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Transcript from press conference with Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll

By Nate Ulrich Published: November 5, 2010

Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll met with reporters Friday afternoon. Here is the transcript from the press conference:

Browns Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll press conference 11-5-10

(On what he remembers about losing to the Browns as an assistant in New England in 2000) -- “I do remember that it was, I don’t want to say it was a turning point because we weren’t very good.  We were about 2-8 or something like that at the time.  I remember I was getting people’s luggage and things like that (joking).  I remember it was loud, they were pretty excited to win.  Then we got home and it wasn’t too good, I remember that.”

(On if Bill Belichick conducted a meeting with his coaches after that loss) -- “Yes, we had a meeting.  I don’t know if it was that night or the next day, I can’t remember.  Usually you have those, that one was just that one was a little bit quicker than some of the other ones.”

(On what this game Sunday means to him) -- “I remember a lot of these questions came up in the Kansas City week with Charlie (Weis) and RAC (Romeo Crennel).  It’s just people that you know.  You like to beat some of the guys you grew up with in the business.  In terms of any extra incentive or anything like that, when you get into the division and you play the Pittsburghs and Baltimores, you kind of get geared up being in the (AFC) North now.  It’s another game with some of the guys that you’ve coached with before.  Like I said, with Anthony Pleasant, RAC, Otis (Smith), (Todd) Haley, Charlie and all of those guys (in Kansas City).  Guys like Pepper Johnson, Ivan Fears and Dante Scarnecchia, so you kind of know those guys.  It’s a competitive game.”

(On if Belichick is a football genius) -- “I know he’s a really good football coach.  He understands all aspects of the game, he’s been in the NFL since 1975.  The Lions might have been his first year, somewhere around there.  In 35 years, there’s not much he hasn’t seen.  He does a good job of trying to take away the strengths of the opposing teams, either offense, defense or special teams.  I think he’s a good motivator with the players, but he’s really smart.  He knows what they want to try to do and he gets them to do it.  I think he’s got a lot of respect from the players that he coaches and that comes with winning too.  I know he was here and didn’t have a winning record here.  He went to New England and started out a little rough, but he was a steady force all the way through, a very good leader.  Then (Drew) Bledsoe went down and (Tom) Brady came in.  The type of guys that he has in the organization, at least when I was there and I’m sure right now, are tough, they’re smart.  He works to improve them, he gets the young guys to get better and he’s demanding.  He’s pretty savvy all the way around.”

(On Belichick saying their offense looks like a West Coast offense) -- “I’m sure he’s seen some plays that we’ve implemented.  I guess you’d have to ask him that one.”

(On if he thinks their offense has a West Coast style) -- “No, I think he’s seen a lot of plays on tape that they run too at New England.”

(On what he took from the New Orleans game) -- “We won, that was the most important thing.  The guys did a good job of protecting the football.  It was loud early on.  (Brad) Seely had that nice call on special teams and we got it down low.  It was so loud that we actually had a couple ‘check with me’ type of plays that we didn’t get done the way they should have been done.  We could have scored a couple of times there, but the loud environment, I thought Colt (McCoy) did a good job with that.  Early on, it if you get that ball down there inside the 10, it was loud as heck.  We had a ‘check with me’ and we missed it just because it was loud.  He settled down and he did a good job throughout the whole day of just getting the offense in a tempo, not turning the football over and ultimately making plays when he needed to make one on some of those pass plays.”

(On if there is an adjustment in the game plan because of less crowd noise for the offense for a home) -- “You can use more cadence variations than you do on the road, particularly in a dome.  You’re usually using silent count in a dome, especially in a place that was as loud as New Orleans was.  At home, you should have time to use your voice, some different cadences, try to get an advantage to see what they’re doing.  That’s one of the things that you do different than when you’re on the road, especially when it’s noisy.”

(On what he can expect to see from Belichick for McCoy) -- “I wish I knew.  I’ve watched all seven games that they’ve played and the one thing I do know is that he’s going to have his set of things that he thinks he needs to do to win the football game.  Against Cincinnati the first game of the year was completely different than what it was when he played against (Randy) Moss and the Vikings.  He had a guy over top of Moss, against Cincinnati he had a two guys doubling the two receivers.  Against the Jets and Baltimore, he had kind of a similar plan in that respect to stop the running game and get up and jam the wide receivers.  He has certain things that show up each game, but then he’s going to have a couple of things that you probably haven’t seen, specifically to stop what he thinks you do well.  Whether that’s get another guy in the box for Peyton (Hillis), whatever it may be and you have to get that throughout the game.”

(On if there will be more in-game adjustments Sunday) -- “You try to get that ironed out during the week in practice, a whole bunch of different scenarios.  We’ve practiced so many different looks and I think the tough thing is when you play against Bill or teams that go ahead and change it up week to week, is versus a team that plays a 2 Tampa and they play another coverage.  You can sit there and practice that over and over and get maybe two reps of one play against the two different looks.  Here you’re getting one rep of a play that you might not even come close to getting it right.  You’re kind of playing a guessing game, so you’re going to have to adjust a little bit and adapt.  You kind of have packages set in place before you get to the game of, ‘If they do this, then you’ve got this.’  You try to plan ahead for those situations.”

(On if it is accurate to say that when Peyton Hillis get hurt against Atlanta, he wouldn’t be healthy again until after the bye) -- “You know Steve (Doerschuk), I saw him limping off, I knew he tweaked it a little bit, but he’s a tough (guy).  I didn’t put it past him to be ready for the following week.  I’m sure he knows his body pretty well, the trainers do a good job and the guy’s mentality, he’s got an old school mentality.  I was just going to let it play out and see that hopefully he would be ready to go.  I think he’s got a good mindset to do that.”

(On how strong of a number one back Hillis is) -- “I think what you’re going to get from his is a consistent performance.  He’s tough, he’s a hard-nosed player, he’s out there every day, I think he’s a good leader for our football team, he’s a competitive guy and you just look for a consistent performance from somebody like that.  He’s done that to this point.”

(On if Benjamin Watson will be the player that Belichick tries to take away from the Browns’ offense on Sunday) -- “I wouldn’t put it past him.  I’m not sure, but I think Ben has done a pretty good job for us up to this season in all regards.  In everything that he’s done, I think he’s done a good job.  He came from New England and he’s doing pretty good.  I think definitely he could scheme up something on certain downs to try to go ahead and do that.  They get up on those tight ends pretty good.  They jammed the heck out of (Todd) Heap, they jammed the heck out of (Dustin) Keller, they jammed the heck out of (Antonio) Gates.  I don’t see why it would be any different for Ben.”

(On if they will need to rely more on the receivers for extra production if New England tries to take away the tight ends) -- “I don’t think extra, I just think they just have to go out there and do their job and make sure they’re at the right spots.  In a lot of those coverages that that happens for those tight ends, a lot of times it’s been two deep.  A lot of guys in zone coverage in terms of areas to throw it, they are going to try to get up.  They do a good job of jamming those outside guys too.  I know that’s one of his core beliefs, to really get up and jam those guys and disrupt the passing game.”

(On what kind of a challenge it is for him to go up against Belichick) -- “It’s a great challenge.  It’s exciting too to be honest with you.  He’s one of the best that’s ever coached.  He has his team playing extremely well, they’re 6-1.  He’s a competitor, I’m a competitor, we’re not playing like I said with RAC but I want to give my guys the best chance I can.  Not just because it’s Bill it could be anybody but I want to give those guys the best chance they can have to go out there and do good.”

(On if New England has an offensive or defensive coordinator this year) -- “I don’t think they’ve named them, I’m not 100% positive.  I don’t think that they’ve named coordinators there.”

(On if he was on a staff without a coordinator) -- “One year yes, Charlie (Weis) left and it was Josh (McDaniels) and myself and Scar (Dante Scarnecchia) kind of just working together but I don’t know you’d have to ask Bill (Belichick) that one.”

(On if one guy called the plays that year) -- “Josh pretty much handled it and Bill (Belichick) would kind of put his input in and he’d ask.”

(On how he prepares McCoy mentally for what he is going to face) -- “You try to simplify, break down all the plays and simplify certain things that he can take from each scheme that they play.  You can’t overwhelm him with things.  That’s one thing that I’ve tried not to do the last two weeks with him is just kind of take little bits and pieces of each defensive scheme and maybe try to find some sort of tendency for him where it just sort of triggers.  The game happens so fast obviously particularly for a young quarterback where there’s a lot of stuff going through his mind already and just kind of take one or two things to help him identify where to go with the football.  It’s been very enjoyable to meet with Colt I’ve got to say.  We go on Monday for quite some time and then on Tuesday for quite some time and he doesn’t do it just to say I’m doing it.  Like, ‘Oh yeah I’m here, I’m here doing stuff extra.’  He’s competitive, I know it’s important to him, he understands football.  He did a lot at Texas, he played a lot of games, he won a lot of games but it’s important to him, he relishes it.  He understands the situation that he’s in as a rookie and he’s just going to try to go out there and execute the offense the best that he can.”

(On if McCoy is one of the nicer kids that he’s met) -- “There’s been plenty.  Eric’s (Mangini) done a good job the last couple years of getting some good guys in here.  We had a bunch of good guys in New England and the Jets, it’s kind of the system that he believes in.  He’s a good guy, he is.”

(On if the things McCoy needed to work on for the Steelers game carried over to the New Orleans game) -- “Yes and I think that that’s something where the bullet’s got to be flying at him.  He’s played in two NFL games against two pretty good defenses, you saw what New Orleans did the other night.  Getting hit by those big guys there a little bit different than the college guys and he did a good job of standing in and moving when he needed to move.  I thought it was better than the week before and that’s what you’re looking for for young guys is to improve each game.  Again, he hadn’t had a ton of reps, he’s kind of learning on the fly here.  In training camp it was all Jake (Delhomme) and Seneca (Wallace) for the most part.”

(On if McCoy has embraced these first three teams that he has had to face) -- “Yes, I think he does, I think he embraces it.  He’s a competitive guy, he’s not arrogant or cocky or anything like that.  He’s competitive, he wants to do well so bad.  You’re out there at practice, even in the bye week and this week he’s been throwing it around pretty good and he’ll miss by six inches and he’ll be slamming his helmet and I’ll go, ‘Hey just go to the next play,’ and he’ll get done and he’ll get done with that period and he might have had four good throws right after that and he made a good check with me and he’ll come off and he’ll be like, ‘I can’t believe I missed the freakin’ throw,’ and he doesn’t swear and you’ll look down there and he’s got (Brian) Robiskie, (Chansi) Stuckey and Mohamed (Massaquoi) throwing it 16 times to make sure it’s right.  That’s pretty good to see.  We did that yesterday, we just changed up a little thing and that’s kind of their rest period in between where the defense is going he’ll be like, ‘Let’s go, come on guys,’ okay so he gets them over there and makes them run and get it the right way.”

(On why Patriots week is different than other weeks when he was in New York) -- “Because you’re in the division so it’s like the Steeler week and the Raven week and the Cincinnati week.  You move on from place to place that you go and now you have your different division that you play in and the guys that you see twice a week and you know them.  For these guys it’s another game for our players it’s the New England Patriots it’s like playing the Saints. It’s not the Ravens or the Steelers or anything like that.  Now for the coaches that have worked there a lot of the questions come that are natural questions, that’s different.”

(On Tom Brady and how he compares to other great quarterbacks) -- “I have been fortunate to be around a couple pretty good ones.  He’s unbelievable.  In all regards.  You talk about the quarterback and I really believe that the quarterback is the face of a franchise, more important than any position you’ve got.  I can’t say enough good things about him. I’m not doing it just to say it. He’s an excellent player, he’s an excellent leader, he’s a competitive person.  Just with the guys and throwing it and hitting the dang goal post or something, he’s competitive.  He understands the game, he learned from Bill (Belichick) a ton of great things.  He’s what you want in a quarterback. He’s calm in the pocket, he’s got great pocket presence, he’s got good accuracy, he doesn’t get fazed by very much and he’s won a ton of games.  He’s the ultimate quarterback I think.”

(On if he is in a tough situation because he was with Belichick in New England and Mangini in New York) -- “I just leave that between those two guys to be honest with you.  I’ll let those guys talk about it.  I’m sure you guys have asked enough questions about it to them.”

(On if he talks to Belichick) -- “If I see him I say hello but I leave that other stuff to those guys.”

(On why Belichick said they have a West Coast offense) -- “I don’t know. I don’t know.”

(On if he would describe his offense as a West Coast offense) -- “Me, no.  We have a Mary Kay (Cabot), as I’ve told you before, a variety of systems whether it’s from stuff that Eric wants and of course you’re going to pick the brain of Mike (Holmgren) and ask him about certain plays and put some plays in that have been successful for him. You’d be moronic not to.  But in terms of the overall scheme, I think it’s our offense.  However he wants to describe it that’s fine for him.”

(On what Mike Holmgren said about the receivers and his recent conversations with him) -- “I think that to be an effective offense you have to have all your parts working. I agree with that. The perimeter players, the inside players, the backs, the offensive line, the quarterback.  I think each position you have on your offense has to be accountable to do good and be at the right spots and do the right things.  We’ve worked on it on the bye week here, we’ll continue to work on it.  I’d like to get them involved too at the right time.  If Ben’s (Watson) open and he’s consistently open then Ben’s going to get the ball too.  If Peyton’s helping us on third down I think he’s 13 of 18 on third down conversations then he’s going to get the ball.  I like to distribute it to as many guys as we can to expand the field both horizontally and vertically as well.”


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