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Transcript from news conference with Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron

By Nate Ulrich Published: December 1, 2011
Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron on the sidelines before an NFL football game against the St. Louis Rams Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron met with reporters today. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(On who the right defensive end will be this week)- “There are a number of guys obviously that will play there off the depth chart, so it will be Schaef (Brian Schaefering) and Auston (English).  Auston’s getting healthier every week.  Schaef will play some out there.  Jayme (Mitchell) should be healthier than he’s been.  We’ve got a number of options to rotate there.”

(On how much time Schaefering has spent inside versus outside this season)- “Recently, I’d say probably about 50-50.  Earlier was mostly inside, but he plays both and he does a nice job.”

(On Joe Flacco being an efficient quarterback)- “He’s a quarterback for an 8-3 team, they’re a really good football team.  He’s managing games and doing a nice job for them.  He has a big arm, very strong arm.  He always has the threat to stretch the field and they have great speed outside now and they can stretch the field.  They have the speed to run under a ball and he can throw it a long way.  It really does open up a lot of things for them.  All around him he’s surrounded around very, very talented players, but he does a very nice job.  He’s got good mobility in the pocket I believe.  You wouldn’t say down the field he’s got great mobility, but in the pocket he keeps things alive and he gets the ball out.  Mostly when they’re pressured, you see him getting the ball out, he delivers it.  He does a really nice job.”

(On Joe Flacco’s has proven that quarterbacks can win without completing 65 percent of their passes)- “They do a lot of things really well, they’re 8-3 and he’s the guy on their offense.  He leads their offense.  I think he’s a guy that wins games and he has over the years.”

(On what makes the Ravens defense so good every year)- “I only see them now when we play common opponents. They’re talented, they’re well-conceived, they’re a pressured defense, they’ve been together a good deal of time and they know what they’re doing obviously inside that scheme.  They have really good players.  They play hard.  They make a lot of plays.  I haven’t studied them, certainly, not since the season started.”

(On Eric Hagg plying a lot last week and where he stands going forward)- “I’m happy with how he’s coming along.  He suffered that setback early and it really did set him back.  Now he’s getting a chance to not only get lots of reps in practice, but he’s getting lots of reps on gameday, which will really help us over time I believe.  He’ll get better every week.  He’s very conscientious and he’s a capable guy, he’s very into it.  It’s important to him.  He’s got good coverage skills particularly on people that generally give your safeties a problem, bigger receivers, bigger tight ends.  Obviously, they can give him problems too because he’s not as big as most of those tight ends are.”

(On if Hagg was in good position on Jermaine Gresham’s touchdown or if it was a matter of the opponent taking advantage of a rookie not looking for the ball)- “It was a couple things, if he had to do it over again he’d rather have slightly outside shade as opposed to slightly inside shade.  He lost vision early.  He’d like to stay on top a little more than he did.  He was in pretty good position at the ball and then you’ve got a bigger receiver with better vision to the ball at the end of it.  He was still on top, which is where you want to be.  You don’t want to get pinned behind that big body.  The quarterback made a good throw and the bigger receiver got it.  The red zone is part of the field where the jump ball does come into effect. Every place else I’ve always thought it was reach, but not necessarily your ability to jump.  Down in the red zone, your ability to jump comes into play.  If your 6-6 and you’ve got a four or five inch advantage, it’s a problem.”

(On if Hagg showed resiliency by bouncing back and breaking up a pass on third down later in that game and if that was an example of him keeping his wits)- “I think you could say all of those things.  It’s not a surprise when a guy makes a play.  It was great experience for him to be out there.  It was obviously great for us at that time that he made that play.  Eric plays that position well.  He played it well in college at really the highest level of college football that you can play.  We drafted him for those reasons.  We hadn’t seen him a lot as a safety in true safety situations.  We had seen him a lot in those kinds of situations, underneath covering tight end type people, even some wide receivers.  Again, his work ethic, his attitude and then his physical skills I believe over time are going to get better and better and help us.”

(On how the depth of the defense has held up to this point and how it will be tested without Scott Fujita and Emmanuel Stephens)- “It’s never good to lose anybody.  It’s never good to lose two starters.  Scott’s been very productive and a key part of everything we do.  Communication with him has been really pretty good and some people have to step up to fill that void.  We were just so happy with Emmanuel with how he was playing and how hard he plays.  It’s just really unfortunate for us and for him.  Hopefully, he’ll heal fast and well, but not obviously enough for this year.”

(On if Mike Adams will play Sunday)- “I don’t know at this point, but we’re optimistic. We’re certainly optimistic.”

(On if Fujita has some productive years ahead of him)- “Yeah, I do. He’s played well.  He’s clearly a guy that takes care of himself.  He’s very professional and his approach to everything,  studying the game, preparing himself physically and mentally, staying in shape in the offseason.  All of those things, he really applies himself.  He’s the definition of a pro, he’s a real pro. He works at his craft and he represents himself and the organization well.  You can totally trust him all the time.  There are lots of really good things about him.”

(On if it’s good that they will be able to get a look at Kaluka Maiava)- “I suppose looking at the bright side, that is a bright side.  With Kaluka, I think you’ve got a real good idea of what you have.  It’s not a mystery.  He’s as tough as any player I’ve been around.  He likes to play, applies himself.  He’s a real good, real solid guy.  It will be good to see him out on the field.  He didn’t want to get the opportunity the way he got it.  He wishes Scott was healthy, but he’s going to be happy that he’s out there playing more and we certainly trust him.  He’s a tough guy.”

(On if he feels Maiava could be starter caliber in the league and not just a fourth linebacker)- “I believe he can.  Going back to his college film, he was a really good player coming out of college.  When he put on tape to watch that group of linebackers, which had some big name players in it, he always jumped out of those tapes.  He was always a guy that made plays.  He played hard, played fast and played smart.”

(On if it makes a defensive coordinator’s job easier when you have a safety like Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu on your defense)- “I don’t know those players personally.  Anytime you have players that are big time playmakers and on top of that they’re your team leaders and communicators, you have a very rare guy.  If he can make all the plays to rally everybody around him, he can make plays in a tough situation, he can make big plays in a game then it just turns the tide.  They’re big time playmakers backing everything up.  When you mentioned them, their names they speak for themselves, turn on the TV. and you watch them.  Anytime you put on a tape you see them.  They show up in big ways.”

(On if having Torrey Smith change their game plan defensively because of he can stretch the field)- “Any team that does stretch the field, they open up another dimension.  He certainly can do it.  Going back to Joe Flacco, he’s got the arm strength and the ability to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball.  This guy’s got the ability and the speed to run under it.  You have to spend time worrying about it, you certainly do. Not that you didn’t before I’m sure, I haven’t played against them in the recent past. This is the only team that I recollect. They can stretch the field and they do every game.  They’re going to challenge you over the top a number of times.  I can remember playing against Fran Tarkenton.  You wouldn’t say he had the strongest arm in the world, but he certainly had a great arm.  He would stretch you over the top just to keep you back there and honest.  Playing things honest, keep you from jumping down on their offense, clamping down on it and sitting on things.  They definitely do that, they’ll keep you honest.”

(On if he was unhappy with the defense on the play to A.J. Green and if there was anything they could have done because of the way they through it and went up for it)- “You’ve got a chance at the ball.  It was an interesting play at the top of it, our post safety had another receiver just on top of that so it was hard for Mike (Adams) to get through that one to the receiver.  Joe (Haden) had slipped under him and sometimes that’s good and sometimes it’s not. It wasn’t good there. He needed to be on the up-field shoulder and he would’ve had a chance.  The receiver is taller than Joe.  Joe’s has got unusual ability to stretch and leap so it would’ve been interesting but it was one of those deals that it worked out the way it did unfortunately.”

(On if Rubin was close to disrupting Dalton on that play)- “Oh yeah, Rubin was right there.”

(On if it was just a split second difference)- “Yeah, that’s what makes the game so good so interesting.  It’s always a few things here, a little thing there, another step, six inches of reach, anything like that.”

(On if the best defense would have been hitting Dalton)- “Any of the above except what happened, I guess.”

(On his assessment of Colt McCoy)- “That’s not my area.  I like Colt a lot, but I don’t study him.  I very seldom watch him, very seldom, if ever.”

(On if he observes McCoy’s nuances from practicing against him)- “I don’t, I have nuances I’ve got to look at on the other side so I don’t.  I really like the young man, I can say that.”

(On if he has thought that this defensive unit could be really special in the coming years)- “I really like our guys.  I like the way they approach the game usually.  There are a lot of young people out there.  There are some good leaders and I think more will emerge over time.  I’m very optimistic.  It’s always a struggle.  It’s a continuing struggle every week, which again it’s part of the great thing about the sport.  In the NFL, it’s so hard.  It’s so hard to win a game.  To have a group of people to work that hard together all the time and to have to accept what happens like last Sunday to accept it, learn from it and then put it behind you as fast as you can and go on.  It’s a lot of fun too.  I like the group and I am optimistic.  I’m always optimistic, maybe that’s not true, most of the time I’m really optimistic (joking).”


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