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Transcript from news conference with Browns offensive coordinator Brad Childress

By Nate Ulrich Published: October 25, 2012

Browns offensive coordinator Brad Childress met with reporters today. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(On Brandon Weeden’s progression)– “It has just been slow and steady, that’s kind of how I see it. I don’t know if it’s, catastrophic is not the word, but any gigantic leap. I just think it has been slow and steady. All you ever want to know is what standard of performance you’re going to get from somebody. I think he’s developing a consistency that we expect.”

(On how Weeden responds to a drop like Josh Gordon had against the Colts)– “You don’t want a reaction either way. I really believe what you want is you want flat line guys at quarterback. You want never too high, never too low, just kind of right straight across the board. It’s the same way you don’t like to see receivers overly demonstrative if a quarterback scuffs a ball at him and dumps it at their feet. I think it’s not a good way to act. I wouldn’t want to see that either way. I know there are some tangible emotions that happen there, but his thoughts were his thoughts and he didn’t act out. Let’s put it that way.”

(On if he’s seen things from Weeden that he didn’t see in the scouting report)– “It was up to conjecture a little bit how he would deal with coming from underneath the center. I think he has done a decent job with that stuff in the pocket. It’s very hard to evaluate quarterbacks in general these days, just because the center-quarterback exchange is not something that you get to see and it’s a fundamental of the position. You can say, well I think he’ll be okay, but I can’t tell you how many Senior Bowl’s I’ve gone to where all those shotgun guys come to the Senior Bowl and balls are on the ground and it screws up a drill. That’s maybe one of things that we’ve seen that we didn’t really know about.”

(On if it’s been hard to keep Greg Little’s head in the game because he wasn’t getting the ball a lot)– “I don’t think it has been that tough. Those guys know that that pendulum kind of swings towards them and away from them different times. I’ve said it before in here, there are different reads that have him number one and they happen to be covered with a coverage that won’t allow you to go with number one. Then there are times where all of sudden they are on the backside as a number three, the ball swings their way, because somebody else was maybe targeting Josh Gordon, and all of a sudden it swings back to Greg Little on the other side. I think those guys understand it. Do they like it? No. Every one of those guys would like to have the ball in their hand every single time, which is really the way you like it. I feel them when they are frustrated when they are not getting an opportunity to play with the football.”

(On if the game plan changes if Montario Hardesty is featured more than Trent Richardson)– “It doesn’t. They both get ready with the same game plan and they both take the same looks at the same plays. It’s hard to rep two guys a ton, but we’ve managed to get them enough looks at it. They get more looks at it then say, a backup quarterback, during the course of practice. I think he has done a good job of preparing himself. I think obviously two games ago was a little bit better outing, but I think he had more opportunities around the ball two games ago.”

(On if Hardesty has been a leader and is helping out Trent Richardson)– “I think Gary’s (Brown) got a pretty good room there where those guys share pretty good. They are innately all very, very, very competitive. Again, those guys would like to have the ball in their hand every time too. They’d like for you to turn around and hand it to them every single time. I think it’s more of an example and how you prepare, how you get ready, which has been an example for Trent. I think they don’t hold anything back when they get to the back of a line. Sometimes, I believe as a player, you learn the most at the back of a line with a guy standing next to him as opposed to a coach that might be coaching a guy at the front of the line. There’s a lot of stuff that goes on back there. Montario has been good with that. Is he Dale Carnegie? That kind of leader? Probably not.”

(On how challenging was it game planning and then Richardson wasn’t himself)– “I mentioned the game plan’s not going to change measurably, just having his body presence and what he can do when he’s full speed ahead, I think you miss that. He’s a good back when he has all his faculties. It doesn’t change, like I said perceptively, when you put a guy like Montario in.”

(On if Richardson has a dynamic that they can’t get from the other backs)– “He does. He’s a very good player. That’s why he’s the starter.”

(On how Gordon has responded to his drop against the Colts and if he had to talk with him)– “No, I didn’t. I think you can pile on from that standpoint, give it a woe is me or whatever. I don’t see that from him. I see him as a hungry guy that wants to get out there and do it again, right whatever wrong there was there. He’s been doing so many good things. It was a shame that he dropped that ball.”

(On if they put in Hardesty for Richardson because of his rib injury or for not attacking the hole)– “It’s kind of subjective, but it was probably something that Pat (Shurmur) was looking at, when he decided that he wasn’t seeing the things that he wanted to see. We went with Montario. I don’t mean to put words in Pat’s mouth. In general, he’s usually pretty good about attacking the hole. If there was something that was not in that attack mode, that’s probably what Pat saw.”

(On where the running game disappeared to last game after Trent Richardson left the game)– “I think it was probably driven more by the way they were playing defense. I think you’ll probably see a similar defense this week with the Pagano brothers speaking to each other. I think it was driven more by some of the numbers in the forcing units that they were giving us, to where you would be kind of shoveling against the tide to bang your head and run in there against what they were doing.”

(On what the discussion was like during the timeout before the fourth-and-one)– “Do we want to or don’t we want to. It was one of two things, right? We just figured we had time and we had taken our shot there and played aggressively there. At that point in time, on the fourth-and-one, we wanted to put them back down there and back them up. The defense had been doing a better job of stopping them at that point. What we didn’t want to do was we didn’t want to give them the ball there in the event that you miss with half the field to go because you’ve effectively ended the game right there.”

(On if that was the one factor that convinced them not to go for it on fourth-and-one)– “Just that we didn’t feel that we had the call that we wanted, that type of thing.”

(On if he can point to anything that has made Weeden more effective throwing the long ball the past several weeks)- “That throw he made to Josh (Gordon) was a great throw because there was somebody coming loose right in his face where it kind of stopped his arm coming through. You always go back to just like you say what drives interceptions, what drives somebody throwing well? Usually its protection and our offensive line had been doing a nice job of protecting him - giving him ample time, knock on wood. I think that he’s taken a better look at things and by that I mean progressing through, getting to some numbers two’s and some number three’s, getting away from who’s my first guy. I always ask quarterbacks can you count to four. There’s usually about four of those options there and sometimes they get hooked up on one and two, one, one, one, one so I think he’s progressing more through his reads.”

(On how impressive Weeden’s back shoulder throw for the touchdown was)- “It was great. Those two were on the same page because it’s probably not going to get in the end zone if he goes in over the top so just taking some sting off the football. He can exhibit that throwing the ball long strength and I think he exhibited some pretty good touch there and you’ve got to know the capability of your receiver. Not everybody can go back and flip themselves around and back shoulder a ball and it’s something those guys work on from time to time and it was a great throw. It was impressive.”

(On what he thinks he has in Josh Cooper through two games)- “We liked him in the spring time a great deal and he had some injury issues in camp. It slips my mind exactly what they were, but he missed reps and wasn’t quite the same as he was in the spring time. We thought he’d push to be on the active roster just coming out of the spring and that didn’t materialize. We like his savvyness, his ball skills, there’s obviously an immeasurable trust between him and Brandon having played with each other before and all things we liked in the spring time, his quicks, his football I.Q.”

(On how he would assess Mitchell Schwartz’s overall production)- “He’s a guy that’s grown too and anytime you’re not talking about an offensive lineman they’re usually doing okay which that’s just the way it is. If they disappear, that’s a good thing. I’ve seen him really grow and evolve since that first game against Philadelphia where all of a sudden you’re getting warp speed that maybe you haven’t seen before. Maybe you’ve seen some pretty good rushers in training camp, but training camp is one thing, regular season’s another thing. I’ve seen him grow. Again, he’s a very smart guy who has physical tools. I’m watching him grow kind of incrementally here, as we go week-to-week.”

(On if there is any challenge with play time with having all receivers back)- “There will be. There are plays that we kind of earmarked for certain guys right now. The guys know which plays those are, but we can have the best intention as I mentioned before, we can want to throw the ball to this person and it’s not going to this person because that person happens to be gloved or covered. There will be some challenges, but those are good challenges to have as opposed to who are we going to throw it to know.”

(On if there is a drop off with Jason Pinkston out)- “We hope we don’t see any drop off. The thing that (John) Greco brings to the table is, position flexibility. He’s got some experience in there. He’s played really everything but tackle. I think he’s lined up at tackle before. He can center the football. Anytime you’re talking about a guy that makes your seven man gameday roster, you’re talking about a guy that probably has got position flexibility and can swing across some different spots at line. He would have been first guy in if we had a problem at right guard as well. He’s a smart guy. I hope not to see much fall off.”

(On if Greg Little becoming disinterested in Twitter is a sign of maturity)- “How about that? He might have just become disinterested in Twitter, you know? He might be moving on to the next Mortal Combat 7 or something. I don’t know. I’m kind of disinterested in Twitter myself.”

(On if Josh Cooper should have caught the ball on the last fourth and six)- “I never saw a T.V. copy of it. It looked like the guy got his hand around in there. I don’t know. Did he get his hand in there on the T.V. copy? It’s hard for me to tell on the coach’s copy of film whether it was sideline or end zone. He would have been draped pretty good. It would have been a pretty good catch. I’m not sure if it was a little bit off center or it was right down the middle. I just know he was covered pretty good.”


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