play. I don’t think you can settle on one way to do it because they will settle right in and if they know exactly what you’re doing every down, they can check it down or it gives them an advantage.”

(On how Buster Skrine will react getting more playing time if Haden can’t play)- “I think Buster will be a very happy man.  Buster likes to play.  He’d be certainly disappointed for Joe (Haden), but Buster Skrine likes to play football.  I’m really happy with his development.  If he’s got to go then he will go out there and fight for you.  He’ll play every down as hard as he can play it and he’ll probably cover kicks too and do whatever else you ask him to do.  If it goes that way, it will be a great learning experience for him and I think he’ll represent himself well.”

(On Phil Taylor having a season-low in tackles last game)- “Phil’s doing fine.  He’s still developing.  He’s playing at a very difficult position to play.  I’ve clearly never played it, but I’ve been around it.  I have watched guys develop.  It’s hard to play in there, it’s hard to get a feel.  They can do a lot of things to you, come from a lot of different directions and I believe he’s getting better every week.  I believe that and again, the presence of Rub (Ahtyba Rubin) really helps him.”

(On losing Marcus Benard for the season)- “It’s so devastating for the young man to go through that and he really was just starting to get back from preseason injuries and setbacks and those kinds of things. It’s a big disappointment,  very disappointed for him and for us, but I’m thankful that he’s still with us.”

(On if the starting defensive ends need more rest)- “We would like to feel comfortable playing in waves up front.  We would like to give them some more time off on kind of a regular rotation.  We just haven’t fit into one yet.”

(On if Auston English is capable of fitting into the rotation immediately)- “I believe that he is, but time will tell.  I think anybody in the league really wants to play upfront in waves.  They’d like to keep those guys as fresh as they could keep them because it’s a lot of wear and tear over a 16 week season.”

(On how intriguing English became to him following his big preseason)- “It’s easy to like him, it’s very easy to like him.  He applies himself every day in every area, whether its special teams, defense or in meetings.  I’m very comfortable with him as player and I think he’ll perform well.”


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