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Transcript from press conference with Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll

By Nate Ulrich Published: October 22, 2010

Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll met with reporters Friday afternoon. Here is a transcript from the press conference:

Browns Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll press conference 10-22-10

(On how Colt McCoy is doing) -- “He’s doing good.  He had another good week.  He does a good job in his quarterback room with Carl (Smith) getting ready to play.  He’s smart.  He got his feet wet last week against that defense and now it doesn’t get any easier playing Gregg Williams’ defense.  He’s still preparing, he’s had a good week and will be ready to go.”

(On what he told McCoy he did well and what he needed to work on after the game last week) -- “We need to protect the football at the quarterback position.  The couple picks that he did have, one he forced in there early in tight quarters. It was actually an accurate throw but it was very, very close. It was a couple things, not just Colt’s, there was a couple things on the spacing on the route if the slot player stays outside a little bit more that safety doesn’t quite fall inside as much so it probably wouldn’t be as tight.  That was a second and long call which we really just want to get something back right in that situation if everything’s back deep, so just read it out. We had Peyton (Hillis) down there on a little underneath route.  On the other one, toward the end of the game we had seen ball again called and Ben (Watson) makes a nice move and I think that’s just the result of just a little bit of timing of throwing that route over and over to Ben which he hasn’t had all that time to sit there and work with Ben.  Ben runs a nice route and it’s off by four, five inches and in this league that’s too much.  He did a good job of operating in the huddle with his checks.  The first third down and 10 call, the one that they jumped off sides and he got drilled by (James) Harrison coming through and they were off sides.  He did an excellent job of standing in the pocket and that was a read route by the receivers which was based off of the coverage. He stood in there and he delivered an extremely accurate ball.  The one that Evan (Moore) caught on the corner route.  He did a nice job of escaping when he needed to escape.  We’re continuing to work on his pocket presence when he needs to leave and when he needs to stay in there.  He did keep his eyes down field a bunch of plays and made some plays loose with his eyes down field.  The one he made to Ben on the little scramble, he hit another one at the end to Evan. Evan went up made a nice play.  For his first game, he did a lot of good things and then there were some things that we need to get better at and he’ll have a chance this week.”

(On how happy he is to have Joshua Cribbs back) -- “Happy.  We had a big package there ready for him in that game and you’ve got to be ready to go if something like that happens and it happened to Mo (Mohamed Massaquoi).  That’s the other thing Colt did not panic, did not blink , he went in there, he executed the offense to the best of his ability and tried to distribute it to the right guys.  It’s unfortunate that we had Josh out but he should be ready to go this week.  He was out there today it was good to see.”

(On if he can tell that they might have something with McCoy after one game) -- “It’s a little early with the one game.  The thing that was definitely encouraging was he didn’t blink.  You can see the type of competitive nature that the guy has.  You knew it was going to be play here, play here and they were going to get you and he just kept playing.  We got there in the third quarter and he just kept going.  He does a good job with his teammates in terms of his presence that he has.  I think a lot of the guys you have to earn that respect by the way you play.  I think that he does have some good leadership qualities about him that the older guys do respect, but at the end of the day it comes down to playing and most importantly winning so we didn’t get it done there.”

(On what his approach is when he goes against a team that scores a lot of points like New Orleans) -- “That’s the thing that I talked to the team about this week.  One, is we are doing a much better job of moving the football. I think in the Baltimore game and the Pittsburgh game we’ve had two three-and-outs against those two defenses but we’re not scoring points and that’s the name of the game.  Our number one objective is to do whatever we need to do make plays, to start scoring some points.  We’re turning the football over again too many times.  My focus is on their defense and they’re a top 10 defense, they’re the seventh ranked defense in the league.  As challenging as it was last week with Pittsburgh and Dick LeBeau and all those guys, it’s equally as challenging particularly for Colt to put together something for him because they’re moving around and he blitzes and they’re blitzing all over and they’ve got different types of blitzes. When in doubt blitz, I think is his philosophy and Colt has to do a great job with that.  Our goal is to do well against that defense and you can’t really concern yourself too much with their offense that’s up to the head coach there.”

(On what it is like to be without their number one wide out) -- “Any time you have starters missing it’s a little more challenging than if they were there but the guys that we have we expect them to go in and other guys are going to have to step up.  Ben (Watson) I think has done a good job all year in that department. Peyton (Hillis) running the ball and getting the ball out to Peyton. Brian’s (Robiskie) going to have to step up, and (Chansi) Stuckey’s going to have to step up and (Joshua) Cribbs and those guys are going to have to respond and step up and make some plays.  That’s the bottom line, is making plays.”

(On if the full Cribbs package will be in place for Sunday) -- “We have a number of plays in for Josh.  You practice some today, you get some more work on them tomorrow.  Plays that we’ve practice for a long time right now, now you got to be able to get a couple more looks at them tomorrow to make sure that we’re sound in terms of assignments for those plays, but there will be a number of plays in there for him.”

(On if don’t feel restricted health wise on playing Cribbs) -- “When the doctors and Eric (Mangini) tell me that he’s ready to go, we have it in there.  If they say hold off on this then we hold off on this.  From my understanding right now, he should be fine.”

(On how they haven’t run Wildcat without a quarterback on the field before until last week) -- “No and when you have Seneca (Wallace), you have the ability to go ahead and do that so they don’t know.  Now I figure heck let’s put another receiver in the game because we had a number of pass plays in as well.  Josh (Cribbs), he worked on those all week and just figured you get another athlete on the field. Josh can either run it or throw it, it wasn’t going to be all runs, go with that option.”

(On if it changed the game a lot with Cribbs being out and not being able to run Wildcat) -- “First of all they did a good job of defending it early.  That being said, you’re going to continue to mix it in to get it in his hands and see.  One of those times it’s going to spring, they’re going to go ahead and get it.  Once you get that you cross it off your call sheet along with some other plays, not just Wildcat, that maybe strictly intended to get it into his hands and you cross those off and go with what you’ve got.  There’s plenty on the call sheet, it’s just not with Josh.  It would be nice to have him.”

(On what he thought of James Harrison’s hits) -- “It’s an aggressive game and it’s unfortunate that both of those guys got hurt. I think that the league, they’re doing everything that they can to make it a clean game.  He’s an aggressive player. I think he’s a very good linebacker, he’s aggressive.  Just my opinion, I don’t think that guys are out there to hurt other guys or anything.  That happened and the league is going to try and clean it up as much as they can and it’s just unfortunate that we lost two of those guys.”

(On if size is ever an issue with McCoy) -- “He did a good job with moving in the pocket.  He’s been this kind of height the last few years at Texas.  He does a nice job of being able to slide and create throwing lanes. He’s used to the way he needs to play and how he needs to deliver the ball and get it out.  We didn’t have any batted balls this game.  I’m sure he’s going to have some eventually but I’ve been around guys that are a lot taller than that that have them too.”

(On the right side of the offensive line) -- “Pork Chop (Floyd Womack) has been out there playing right tackle. (Billy) Yates and (Shawn) Lauvao have been working inside at guard so you have Pork Chop but then you’ll have one of those two guys that are going to be in there on Sunday.  George Warhop, he does a nice job of having all those guys in terms of being flexible and being able to move around but that’s kind of how we’ve practiced it this week.”

(On if Yates and Lauvao will rotate or will one play the whole game) -- “That’s a question you’ll have to ask Eric (Mangini).”

(On what Robiskie needs to do to step up) -- “He’s going to have to beat man-to-man coverage.  When we throw him the ball, he’s going to have to make some catches.  I think he’s got good hands. I think he’s going to have to get off the line of scrimmage against their secondary, who does like to get up in your face and be physical, and create some space, and when Colt throws it to him, make a play and catch it and get some yards after the catch.”


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