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Transcript from press conference with Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll

By Nate Ulrich Published: October 8, 2010

Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll met with reporters Friday afternoon. Here is a transcript from the press conference:

Browns Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll press conference 10-8-10

(On who is going to start at quarterback) -- “Either Jake (Delhomme) or Seneca (Wallace), one of those two guys.  Jake’s been back this week, looks a lot better than he did the week before I think each day he’s gotten better and then we’ll sit down and talk about it tomorrow and go from there.”

(On if Delhomme has been trusting his ankle more at practice) -- “Yes, each day I think it’s a noticeable improvement.  He’s throwing the ball well, he’s starting to move around better so we’ll see.  Each day has been better.”

(On Peyton Hillis’ injury) -- “I think they took him in and looked at him a little bit.  From my understanding it’s more precautionary than anything else.  I’ve talked to Peyton and I think he’ll be ready to go.”

(On if Delhomme has more freedom to change a play at the line than Wallace) -- “I think Seneca does that well too.  He can see the safeties if they’re down, and Seneca’s got the freedom to check to the plays that we have accountable to check to, so either one is fine.”

(On knowing when to check out of the run) -- “There’s going to be times when there are going to be more that you can block and you’re going to have to run the football.  Particularly, when you get into situations like we were in last week in four minute situation.  I’ve learned from a coach that I worked for is to be a good offense you’ve got to be able to run it when they know you have to run it.  There’s going to be times in the game where it’s going to be a run, they know it’s going to be a run and you’re going to have to be able to do it.  You get first down, second down and different situations in the game, then he’s got freedom to go ahead and say, ‘Hey, this isn’t looking good, let’s get it to a pass.  This isn’t looking good, let’s get it to a run.  Or there’s too many guys over here, run it this way.’  He does a nice job with that, Seneca.”

(On his mindset for the last drive last week) -- “I liked the personnel package that we got into, the big people package.  We had a couple of good, positive runs and then they had that holding penalty that got us out a little bit.  They were blocking well.  We talked about it on the sideline, we had a couple runs specifically that we really liked and they hit early.  We were going to stick with those runs.  We also had a couple of passes ready to go off of some of that action that we had, but Peyton, the line and Vick (Lawrence Vickers) were doing a nice job of it and we were moving the pile.  That last play we ran was kind of our bread and butter play, the one he hit for 24.  We have been running that consistently since the end of last year and into training camp.  It was just a good run, a good read by Peyton.  It was a good block by Steiny (Eric Steinbach) and Vick.  That was the mindset we were going into.  We had passes ready, we had runs ready and the runs were doing well.”

(On the defensive holding call late in last week’s game) -- “I was happy they called it.  That goes on all the time.  There’s going to be grabbing, there’s going to be holding and the official saw it the way he saw it.  Fortunately, it was a great call.”

(On if we could potentially see more of Delhomme to Mohamed Massaquoi) -- “Hopefully whichever quarterback plays, we see more of Mo.  I know he hasn’t had some balls, we talked about it last week.  Moving him around a little bit and it just wasn’t right in the progression and he didn’t get it.  Whether it’s Seneca or Jake, I hope to get Mo as involved as we can get him involved.”

(On how much Delhomme playing Atlanta 12 times helps in the preparation) -- “I think it’s always good to have a guy that’s familiar with the teams you are playing.  Again, some of those guys are new on that team.  They’ve got (Sean) Weatherspoon, they’re got (Dunta) Robinson.  Jake has been in that division for quite some time and he knows a lot of those players.  He can try to give up tips on certain things that they’ve seen throughout the way.  That’s always good to have a guy that’s familiar with the team you play, but at the end of the day, it’s how they’re playing this year and the new guys they got.  Robinson, you’ve got to deal with (John) Abraham, he’s a constant problem.  He has been since I’ve been in the (AFC) East over there, he’s a good player.  They’ve got some rookies and Jonathan Babineaux.  They’re a good team.”

(On if Jerome Harrison’s injury was a factor in him not getting any carries in the last game) -- “Nope.”

(On how he will deal with teams adjusting to Hillis) -- “Again Steve (Doerschuk), it was the same thing.  I was kind of feeling and watching from the week before.  Peyton was running well, he was running with power, he was getting downhill on those guys and you could see it.  I just kept feeding him the football.  I think Jerome, he needs to be ready to go at any point in the game.  Whether it’s the first play, the third play, consecutive plays, it was just a fact of Peyton was running well and I felt giving him the ball was going to be a good thing that game.”

(On if Hillis asked for a heavier workload) -- “He’s happy with the carries.  I think any competitive player, whether it’s him or Jerome, are happy to carry the football whenever they can.  I think he’s excited to get the ball as many times as he can.”

(On if Phil Dawson’s kicking abilities factor into the way he coaches down the stretch) -- “I think when you get down and you start moving the ball, the objective for the offense is to score touchdowns.  That’s the mindset that you have to have is to get it in the end zone.  We threw some down there last week, some shots.  We hit Evan (Moore). We missed Ben (Watson) on the one, we had another one to Ben.  Our mindset is going to be to score points.  There’s going to be times where there’s weather or field position or certain things like that and it’s great to have a kicker like that that you feel confident that he can make it from pretty much 50 yards in.  Sometimes more than that.”

(On missing Watson for a touchdown last game) -- “We just didn’t connect on it.  The one, I know Eric (Mangini) challenged it and it didn’t go out way.  We had that one and we had another one.  We were running it to the left a couple of times, we came back and we threw another one in the corner there.  We just missed it.”

(On if he knew the team didn’t complete a pass during the final 27 minutes of the game) -- “I knew we didn’t hit a couple, but 27 minutes?  I didn’t know it was 27 minutes.  I wasn’t changing anything in terms of the play calls or anything like that.  We came out, we ran a couple of plays that we hit, I think, three times earlier in the game.  We gave it a little different look, missed it and then we switched and got into that mode right there and started running the ball.”

(On how difficult it is for a quarterback to judge before the snap if a run blitz is coming) -- “When they hit it on a snap, you can’t.  If you use your cadence sometimes and you mix it in a little bit and give them a hard count and see the safety come down or maybe it’s the linebackers crossing, then you can see it.  When you’re going on a quick count or you’re going on one, sometimes the defenses do a really good job of holding it and just hitting it and blowing it up.”

(On going back and forth with Cincinnati trying to pick up their run blitzes) -- “They did a good job on a few of them and the blew the safety right up in there and got us.  You kind of mix up the calls too and give them some different personnel early in the game when they are deciding to pressure on certain downs, maybe a different area of the field and just kind of mix it up to try to keep them off balance.”

(On why the 24-yard run at the end of the game worked) -- “It was well blocked by the guys.  Peyton did a nice job of stuttering up.  Steiny pulled around, Vick got the corner out and we had the edge.  We ran the play three or four times in the game, one was on third and one, and we hit it up for about a six-yard gain.  Steiny kept pulling and the guys do a good job of talking in the huddle and they adjusted on a little pull right there.  Peyton saw it and hit it.  It was well executed by the guys.”

(On if he knew by the way the defense was lined up on Evan Moore that he would score on that play last Sunday) -- “Yes, on that particular play, it was the right look, the right coverage, it was almost identical to how we practiced it on Friday.  Seneca dropped back and stuck it the same exact way.  You’re hoping that it worked out just like we planned it.  It was good.  It was a good route by him, it was a great route by Seneca.  It was well executed by those guys.”

(On if Watson is a different player than he remembers in New England) -- “No, he just has more experience.  He was always an athletic guy, had good hands, could do stuff after the catch.  Ben, from the day that he got to New England since I met him as a tight end to now, is a very mature guy anyways, but he’s a true pro.  He has good skills, both in the run and passing game, and I’m glad we have got him.”

(On if Watson is as talented as some of the bigger name tight ends in the league) -- “He’s a talented tight end.  He’s one of the more talented guys that I’ve been around at the tight end position.  Relative to the guys you’re referring to, I can’t really comment.  I don’t know those guys, but this guy I’ve been around for a long time.  I think he’s a pretty good player.”

(On Atlanta leading the league in interceptions) -- “I think the first they do is they do a good job of pressuring the quarterback.  With their front four and when they pressure, they’re fast, they’re athletic.  Abraham is a problem, he’s been a problem and he’s a very good pass rusher.  They line him up in a couple of different spots and then they play quite a bit of zone on early downs where their eyes are on the quarterback.  You’re getting a rush and you’ve got fast guys coming at you and when you have eyes on the quarterback and you have a fast defense, they do a great job of rallying to the football.  A lot of those picks have come off some tipped ball or batted ball where guys’ eyes are on the quarterback and they’re flying to the football.  On third down, they do a good job of getting up in people’s faces, playing man to man and eating up the quarterback.  I think they pay good team defense, both on early downs and on third downs, that helps them out.  Good overall, sound scheme I think.”

(On if there is more room for growth on this offense because of all the new guys) -- “I think that our goal every week is to try to go 1-0 on that particular week.  We’re trying to become the best football team that we can become and the best offense that we can become. I think each week we’ve gotten a little bit better.  We’re not where we want to be yet but I think each week we’re making progress and that’s a good thing to see.”

(On what everyone’s mindset is offensively after the Baltimore game) -- “I think that we have some prideful guys that their mindset is this particular week that we’re playing. I don’t think it hurt that you go against the Baltimore Ravens and you play a physical game but I think their mindset is we need to play physical each week.  I think each day at practice, each meeting that they go to, we’ve got a good group of veteran guys that I think they’re trying to improve each week and I think they understand that they can become as good as they want to become but it’s just on a daily basis.”


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