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Transcript from news conference with Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron

By Nate Ulrich Published: December 6, 2011
Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron during an NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens Sunday, Dec. 4, 2011, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron met with reporters today. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(On what the biggest issue was against the Ravens)- “Clearly, we didn’t play the run nearly how we wanted to play it.  We took turns messing up, including me.  I didn’t put them in the best defenses sometimes.  We got out of our gaps.  You’ve got to tip your hat to them.  They’re good, we knew they were very good coming in that they were a very talented team with an exceptional runner.  We expected to do a lot better than that.  If there was anything good that occurred, it was that we kept them out of the end zone for the most part and had a chance to keep the game close.  But, it wasn’t what we wanted.”

(On what he tells his guys about how to tackle Ben Roethlisberger)- “It depends on how you’re coming at him.  You’ve got to get the arm.  You’ve got to get the throwing arm and a good piece of it, at least that makes him stop.  He is so big, not bigger than the defensive linemen, but he’s certainly bigger than most quarterbacks we’ve seen. He’s thick and very athletic.  He’s got great balance.  He’s just hard to get down and he’s got an uncanny knack of holding onto the ball somehow even when you get it from the blind side occasionally.  They’re playing at a very, very high level and are another really talented football team.  It’ll be a stern test.”

(On if Ahtyba Rubin and Phil Taylor had trouble trying to plug up the middle)- “I would say that everybody kind of took turns, as I said including myself obviously in there.  They played hard.  At times they played exceptionally and at times they got out of their gaps.  They weren’t alone.  It was just again not anything like what we wanted.  We clearly knew this team was extremely talented overall.  We knew the running back was as good as anybody you play.”

(On if there are teachable corrections from the defensive mistakes)- “It is teachable, it’s not easy.  It’s easy to say, ‘stay in that gap.’  It’s hard to stay in that gap.  They’re trying to knock you out of it and they’re not bad.  They’re very good and they have different schemes and they change it up.  It’s definitely correctable.”

(On if Sunday was less scheme than execution)- “They’re a zone team.  They zoned up a lot of plays.  It was difficult.  It is a difficult scheme.  They don’t do it as extensively or as devotedly as Houston does it.  That’s what they do, but they do it well.”

(On if there is a lack of team speed on defense and if it would be helpful if they had more of it)- “You always want more of it.  No matter how fast your team was, you always want more speed.  Speed is a critical factor in our game.”

(On D’Qwell Jackson bouncing back from injury and him being the recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award)- “I wasn’t part of the last two seasons.  Him injured is not something that I relate to and hope I never have to.  I know the history obviously and I know the man.  He’s an exceptional person, as you all know, in many, many ways. It’s a richly deserved award.  This is a very dedicated professional and a really solid person.”

(On if Mike Wallace is more than just a straight-line down the field guy)- “Yeah he is and he’s very fast.  They have a group of receivers that all run extremely well and perform at a high level, but really stretch you coming off the ball.  They come off the ball fast and push it at you down the field.  With a quarterback that’s got the arm strength that he has and the accuracy that he’s playing with it really makes it difficult.  They’re a really good football team.  He is definitely more than just a speedster, but he’s extremely fast and he’s quick.”

(On his thoughts on how Jabaal Sheard has played and if he can eventually be as disruptive as a James Harrison)- “That would be great if he developed into that dominating of a player.  He’s having a terrific year.  He’s certainly met our expectations and they were high and hopefully he will continue to do it.  There’s no reason to believe he won’t and we all believe in him.  I’m sure he does to, that he’ll just keep getting better.  He is instinctive, very tough, competitive and he’s got a short memory, which is probably important in anything I guess but in this game it’s really important because you’re going to get wired sometimes.  It’s not going to go your way, you’re going to look really bad out there at times.  You just got to get up and keep going and not let it phase you really.  He’s played very well for us.”

(On how helpful it will be for Joe Haden and his progress to have struggled against A.J. Green and then to be involved in a disappointing game like the other day)- “I think the learning never ends for anybody.  For Joe, all the experiences keep adding up.  I think Joe definitely takes it to heart.  It’s that saying, ‘some people have 10 years of experience.  Some people have one year of experience 10 times.’  I think he’ll have more experience as he moves along.  I think he’ll use them all the time and they’ll help him.”

(On if he knows Haden well enough to know that he won’t lose confidence)- “I think I know him fairly well, but I don’t want to pretend like I know him really well.  We don’t hang around off the field.  I think he’s a very confident young man in the right way.  I think he’s very, very competitive.  He’s a very competitive guy and a very tough guy so that wouldn’t be one of my worries, but I have been wrong before.”

(On if Phil Taylor has had an up and down season as a rookie)- “I think that’s probably fair to say.  He’s definitely flashed at times, really flashed at times.  Other times he’s not getting it done the way you would absolutely like it.  Is that true of everybody? Yeah, it is.  For a rookie, he’s got so much to learn and so much to learn about playing inside.  Again, Jabaal is a rookie too.  It’s never easy anywhere, but it’s a little easier on the edge.  You’re looking in at everything. Inside, they can come at you so many different ways.  They can trap you, they can double team you and they can wham you.  They’re so many things they can do to you.  We’re asking him to learn all those things fast and to play at a really top speed. I’m confident that he’s going to keep developing.  When he flashes, he really flashes.  It really stands out.”

(On his relationship with Dick LeBeau)- “He’s been a great example for me and a mentor.  If I had a mentor in the professional game, he would be it. I had the opportunity to play for him, which was a terrific experience.  We’ve remained good friends through the years.  I really admire him a great deal.”

(On if he would like to coach as long as LeBeau has)- “Yeah, you’d definitely like to.”

(On how many years in he is)- “I don’t know where I am, but anyways he’s as good as it gets.  He’s really a good man.”


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