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Transcript from press conference with Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan

By Nate Ulrich Published: November 5, 2010

Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan met with reporters Friday afternoon. Here is a transcript from the press conference:

Browns Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan press conference 11-5-10

(On if New England’s running game is holding the team back and what their numbers indicate) -- “Actually, I think their numbers are pretty good, I think they’re up there in the top 15 anyway.  I think New England can do anything they want, that’s how they’ve always been.  Some games they come in and they want to run the ball and they’re very successful at it.  Other games they want to spread it all over the field.  A Bill Belichick-run team is very multiple, they’re very successful in what they do.  Their runners run tough and hard and downhill so they don’t lose many yards.  They also protect the football really well, plus they can block and catch the football.  They’ve done a nice job with those guys.”

(On if the Patriots’ offense is better or worse without Randy Moss) -- “I can’t say.  I haven’t seen them with Moss too much besides some earlier games this year.  Obviously, I know Randy Moss, I’m real familiar with him.  He’s an outstanding football player.  I’m not sure if you could possibly be better without him because they were so tremendous.  I think they broke about every record in the league’s history on offense.  I hope they’re not better, that’s for sure.”

(On if he would share any stories about his days in New England) -- “Man, there’s so many of them.  Shoot, we had a rough start when we were 5-11 out there.  I was questioning it like, ‘Man, I thought this was going to be a little different.’  It took me a long time to work back from when I was fired at the Arizona Cardinals.  I had to go back down to junior college, the number one defense in the nation, just to work my way into Oklahoma State.  We were in the top-10 for three years and I finally got back and then we were 5-11 and looked terrible.  Things were a little bleak there and everybody was calling for Belichick’s head and everything else like that.  Then out of nowhere, this Tom Brady came on and the rest is history.  We had some great times with the players there, they had some great players, and obviously they’ve had some premier coaches.”

(On if he remembers when he was coaching in New England when Belichick came back to Cleveland for the first time and lost) -- “I just remember that it was just an awful game.  Cleveland got the better of us in about everything they did.  They played better on defense, offense, special teams and according to Belichick, which I’m sure he was right, coaching.  I can remember getting off of that plane and having a meeting and we just got ripped from one side down to the next.  That was really a miserable game, probably the lowest of the low when you take in the coaching and everything and the personal beat downs we took.  We all grew from it and everybody finally got to understand exactly what Coach Belichick was looking for.  It’s amazing how it works when everybody buys in and you all start pulling the same way, you can really accomplish a lot of things.”

(On if some of the things he does come from what he learned from Belichick and how Belichick comes up with the things he comes up with) -- “Absolutely.  I definitely learned a lot of football from Bill Belichick and Eric (Mangini) for that matter.  We were all together there and it was a great experience for me.  He taught me so many things about situations, and not that he just sat down and talked to me because he was running a football team.  I’m pretty smart that way and a pretty good observer, I’ve learned a lot from good people and I learned a ton from him.  I always admired him and the work he’s done in the past and since.  Can I get in the mind of Bill Belichick?  I don’t think anybody can.  He’s got a proven track record, he’s a tremendous coach, he gets his players to play every week, he’s never had those problems that a lot of teams do have and I think he has great discipline with his team, just like we do here in Cleveland with Eric.  It makes for a good working environment and it makes for a real successful organization.”

(On if he got along with Belichick because they have different personalities) -- “We are different.  I never hung out and drank beers with him or anything.  I always admired him I mean (heck) I don’t know if he knew my name or anything but I think he knows I can coach a little bit but I knew he could that’s for (darn) sure.  I hung out with Eric (Mangini), I hung out with some of the other coaches but not him.  It was more a teacher-student relationship.”

(On if the New Orleans game is what they are shooting for each week) -- “I think obviously that game went really well.  I think our players played exceptionally well, they knew the plan exceptionally well but they are the ones to but they really are the ones to praise.  They’re the ones that made that plan look great.  Scott Fujita, all over the place, David Bowens, Shaun Rogers, these guys were phenomenal.  I’m sure if we called just about anything there that week, I’m sure we would have been just fine.  They did a lot of extra work and there are the ones that really got it done and played so hard.  It was fun to see.  It was fun to see the guys have been working so hard that a victory like that finally paid off.”

(On how much easier it is to deal with Wes Welker with Moss gone) -- “I’ll tell you what that Welker is hard to deal with.  I don’t think it makes defensing Welker any easier.  The guy’s all over the place, he’s lightning quick, he’s a great competitor.  Moss would be on one side and he’s all over the place in the middle of the field and outside.  He’s very difficult to defend as really all those guys are.  They’ve got these tight ends that are hybrid types that can play wide receiver, tight end, they can block.  They’re very difficult to defend.  Obviously, with Tom Brady at quarterback, his track record speaks for itself.  I’ve said all along I think he’s the best quarterback I’ve ever seen and I believe that and hopefully he has a bad day and that’s what we’re going to try and make him have.”

(On if Tom Brady is the best in the history of the NFL or just guys that he has seen) -- “I mean the guys that I’ve seen.  I’ve been around it a long time remember.  I’ve been around it when my dad’s had his teams.  I just don’t see how there could be a quarterback that could lead like he leads and that is as dedicated as Tom Brady is.  He’s such a leader, has a great arm and everything, he’s got everything.  For me he’s the best I’ve ever seen.”

(On what goes into game planning against Brady) -- “I think if Tom Brady knows what you’re in, I don’t care who you are, I think he’ll find a way to beat you.  It’s a (heck) of a challenge and it’s a (heck) of a challenge for our players to step up and do a great job, win the one on one matchups.  We got to do some things that are tough.  With this guy here him knowing defensive football like he does and things like that it’s very difficult.  Just like Drew Brees, he’s an exceptional student of the game as well.  Those quarterbacks we play them every week it seems like and the task is always tough.”

(On if they confused Drew Brees) -- “I’m not so sure about that. I think we had a lot of big hits on him and I think when you can do that I don’t think you’re confusing anyone but you’re probably hurting them.  When Shaun Rogers hit him about four times and came down on him that has to hurt and Scott (Fujita) blows through there.  I think we had some good drops in zone coverage that helped, made him hold the ball and he took a pretty good beating out there I thought.  To say we confused Drew Brees I’m not going to say that, (heck) that’s probably not true.”

(On Shaun Rogers) -- “When he’s healthy he is a man among boys when he is healthy. That’s the biggest thing this year is to get him healthy and when he is being able to unleash him on people is a great thing.  That’s a hard thing when he’s been battling injuries constantly this year.”

(On if he knows what will work against the Patriots from his and others past experience) -- “We’ve got a lot of guys that have played these guys a lot, I played them in Oakland.  They’re very difficult because they change every week.  Again, they can literally change their offense every week.  We’ve studied what they do there’s no question about it but again they’re a game plan specific team so once we get out there on Sunday we’re going to have to adjust and hopefully they’ll have to adjust.”

(On if the transition from nose tackle to defensive end is an easy adjustment) -- “It’s a very difficult thing. When you take a tackle and move him to end.  I did the same thing with Warren Sapp and that was not easy or fun.  It’s a tough thing, you’re playing multiple positions, it would be like anyone playing corner and safety at the same time.  Outside linebacker and inside, where ever you move them you get multiple jobs, it’s difficult.  He’s (Shaun Rogers) been an inside tackle quite a bit and he’s still playing in there quite a bit.  It’s a tough job there’s no question.”

(On what his approach is towards Brady) -- “I think every week you have to hit the quarterback.  I really believe that.  He’s the source of the passing game and you have to do it.  Have we been that successful every week?  Probably not but that’s the goal, you always want to be able to hit the quarterback, you always want to be able to change coverages up on the quarterback and cover the wide outs.  That’s the goal.  Now does it always happen? No, it doesn’t always happen but I think we have a great plan, I know we do, and looking forward to getting after it.”

(On if Rex Ryan has been able to help him this week) -- “No, I know he’s wishing us well.  He’s definitely doing that.  We’ve had a lot of conversation but it was about my son who was in the hospital more than it is about football because we are brothers we still talk about those things.  He’s wishing us the best but it’s tough they run a different style of defense than ours so you can’t exactly do the same thing.  When you see it on tape you’re obviously looking at the number one scoring team in football so they are pretty (darn) good.”

(On what the defense is going to look like the second half of the season) -- “I think we’re going to keep improving.  I know we are going to keep working hard.  Our guys are focused in doing that.  I believe we’re 12th in the league in scoring defense right now.  We have big goals, we want to be an in the upper echelon on defense, eventually we want to be the best.  We’re going to keep working on at that, we’ve got some (darn) good players that in my opinion are very well coached and together I think we can have one (heck) of a defense.”

(On how hard it is to prepare for this game with his son in the hospital) -- “He’s doing great, he’s back home now.  Eight days is a long time for a kid but he’s doing great and I appreciate it, but (heck) he wants us to beat the Patriots too.”

(On if there is a similarity in their defense and what the Ravens did against Brady) -- “There’s always similarities between those styles of defenses and nothing’s exact, but against what makes it difficult is their looking at the same tape you are and they’re also game planning you. Are we going to get the same plays that Baltimore got? I really doubt it.  Are we going to get the same plays San Diego got?  It’s very difficult to defense a team like this.  The biggest thing is to be able to adjust quickly and well and to be able to communicate with your defense to understand how the game is being played and then be able to attack it from there.”

(On what the Jets did defensively to beat New England) -- “I hope it’s the Ryans, go 2-0 on them.  I think it was a very well played game on defense.  That’s what it takes to beat a team like this you really have to be good, you really have to be good and you have to be on point.  They capitalize on every little mistake you make and they just feast on people like that.  When they make a mistake they kill you.  I’ve been on those sidelines, I know, I’ve seen it firsthand where we’ve won about every game by three points or less or whatever it was but (heck) we were never thought we were in a game that we were going to lose.  Even in those close situations. We have a hungry team here, we’re excited.  I think we’re, I don’t know what the record is 6-5 over the last 11 games.  Beat the world champs.  (Heck) we’re excited about where we are. We’re excited about this opportunity and we want to beat this (darn) team.”

(On if there is added emotion and drama to this game because a lot of the Cleveland coaching staff previously worked in New England) -- “Yes, plus I think when I played them in Oakland, (heck) I thought they were going to set a scoring record.  I’m a (darn) competitor.  I want to do better, I want to get after their (them) like they got after me.  So we’ll see what happens.”

(On when Gerard Warren played for him in Oakland) -- “He was outstanding.  He’s a great young man, he works his (tail) off.  I know what his reputation was coming from here you know it was like, ‘Oh (crap),’ but I never got that from him.  The guy worked his butt off for me.  He’s a good man, he’s a very talented guy, he plays hard and he plays well.  He got some injuries there, he was on pace to have double digits in sacks one year.  He was really playing well and I really think he’s a good man.”

(On Gerard Warren still sticking around) -- “He’s grown up obviously.  If he had problems here in the past I’m not sure, but I know he was very professional and worked very hard.”

(On if the 2001 and 2003 Super Bowls were the best days of his football life) -- “I would definitely say yes.  When you walk off the field as a champion it’s not just you, it’s your family, it’s everybody that you brought to the game.  I know that’s how it always felt when dad won.  When my father won Super Bowls it was like, ‘(Heck) yes we won,’ When my brother did for Baltimore that was a (heck) of a feeling, but there’s nothing better than winning that thing.  People say the birth of your kids, that’s probably true but (darn) it’s close.  It’s a (heck) of a thing now, winning Super Bowls is a lot of fun I can promise you that.  It really gives you credibility as a coach when you want to go on and coach in this profession a long time.  You’ve been a winner, no one’s done it better when you have that hardware you have all the proof you need.”


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