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Transcript from news conference with Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron

By Nate Ulrich Published: November 3, 2011

Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron met with reporters today. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(On the Texans having a lot of offensive weapons)- “They really do. They are very, very talented team. They’ve been together a long time, know what they’re doing and know how they want to do it.  They really have an up-tempo, not in terms of snapping the ball fast, but they will do that also.  They play fast, they’re a fast team.  As I said, they know exactly what they want to do and they execute it very well.”

(On if zone blocking is a challenge to face)- “It’s been a very successful scheme for the people that will run it and they run it as good as anybody.  They get you moving laterally and they’ll cut you.  Their backs as everybody says, they’ll make one cut.  They’ll make a fast cut and they’ll go.  When they get that one guy out of his gap, they exploit it.  They do an outstanding job with that scheme and have for a long time.  They’ll occasionally mix in some gap schemes that they have and they do that well too, but they are a zone-running team.”

(On if he worries about his young guys up front facing this scheme for the first time)- “Yeah, I’m worried about it with everybody really.  It’s just hard. You’ve got to work at it and we have.  They do an excellent job of it.”

(On if the players have to be aware of injury from the cut blocks)- “Any time you play football, actually any sport, but football in particular everybody understands the difficult nature of the game.  It’s a very physical game.  They’re scheme does involve cutting, they do a lot of cutting.  Now most teams cut too, but not on a consistent basis as a zone-running team.  You’ve just got to work at it and you got to work at keeping them off your feet if you can and staying up.  Once you’re down on the ground then that opens up a gap and they take advantage of it.”

(On if they have to change what they do as a defense if Andre Johnson is on the field)- “To some degree I think you do.  You don’t just ignore a talent like that.  Also, you’ve got to play the game within it because he’s not alone.  There are so many really good football players they have and skilled players that they have.  We will anticipate that he’s going to play and see what happens as the week goes on.  He certainly has proven himself in this league. He is the top or one of the handfuls of guys that are at the top, a tremendous player.”

(On if Joe Haden will cover Johnson one-on-one)- “That’s a possibility.  We’ve done it before with receivers and certainly this guy merits that kind of attention from anybody.”

(On Arian Foster looks recovered from his injury)- “He does to me.  He’s very smooth, very big and powerful.  He appears to have outstanding vision.  For those one cut moves, he generally makes the right decision and gets through the line of scrimmage when it’s undecided.  He’s very, very good and he’s got all those things.  On top of it he’s a good receiver, very good hands.  I think he does an outstanding job in protection too, their protection schemes.  He’s an all-around player, deserving of the Pro Bowl and the things he’s attained in his young career.”

(On the defensive performance last week against the 49ers)- “It was such a discouraging loss for us just because it’s a loss for us and they all are discouraging  We just spotted them too much and couldn’t catch back up.  As a football team, all phases we fought our way back into it and had a chance. We really had a chance at the end.  Defensively, we let them out of some deep situations, like the situation on the goal line early in the game, not only do we allow a long run, 24 yarder, and then the continual drive, but really gave up field position for our offense.  That would’ve been big for us.  We just didn’t fit up a couple of things and I didn’t make the best of calls.  I give our guys a lot of credit, they really fought their way back and kept the game close and gave us a chance.  Again, we just spotted them a little too much in that first half.  They do a very good job.  We knew they were a very outstanding team going in and they do a nice job with their schemes and their talent.  They have talent.”

(On if they anticipated the two passes to the linemen even though they hadn’t shown it on tape)- “Very much so. They were a team that had shown an unbalanced line, eligible receivers with ineligible numbers at times.  It was just too bad.  Good plays, tough plays to recognize particularly the first one to 74.  In the late one, the back boot is always a difficult play to defend because you would think that guy was so big that you would see him coming back.  They bring him back in blocking schemes too.  In that personnel you are generally just try to fight to stop the run.  It was not what we wanted obviously, but they had shown unbalanced.  We had worked some unbalanced throughout the week.  I knew eventually someone was going to throw to those guys.  They’re eligible.”

(On what T.J. Ward needed to do against the long runs and if he was too far up field)- “T.J. was usually okay on them.  T.J. was generally our edge player and got the ball back inside.  We didn’t fit it up a couple times from the deeper segment and push it back inside.  They were all well designed runs and they would have gained yards, but we would like to hold them to six if they get out, and not 25, 30.  That was unfortunate early.”

(On if Ward was true to his assignment)- “Yeah, he was.”

(On if it would be a challenge for Buster Skrine if he has to fill in at the slot of Dimitri Patterson)- “It would be a huge challenge for Buster, there’s no doubt.  He’d welcome it and he’ll battle his way through it.  We don’t look forward to playing without Dimitri.  He’s played so well for us at that position and he fights.  He fights every down and he gives you all he’s got.  Buster will do the same thing, Dimitri has just done it.  He’s got a nice feel for it and he develops a better feel every week.”

(On D’Qwell Jackson during the goal line stand)- “The goal line stand was really a huge play for us, just to keep us in that ball game.  Everybody did their job up front to start it off.  They kept their pads down so we weren’t moving backwards into the linebackers.  It allowed D’Qwell, Chris (Gocong), Kaluka (Maiava) and Scott (Fujita) to get across the line, to play on the other side and in the back field.  D’Qwell made a couple of plays.  Chris made a hit. Rub (Ahtyba Rubin) made a big play down there too.  The whole line again, doing their job underneath  those guys.”

(On it not being the first time Rubin has made tackles 25 yards down the field and what that says about his hustle)- “Let’s pretend like it was, we don’t like those 25 yard down the field tackles by our nose.  We’ve talked about him a lot in here already.  He’s a special guy.  He’s really playing at a high level, a very high level.  Again, he continues to improve to get better all the time.  He works so hard at it and he’s got unusual talents.  He can move and he does move.  He’s not a guy that ever takes a play off or loafs on a play.  He really battles and they were a very large, very talented offensive line and Rub did an excellent job, not just on that play, he made a lot of plays in the game.”

(On Scott Paxson’s performance and why he was used at end)- Pax always does well.  He’s always going to do what he’s assigned to doing.  He’s going to do it really hard and he’s going to use great technique to get it done.  We used him in certain packages, their big packages.  If they had an extra lineman on the field or if they had two to three tight ends on the field, we wanted to use him against those big corners, those big edges, two tights or an extra tackle and an extra tight end.  He did a nice job doing that.”


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