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Transcript from press conference with Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll

By Nate Ulrich Published: October 15, 2010

Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll met with reporters Friday afternoon. Here is the transcript from the press conference:

Browns Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll press conference 10-15-10

(On how Colt McCoy has been looking in practice) -- “He’s done well for two days.  That’s with no live bullets, but he’s done a good job in the huddle with the older veterans.  He has an older, veteran offensive line.  He’s gotten the plays out quickly, he hasn’t had any mistakes in that regard.  He’s been really pushing the envelope in terms of getting to the line of scrimmage, so he can identify some things.  Particularly with this defense, it’s a pain in the butt.  He’s had a good mindset and he’s played football for quite some time at a pretty high level in college.  Granted it’s not college, but he’s got a little bit of something about him running the huddle for the first time these first three practices that we’ve had.”

(On if McCoy has been embracing the moment of being the starter) -- “Being a third string guy, he took it upon himself to prepare like he was going to play each and every week when the chances were kind of remote that he probably wouldn’t.  His mindset has always been good.  He asks a ton of questions in the meetings, he’s asking Seneca (Wallace), he’s asking Jake (Delhomme), He’s asking Carl (Smith).  He’s got his shot.  This is, obviously, what he’s always dreamt of, that he’s wanted.  He’s been the guy at Texas and coming in where he came in, I think he’s excited about the opportunity.  It didn’t seem too big for him out there where there were stars in eyes.  He went out there and practiced.  Granted it’s practice, but it’s the first step.  He took control of the guys at the end of practice, which guys were hassling him a little bit early on, and he did it again today, which is a good thing.  Now he has got to go out and play well.”

(On how much better McCoy is now than he was in the preseason) -- “Time will tell.  In practices, he’s been better.  Those preseason games early on and as you get going later in those quarters, it’s difficult sometimes.  Not just where he’s playing, but you have got a lot of guys around you that haven’t played together and certain things.  Each week, he’s progressed.  This is the week he’s had his opportunity out there on the field pretty much every play in practice.  He’s rolling with it.”

(On if there was ever any doubt that McCoy would embrace his opportunity when he got it) -- “No, I just think when you haven’t done it or he hasn’t really experienced it.  He’s been thrown in a few times here to there in between practices because one of the games, he could have been the backup guy.  To go through the whole practice and to be the guy, I think it’s kind of a wait and see approach when you go out there on a practice field.  In terms of his mindset and understanding things, he’s a pretty sharp guy.  Hopefully that translates on Sunday for him.”

(On how playing McCoy limits him as an offensive coordinator) -- “I think you try to put together the best plan you can for the quarterback to be as successful as he can be.  He has full understanding of all of the plays we have run up to this point.  We have a package each week in case something would happen for him, plays that he really feels comfortable with.  It’s pretty expansive, it’s not just a little list because he is pretty sharp.  Now, it’s go time.  The lights are on, he’s facing the number one defense in the league.  How he responds on Sunday, I’m hoping it will be well.”

(On if it is unrealistic to expect Mike Bell to step in and play well) -- “I don’t think it’s unrealistic.  I think what you need to do when you get a player than comes in in that timeframe is you need to put together a package for him to really comprehend and understand.  In terms of the whole entire play book and all of the plays we have got in, it probably won’t be that.  There will be a number of plays that he can translate what he did in the past.  New Orleans is a little bit similar to this place, in terms of the play calls that can help him.  He came from Philadelphia, where I know some of the terminology he used.  He’s a sharp guy.  He’s meeting with Gary (Brown) as we speak right now and today he did pretty well not making many mental mistakes for his second practice.”

(On what fans can expect to see from McCoy’s skill set) -- “I think the number one thing he does well is he’s an accurate passer.  He’s been accurate this week, on point.  He’s sharp, he works the field, he knows his progressions, he can throw on the move, he can throw in the pocket and I’m excited for him.  It’s going to be a tough challenge, no question.  He knows this, I know this, everybody knows it.  He’s excited about it and what better way than to start out against the Pittsburgh Steelers for him.”

(On what he has told McCoy specifically about Troy Polamalu) -- “That he’s (darn) good.  He needs to know where he is.  He’s a top-notch safety in the league, he’s been that way for a long time.  He plays within their defense, but he can get you if you’re just staring guys down, looking right at them.  He has exceptional ball skills, he’s good at the line of scrimmage, he’s good in the deep part of the field.  He’s just a guy that he needs to be aware of pretty much the entire game.”

(On what he saw on film of Joe Thomas getting beat on offense) -- “Abraham, he got a couple times right down the middle of him.  Explosive guy and we talked about it a couple times last week with Abraham. It wasn’t like it was guy that was just kind of off the radar, you’re talking about Abraham who’s a dynamic pass rusher and I’m sure Joe will be the first to admit it he didn’t play exactly how he wanted to play each snap and Abraham got him a couple times on some power rushes.”

(On James Harrison) -- “He’s an explosive shorter guy, he’s a speed to power guy, he’s got an array of pass rush moves and him and Joe (Thomas) have had some good battles the last two years that they’ve played them.  Joe’s got to be on point with his technique, he’s got to be ready for him to go ahead and try to bullover him.  I think Joe will respond well this week against a dynamic rusher again for them.  Usually that’s what he sees every week is those types of guys.”

(On if the size issue of a quarterback is over played) -- “I think each quarterback is unique, some guys are real tall and get it done, and some guys are shorter.  (Drew) Brees he’s not the biggest guy, when I was at New England we had (Doug) Flutie who was kind of a shorter guy and does different things to create throwing lanes.  I think if you’re a quarterback and you can handle pressure, and you make the right reads, move in the pocket, and not get worried about the people around you and keep your eyes down the field or you can’t.”

(On Seneca Wallace doing well before his injury) -- “He’s been doing a really nice job.  It’s a shame, I feel terrible for him because he’s really progressed I think.  He’s got over 100 attempts, I think he’s got his highest quarterback rating that he’s had yet, he’s a good leader, he’s got a good arm, he’s live, he can move, it just was frustrating that that happened to him because I thought that he was doing a good job of moving the football team.  Good leader, happy we have him and hopefully he’ll be ready to go as soon as he can.”

(On if there is an emphasis on trying to return back to the running game that they had against Baltimore and Cincinnati) -- “It’s emphasized each week, the running game.  I think that that’s the thing that helps us get going.  They got us last week, they played a better game, their speed up front, their movement, they got us.  This week we go back to work and we’re still going to try to be known as a run pound it out type of offense, that’s efficient in the passing game, that helps the quarterback out.  We put a premium out on it each week and this week’s no different but we’ve been running it some.”

(On how Peyton Hillis coming in and out of the game affected the run scheme) -- “He’s your bell cow, the guy you go to and we were talking on the sideline in and out, ‘Hey I need something here, I need a little break here, I need a little break here,’ and his rhythm probably wasn’t where it needed to be.  He came out the first play he hurdled the guy then we put it on the ground gave him the ball back and then we got a couple more runs going and came back out.  I’d like to try to get him into a flow, god willing.  He’s ready to roll.”


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