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Transcript from press conference with Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll

By Nate Ulrich Published: October 1, 2010

Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll met with reporters Friday afternoon. Here is a transcript from the press conference:

Browns Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll press conference 10-1-10

(On Peyton Hillis) -- “He had a good day against a really good defense.  He’s a downhill runner, big, strong, maybe doesn’t have the elite speed like some of the other guys but he makes up for it with his power and his running style.  He had a good day against a really good defense, and if you get a guy like that that’s running well you want to try to keep giving him the football.”

(On if it is tricky mixing in Jerome Harrison and Hillis) -- “You have different personnel packages but if Peyton is running the football well we’re going to keep giving it to him  If it’s not his game and Jerome is running it well then you kind of keep giving it to him.  If one of those guys early gets into a rhythm you keep feeding him the football.  That’s kind of what happened last week we played Baltimore, Hillis was really hot so I wanted to keep running the football with number 40 rather than anybody else on the team.”

(On if running the ball is their calling card and if everything else is going to evolve around that) -- “I think every team in the league is game plan specific but in order to win you have to have a philosophy.  I believe in running the football well and an efficient passing game and you can’t be one and you can’t be the other in this league because the defenses are just too good. You have to be able to mix in both and stay as balanced as you can to give those guys a good chance to win.”

(On if  early success in the run game is necessary so you don’t abandon it later on) -- “I think it helps, no question I think it helps but you have to have a tough mind set. When you want to be a really good running football team  I think the play caller has to have a tough mind set because there’s times you’re going to gain a yard, you’re going to gain zero and you’re going to gain two and it is easy to get to that pass game maybe a little bit too soon.”

(On how much help it is having Mike Holmgren around) -- “I ask him a tons of questions. He’s got a lot of responsibilities being the President, I try to get him whenever I can get him.  Pass routes, reads, drops, maybe we’ve installed a play that he’s been very familiar with just to make sure we’re exactly on the same page with it so it’s really good.  I have no problem what so ever going up to him and asking him as many questions as I can ask him.  It’s been good.”

(On if it is intimidating having Holmgren around) -- “There’s no reason to be intimidated by it.  If you’ve got a guy with a lot of knowledge you try to use it as much as you can.”

(On if they might rotate Seneca Wallace in when Jake Delhomme is back) -- “I think when Jake is ready whether this week or next week it will be Jake and then you’ll mix in Seneca with the Wildcat, but if he is ready to go he’ll be the guy.”

(On if Delhomme looked better in practice today) -- “Yes, I  think each day he has gotten better Scott (Petrak).  Today was a little bit better than yesterday. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow and then we’ll make that decision.”

(On how different the game plan is with each quarterback) -- “It won’t change considerably. I think both guys have a really good understanding of the plays.  If there’s one or two plays that they don’t feel comfortable with then you just take them out, and if there’s one or two plays that the other guy likes you put them all in and then at the end of the week you just slash them if, ‘I might like that play,’ get rid of it.”

(On if he is concerned that there have only been 20 completions to wide receivers) -- “You’d like to get more.  I think last week we had a pretty efficient pass game going.  We missed a couple.  You’ve going to put guys in different spots and try to move them around, you’d like to have more completions to those guys without question, but I have faith in those guys that we have.”

(On if Joshua Cribbs has been developing each week) -- “I think you hit it head on.  I think he’s been getting better each week.  I think Seneca has a very good comfort level with him and a couple of those plays he made in Baltimore were a result of him and Seneca really practicing since May of getting a good feel with one another.  I think there’s been a steady increase of his performance.”

(On how Wallace can improve his sideline throws) -- “We practice them every week in practice, and we usually hit them.  Now, the one on third and two that was a result too of pressure they brought a couple more guys again.  We had a few different answers.  We had Josh (Cribbs) on 37 verses press single high and we dropped back and he sped it up and he threw it and it was out of bounds.  We had a little bit of pressure there, not the result of poor blocking but it was more they brought some more guys than we had.  He just kind of sped it up and it went out but we had Cribbs on 37 so his choice was the right choice, single high coverage, but we just missed it.”

(On if Wallace made the right decision on that play) -- “No question.  Yes, we had press single high coverage, Josh Cribbs on 37 of Baltimore and he went to Josh. It was just a little bit out of bounds.”

(On if he would he would have called something different looking back) -- “I’d have a different one now since that one didn’t work, but yes no question.  We had a go outside with Josh against press high. We had a flat route, they did a nice job of hitting the back to the flat because we use him as the back too and the defense end came out and banged him so it took him away. He sped it out, Ben (Watson) ran a little route right there. Over to the left we had a two man kind of a zone beater there too.  Tried to get everything involved it was the go on third and two which we just missed it.  Yes, I wish I had a different one.”

(On why they didn’t run it on that play) -- “I thought it was the right idea, the right play and it didn’t work out.  It was in hindsight.”

(On the failed pitch fumble) -- “It should have been a hand off.”

(On  the Cincinnati corners) -- “Both those guys (Leon) Hall and (Johnathan) Joseph they’re good players and you throw Adam Jones in there.  They can get up and play man-to-man well, they’re young, they’re athletic, they’re physical.  They hurt us last year blitzing and those guys do a good job of getting up in your face and trying to take them away.  I think Mike (Zimmer) does a good job with them and their scheme.  I think Dhani Jones does a good job too. I think he’s the guy that kind of gets everything orchestrated but they’re two good guys to have outside on the perimeter.  Leon, he’s messed up a few times against Baltimore and Mo (Mohamed Massaquoi) went against him the first game we played him and then the time we went around it was a pretty good match up.”

(On how the team feels after getting over 100 yards rushing on a team who never gives up that much) -- “I think they pride themselves collectively the group upfront and the backs for being physical.  It was good to be able to run the football against that team, the only thing that really matters to us obviously is to get that win.  If we would have rushed for 400 yards and lost, I don’t think it would have really mattered too much.  They have a good mindset up front.  They’re physical, they like to run the ball, they do a good job with it and I think we’ll just try to continue to improve in that area.”

(On if the players tell him to run the ball more) -- “Those guys are really good on the sideline.  The offensive line, Lawrence (Vickers), Josh, a lot of those guys are pretty good on the sideline in terms of sideline adjustments or what they’re getting.  We were running the ball inside a little bit when we hit that 48 yarder, we sat down and talked a little bit about it in between series Steiny (Eric Steinbach), (George) Warhop, myself, just to get it outside and that was the one we hit.  They’ve got some good information.  They’re offensive linemen they love to run the football.”

(On Mohamed Massaquoi) -- “I had a talk with Mo this week.  We sat down, we had a talk.  Look, he’s a great kid and he’s not one of those guys that is a selfish guy.  If you guys could watch some of the tape, some of the things he does outside on the perimeter help the other aspect of the game out, the running game, and how much his teammates and I appreciate it. We’d love to get him the football.  I’d love to get him the football, move him around a little bit but he’s done a good job.  I know he’s got a low amount of catches, trust me I know that, but we’ve sat down and he’s running the right routes and he’s at the right spots, and he’s just got to keep a level head, keep working at it, improve some of the little details but he’s gotten better.  I know his stats haven’t shown that, but I really believe he has.”

(On why Massaquoi had a big game against Cincinnati last season) -- “He had some one-on-ones, some it was zone coverage where he got to the right spot.  He hit three big go routes, one on Hall, one on Joseph, one on third and two down the sideline we hit it, it was right down to the edge and we scored to (Steve) Heiden the next play if I’m not mistaken on a goal line play.  It was tight coverage. He hit some slants, he did a really nice job that game and the coverage was right there.  He just created a little bit of separation to make it and hopefully he’ll have a good one this week.”

(On if he has ever worked with a player comparable to Peyton Hillis) -- “I’d say no one exactly like him.  The bigger backs that we had at New England guys like Corey Dillon, Antowain Smith were the bigger type guys.  I think Peyton what he gives you too is he’s got really good hands.  He’s a nice safety outlet for quarterbacks.  Pretty much if you throw it to him he’s going to catch it.  He’s in the right spots.  I can’t say exactly, not exactly like him but he can run, he’s physical, he’s got good hands, he can do some stuff in the passing game so he’s got a pretty good combination of things.”

(On how Hillis needs to improve) -- “I think he can get better at everything, as we all can.  Reading the hole the right way, pass protection.  He’s continually improving his craft everyday and that’s what you love about the kid.  He’s got a great mindset not only in the meetings, out on the practice field, but in the game too.  Very encouraging.”

(On if Hillis is a tough guy) -- “No, he’s a pretty boy (joking).  No, he’s tough, he’s got a good mindset, doesn’t complain, takes a lot of shots.  The way he runs and he looks for contact too, and there’s going to be teams who look him up for contact but he’s not going to shy away from it.  You get the ball a bunch a times in a game you’re going to come away from it a little bit sore as a lead runner and never complains about it once, just goes back, suits up and does it again.”

(On the long run Hillis had) -- “On that long run he ran that guy over and Josh (Cribbs) made a heck of a block, Steiny (Eric Steinbach) pulled around.  Josh made a heck of a block. He knocked the corner down he gets up he chases the linebacker.  It was kind of a combination, upfront Steiny did a nice job on the line, Josh on the perimeter and then Peyton I think he got a guy on his way through to the 48.”

(On how disappointing was it to only put up 17 points and lose with good offensive stats) -- “It’s extremely disappointing.  It doesn’t matter what the stats are to me as long as you get a win.  Like I said if you get 600 yards and you lose it doesn’t really matter, you lost.  We have to do more collectively to make sure that we get into the win column.”

(On if Brian Robiskie looks invisible on the field at times) -- “No, he’s not invisible.  We are never going to pass one up to hit one on a read.  He’s kind of a guy that just whether he’s the third or the fourth progression in it, he’s been doing everything he can. He’s been doing everything he can and he’s going to continue to do that.  Hopefully we can get him some more catches.”

(On his conversations with Mike Holmgren and what his feelings are with the team) -- “You know Mary Kay (Cabot), we kind of talk about specific plays or reads, footwork.  I don’t want to speak for him at all in terms of that respect.  It’s more, ‘Hey, what did you tell Seneca when you ran this play relative to when he got this look?  Is there any other little coaching point that you can give him or you can help me give him?  What did you think of this play or what did you think of that play?’  It’s more along those lines.”

(On if he has adjusted any pass routes to better serve the skill sets of any of the wide receivers) -- “I think we run a combination of short, intermediate and deep throws. Last week was more of a short to intermediate completion-type throws.  I think we have a variety of pass schemes available for all of those guys.”

(On his comfort level with Tony Pashos playing at right tackle) -- “I’m fine with Tony.  I think Tony has done a good job throughout camp.  He’s played in the league a while, he understands, he fits right in with those veteran guys on the offensive line.  I’m good with Tony.”

(On if Joe Thomas is playing the way he would expect him to play based on his track record) -- “Joe is a consistent guy.  Week in and week out, he’s going to do the things that you expect him to do.  He’s the same guy every day in the meeting room, classroom, practice field, game.  Same guy.  He’s a consistent, consistent guy.”


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