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Transcript from news conference with Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron

By Nate Ulrich Published: December 29, 2011

Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron met with reporters today. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(On his thoughts on being the defensive coordinator for the Browns next season)- “I would love to do this again.  I obviously would like to win a lot more games.  To be in the National Football League is an unbelievable honor and a treat.  I’ve been at a lot of franchises, they were all outstanding.  I think we talked earlier in the year about the traditional franchises.  I’ve been at a number of them and I really like it.  I like the old rivalries, I like the history.  I really enjoy it and it’s obviously a great place to work.”

(On if he is optimistic about the franchise’s future)- “We’ve all seen quick turnarounds, we’ve all seen it happen. There’s no doubt that a year with the group obviously gives us familiarity with each other with their capabilities and with the scheme.  You can build on that.  Again, we’ve all seen very quick turnarounds so we’re very optimistic about the future.”

(On the sack when Ben Roethlisberger hurt his ankle)- “It was Pax (Scott Paxson) and Schaef (Brian Schaefering). I think we had a pressure on and it was late, he moved which he does really well and bought extra time.  They hit him from opposite sides I believe.  One of them was going down and he just got twisted underneath him.  It was really remarkable that he came back and played.”

(On why Paxson and Schaefering were in the game at the time)- “We just rotate the front.  I think we started out the season saying we wanted to rotate more.  As we got along we learned more and more about our players and rotated them more just to take the wear and tear off the big guys.”

(On how Scott Paxson has evolved)- “Pax is a great teammate.  He’s a very solid player.  He plays the one and the three for us, both techniques. He plays them well.  He’s always trying to do it exactly like he’s told.  He’s got a feel for it and he’s a very tough guy.  He’s a tremendous teammate.  He takes his reps, he takes other people’s reps.  He never complains.  He’s got a great personality and he’s a tough guy.  He plays hard.”

(On if Paxson has a future in Cleveland)- “I would say yes.  I don’t make those decisions, but I like him very much.”

(On the growth of his defense and what players have grown this season)- “You’ve talked about Phil (Taylor) a lot.  I think Phil has grown a lot through the course of the year.  In the last five or six games he’s played pretty consistently and played well.  He seems to be getting stronger.  This will be a huge test obviously again this Sunday.  Jabaal (Sheard) has just played well from the beginning to the end.  Rube’s (Ahtyba Rubin) played well from the beginning to the end.  At the right defensive end, Jayme (Mitchell) got hurt and then we struggled for a while.  The linebackers obviously we lost Scott (Fujita), he had a productive year. D’Qwell’s (Jackson) been outstanding.  I’d say Chris Gocong has been really good.  D’Qwell’s had an outstanding year in every area.  I’d say leadership, playing the game on the field, performing in the game, attitude, everything.  I’m not with him in the locker room a lot, but I would guess in the locker room he’s the same guy.  He’s just really a pleasure to be around so that’s been terrific.  In the secondary, we’ve struggled with a number of injuries particularly inside.  Joe’s (Haden) has had a good year.  Sheldon’s (Brown) had a good year on the other side of him.  Dimitri (Patterson) came in and has played the STAR for us, the nickel position very well.  We’re working in the younger guys.  There are a lot of things that we’re excited about and there are a lot of things we have to really improve obviously as we move forward.  Other than not winning enough games, it’s always great to work with guys that want to get better and they work hard.”

(On how difficult it is for a veteran like Sheldon Brown to consistently keep up with Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace)- “As you pointed out, he’s got a lot of experience and he’s got a lot of innate ability.  He’s not slow.  He’s probably not as fast as he was 10 years ago, but he most certainly can still run and he can stay up with most people.  He has a real good idea of what you’re doing maybe sometimes before you have that idea.  He’s got terrific hands, terrific ball skills.  The other things have to help every corner, you’ve got to get pressure, you can’t let that guy hold the ball a long time back there no matter who you’re playing, but particularly when you’re playing teams as good as the Steelers. We’ve got to get to him, disrupt him and then Sheldon will hold his own with anybody.”

(On the evolution of the pass game with Drew Brees, Tom Brady and maybe someone else passing for 5,000 yards this season)- “They’re so skilled.  Obviously all of those people have a lot of skilled players around him too and they’re very, very talented.  The two that you mentioned by name, the third one has got to be Aaron Rodgers, I’m guessing.  They’re phenomenal quarterbacks.  They just have uncanny ability to know their man’s going to be,  they can anticipate where you’re going to be, they know what you’re playing, they know it pretty fast into the snap, even if you disguise it they know it, they’ve got great offenses around them, the coaching is really outstanding obviously.  It’s hard to defend them and of course the rules are kind of bent that way too.  It makes it really difficult.”

(On if we will see more passing like this going forward)- “I do. I think that’s what the fans want.  It’s what the league wants so I think we will.”

(On if he would re-think blitzing Roethlisberger more)- “Sure.”

(On why many coaches prefer not to blitz, including him)- “That’s your choice of words.  It’s a weapon everybody uses at times.  I don’t know why others do it more.  I just know we do it how much we do it.  We do it when we feel like it will succeed.”

(On if blitzing occurs more with 4-3 teams)- “I would say the 3-4 teams are more active.”

(On if people who run the 4-3 defense blitz less because they prefer to have more players in coverage)- “I would say no.  I would say you’re looking for four big guys after the quarterback in the 4-3 defense.  The 3-4 is definitely more balanced in terms of if you want to pressure movement and motions, and things don’t affect you like they do in the 4-3.  Really a lot of teams that play the 3-4, play it as a 4-3.  They’re not odd all the time, the nose offsets one way or the other most of the time.  They are either over-under, mostly under.”

(On if Chris Gocong plays better on the strong side)- “Maybe, we really like him at the WILL too.  It took him a few weeks to get into the feel of the SAM, but he has done a terrific job over there.  I’d say either way.  When Scott (Fujita) was here I thought it was the best fit for everybody.  It certainly helps us a lot that Chris is so versatile, that he can move over there and perform at a really high level.  Kaluka (Maiava) obviously fits the WILL better than he does the SAM.  As we move forward we’ll see what happens, but I see him at both equally.”

(On if there is no difference in terms of which side Gocong plays on)- “I wouldn’t say so, not from my perspective.”

(On his thoughts on how Pat Shurmur has done this year)- “I think he’s done a great job.  I’ve really enjoyed working for him.  I think he’s handled a lot of adversity very well and held the team together through it.  The guys are still playing and playing hard.   It’s a credit to him.”

(On if he recalls things that happened that he did not expect to happen when he was a head coach)- “The one thing that took me by surprise and it wasn’t that I didn’t know that it would be hard, it was hiring a staff.  It took an inordinate amount of time interviewing and kind of agonizing over it and then as you lost coaches, it was just more painful.  I had to go through it again and it was unsettling.  You went through all that time again.  I think that was really the only one area that surprised me when I had my opportunity to be a head coach.  That whole thing took a lot longer and was a lot harder than I had anticipated.  When it got disrupted as it moved along, it was a pain in the neck.”

(On if Rubin and Taylor can be an ideal pair of run stuffing tackles)- “I think as Phil continues to grow they will be because Rube is.  Rube’s playing at a very high level.  You could hardly be happier with a guy the way he plays the game.  The way he prepares, his toughness, how hard he plays and he’s good, how good he is.  I think Phil will benefit from that.  Phil’s gotten better and better, I really believe that. In time, I believe they will be two really good tackles for us inside.”

(On if the tackle position was the problem when Ray Rice hurt the defensive unit)- “The problem was everywhere, including me.  It happens sometimes.  I think we said afterwards, they’re awfully good at what they do.  They do it really well.  We struggled with that scheme obviously.  It’s something we’ll get a chance to look at in the offseason to see if we can do anything different or if anybody is doing anything different against it.”

(On if the Pittsburgh receivers are the fastest tandem they have faced this year)- “I would think so. They’re awfully fast.  They get on you really quickly and they have a terrific scheme too.”

(On how much of a challenge it is to stay with the Steelers receivers on long crossing routes)- “It’s hard and they’re good.  They’re whole team is good.  If they can hold the ball it’s hard to cover them that long.  The other thing is when Ben plays, he can reach any part of the field.  He can reach them down the field because a lot of the really fast guys can out run the ball.  They just get beyond the quarterbacks reach, but with him they usually don’t.  He can get the ball to them.  That’s really tough too. As we’ve said a number of times he keeps plays a live long enough to get them down the field or across the field.  They do a very nice job.”

(On his thoughts on not having any defensive players in the Pro Bowl and if that’s a reflection of their record)- “I think there were deserving guys, but it is a reflection on the record.  It just works that way.  The more you win, the more recognition everybody gets.  It’s just the way it works and there are a lot of really, really good players in the league, all over the league.  It’s a very competitive sport and it’s very competitive to get a spot in the Pro Bowl.”

(On what players he feels outside of D’Qwell Jackson should have been selected to the Pro Bowl)- “I wouldn’t because once you start, you stop somewhere and that’s never a good thing, at least for somebody in my position.”

(On what he sees from Rashard Mendenhall)- “He’s really good.  He’s got great balance, great speed down the field, low center of gravity, hard to knock off his feet.  They have a very good scheme.  It’ll be tough.  It’ll be a tough one, but it’s a great challenge for us, a great rivalry game.”

(On if he feels his run defense has improved)- “I think it has improved.  Hopefully it will keep getting better.”

(On if the goal-line stand at Pittsburgh was his favorite snapshot of the season)- “That would have been if we would have won.”


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