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Transcript from press conference with Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll

By Nate Ulrich Published: November 12, 2010

Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll met with reporters Friday afternoon. Here is a transcript from the press conference:

Browns Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll press conference 11-12-10

(On how much harder it will be to run the ball against the Jets defense compared to other teams) -- “It’s been difficult, we’ve played some good teams.  They have very good players and a very good scheme.  The more they hear about Peyton Hillis and the yardage that he has, I’m sure they are going to be revved up and ready to go, they are every week and I’m sure they will be this week.”

(On if he will start giving Mike Bell more carries to keep Hillis fresh) -- “I think regardless if it’s Bell or (Thomas) Clayton or even Josh (Cribbs) in the Wildcat, there’s going to be times where Peyton needs a breather.  Whoever that guy is to go in there and fulfill that role, we expect him to be able to do that.”

(On how important it is to stick with the run) -- “I think we pride ourselves on running the football.  Some of the times when you’re calling those runs and it’s a zero run or a one run or a two run, you get into a flow.  If you get too many of those, it gets a little bit challenging at times, but I believe that you need to be able to stick with it and use your play actions and run actions off of those.  Again, this is a loaded defense with very, very good players and a very good scheme.  They take a lot of pride in stopping the run, you can watch that on tape.  Bart Scott, their leader and David Harris inside are two, I think, exceptional linebackers.  They load the box, we expect a loaded box.  We expect a couple of different looks from Rex (Ryan), now what that is going to be I can’t tell you.  It’s like going out there in summer training camp, you never know what you are going to get from Rob every day.  Some new little wrinkle and it becomes a pain in the butt sometimes, but we are going to have to do a good job of adjusting it.  Prepare for a multitude of looks, which they show on tape a multitude of different things that are similar a little bit to last week.  We are practicing certain plays that you don’t know if you’re going to get that right look and you’re going to have to do a good job if you get a different look.  You need to stick with it and we kind of try to hang our hat on the run.  I know they hang their hat on stopping the run, so we have our work cut out for us.”

(On Hillis rarely going for negative runs) -- “I think he does pride himself on getting the ball downhill.  On contact, he usually does a good job of running his legs and he tries to minimize those plays where maybe they do get in the backfield.  You get teams like New York who are very good at stopping the run and they have that extra guy down there.  You have got to do a good job of keeping that guy the furthest away, in terms of the unblocked guy.  The backs understand that they have got to try to get downhill and take what they can get.  We understand that there’s going to be maybe a couple of zero yard and one yard, you have just got to keep cranking at it.”

(On if the Jets have the best defense he has faced so far this year and the challenges that they present Colt McCoy) -- “I think they’re a very good defense.  We’ve played some very good defenses in the past few weeks here.  Right down the list you go with Atlanta, New Orleans, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and New England.  This is a team just like that.  You’ve got another team with six-plus wins that we are going to play again.  They do a ton of different things.  Up front, they have a multitude of fronts that you have to be ready to adjust to.  They’ll move around, they’ll play a lot of different players.  One time you might get three linemen in the game, the next time you might get four linemen, the next time you might get two linemen, the next time you might get one.  They are moving around and he’s going to have to do a good job with his identification.  He’s prepared every week like a pro, this week is no exception, but there’s a lot of stuff going on that we have got to be good with.”

(On if Alex Mack might have a tough time with all the shifting the Jets do defensively because of his inexperience) -- “I think Alex is a pretty smart guy.  I think George Warhop does a pretty nice job with those guys.  You try to get those five guys to play like one, and I think he’s done a good job with those guys.  They’re all good communicators across the board.  I think Alex has really grown from year one to year two with the knowledge and playing next to Steiny (Eric Steinbach) and hanging out with Joe (Thomas) and George Warhop doing a good job with those guys.  They pride themselves too on being right and trust me, we have been out there a few times this week drawing up the cards trying to fool them and a couple of times we got them, a couple of times we didn’t.  It’s going to be a good chess match.”

(On how long it takes to fill the void of losing a receiver like Braylon Edwards on your offense) -- “I grew up kind of in New England’s system where we won some of those Super Bowls.  I think one year the most catches that we had were 57 with Deion (Branch).  The next year, if I’m not mistaken, it was 56 and right after that, a running back had 49 or a tight end had 42.  We counted on the quarterback getting the ball to the open guys and that’s kind of the system that I try to put in place here with the quarterback.  Making good reads and getting it to the right guy, making sure the guys are in the right spots and not concerning ourselves with getting 10 balls to a particular guy.  Just making sure that the ball is going to the right spot.  You be right there and when the ball comes your way, you make the play.  That’s kind of our focus.”

(On how big of a factor Darrelle Revis is) -- “They have two of them that, I think, are top of the line.  I got to see Revis up close in practice and he is the real deal.  He gets up there in your face and he challenges you and he really is out there on an island, so is (Antonio) Cromartie most of the game.  They just get up in your face and they press you and it’s like you’re out there in the back yard playing one on one with your buddies.  They’re long, they’re strong, they’ve got good quickness, they’ve got good ball skills and I think you have to be aware of where both of the guys are.  They’ve matched up against different guys, they’ve lined up on spots.  When you have two corners like that on a defense, that makes your defense pretty legit.”

(On if Revis could be guarding Mohamed Massaquoi the entire game) -- “I don’t know where they’re going to put him.  We do know that when we watch the tape, they’re (darn) good.  Both of the guys, they really are.”

(On if he has any extra motivation going against the Jets) -- “I said it about the Kansas City game and then the New England game and now this game, you coach with your buddies and you coach with guys and then you end up playing them.  Yes, you’d like to beat your friend is what you’d like to do, just like they would like to beat us.  At the end of the day, it comes down to the players.  You want to see the players that you coach be successful, that’s what I think drives you as a coach.  Watching your guys go out there and execute, enjoy themselves and then ultimately win.”

(On if there was any personal satisfaction in last week’s performance against New England) -- “I was excited, but I was excited for the guys too to be honest with you.  I have a lot of respect for the guys in the offensive room, how they’ve gone about their business.  We all go through adversity at times and there’s been guys, all of us, have been through it.  To go out there and watch them put together a good performance, I was excited for those guys.”

(On Joe Thomas knocking him over) -- “That’s bull (crap).  I figure I’ll go for Baby (Shaun Rogers) this week (joking).”

(On if he should get fined for not holding his ground) -- “It was a good hit, I’ll leave it at that.”

(On if he would have gotten knocked over pre his weight loss) -- “You know he might have went backwards.  No, he got me it was good, gave me a little shoulder.  He’s a big guy.”

(On if he has been able to see McCoy’s growth or if it’s something he picks up on film) -- “I wasn’t thinking that way.  The one thing I told you guys last week, he does go about his business very professionally and he prepares very well.  Out there at practice he’s a perfectionist, he really is.  He gets frustrated when the ball isn’t exactly where he wants it, he’ll get frustrated if the defense doesn’t give a certain look that he knows he prepared for to get it right.  He went out there and he played a pretty good game, he did the things we asked him to do and he’s going to have to do that again.”

(On how they have been giving McCoy more to do) -- “We put quite a bit on his plate last week.  Each week it’s been a little bit more and last week he had quite a bit. I’d say the first 10 plays he probably had about five checks within those plays.  Now we’ve practiced them, we’ve given him the looks at the same time he has to go out there and do it under pressure situation.  He’s going against a Bill Belichick coached defense and they’re coming after him.  The play he threw to Evan (Moore) was a different route during the week, we actually practiced it the same way we got it and you don’t always get that.  He made the right check, gave him a little signal, he went and ran the route.  The third down to Peyton (Hillis) where Peyton caught the 29 yarder, we actually practiced it the exact same way it happened again.  We had (Blake) Costanzo go out with him in practice, we sat there and talked about it, put a little glitch in it, said do this, give him this signal, two guys had to get it, he did it.  Earlier in the game, we had a little pass play didn’t like the look got to a look, we talked about this the night before we didn’t even practice that one, we had a little meeting the night before, and he got it.  He did a good job in seeing their defense and getting us into good plays and doing it the right way.”

(On if there are quarterbacks who don’t pick up on everything that quickly) -- “I think that when you’re a quarterback, particularly a young quarterback, there’s so much on your plate and the only thing you can focus on is doing your job well.  It’s one thing Scott (Petrak) when you’re upstairs and you’re watching tape and you have the clicker in your hand and I’m sitting with them, ‘Okay, now you see this look now when this safety comes down this guy’s going so check that corner you’re going to be there. This guy’s slooping out, boom boom boom boom’.  He almost got one in the Pittsburgh game where he slooped out and he ended up seeing it late he almost threw it right to him but that will come with experience.  He gets in he’s got a notebook that each week the notebook is filled.  Okay got it and he’ll say quiz me one more time. I think Tuesday he was here about four hours Tuesday we were meeting twice.  Quiz me. Alright one more time, quiz me. Quiz me one more time. Quiz me, alright here boom.  What’s this coverage? Okay got it, got it, got it, got it.  Now you go out there and practice the defense is giving us good looks sometimes guys can’t do it.  Sometimes guys can see it on tape and then when it comes to once you’re on the line and there’s a bunch of guys running after you, I think you just have something inside you where you either can do it or you can’t or you have to keep doing it over and over again.  Again, we all know he’s only played three games.  He’s done a good job in those games. He’s going to have to continue to get better but he can see stuff and this is going to be a big time challenge for him this week because they do a lot of moving around and a lot of different parts.”

(On if last week was time to give McCoy more freedom to use his feet) -- “We always have plays in the game plan for him Mary Kay (Cabot) and a couple of those plays he did on his own.  We used move the pocket plays in Pittsburgh, we used move the pocket plays in New Orleans all throughout the game.  A couple of the plays he made with his feet one of the plays was in the red zone, the scramble.  We talked about particularly against that team certain coverages that they’ve played, if they have all their backs turned you’ve got to trust your feeting when you drop when you don’t have one and you don’t have two, go get the first down, slide, go.  He was able to do it.  You give him little reminders here and there but ultimately it falls on his shoulders.  The other play I think he made a really good play on was on third and four where he threw it to (Joshua) Cribbs on a little scramble.  We had a little play run and New England actually blitzed everybody and we didn’t have a guy that counted before the blitzer that came off the edge and he was wide open and he had two hands in the pocket and he stepped up, he moved, he slid and he did that on his own with his eyes down the field and made a nice throw to Josh.  The one to Brian (Robiskie) was a design to roll out where Brian wasn’t his primary target and he actually did not throw it to him all week in practice on that particular play.  We said we’re hoping for one thing, they didn’t give it to us.  It was either throw it away, run, or keep your eyes up for Mo (Mohamed Massaquoi).  All the sudden he saw Brian, just was a football player and let it rip so it was good to see him do those things.”

(On why they are scoring more points this year than last year) -- “I think that it’s a combination of things. I think it’s a different team, guys have been playing in the system.  These last 12 games 7-5 was our record, one year doesn’t transfer, but we’ve had five different quarterbacks too.  You’ve got to get some type of rhythm some type of consistency.  One, I think at the position behind the center to be honest with you.  You’ve got young guys that were playing, it’s a new system that Eric (Mangini) has brought here and everybody was just kind of learning as we go.  Now we come in and we play a team that’s in the top five in points, they don’t give up many points.  Nine to Green Bay and Green Bay was 2 of 12 on third downs against them, they had 237 yards.  It’s going to be a big time challenge for us.”

(On how practice has been going this week) -- “We’ve consistently had good weeks of practice.  Last week we did, this week we had a good week of practice.  I think that the guys here understand the importance of preparation, the importance that we place on it as a coaching staff, how we kind of grew up, the detailed work that needs to be done.  You get to a new program and you have to instill your way, the way you want to do it and sometimes it’s not easy.  Sometimes you’re going to take hits for it but you believe in a certain system and you try to get those players. That’s what your job is to do is to believe in it.  Our guys have done that, credit to them.  Most of the time you have good weeks of practice, you perform that way in the game.  There’s times where you have a good week of practice and you don’t perform that way in the game.  I think it ultimately comes down to Sunday’s performance, going out there and being able to execute under pressure.  Being able to throw the ball on third and seven, convert a third down in the third quarter when the game is tight, being able to run it in on the goal line if it’s fourth and one and you know what the play is and they know what it is and being able to do it when everything is on the line.  Preparing well during the week and practicing well during the week I think go a long way.”

(On Eric Steinbach) -- “Eric’s been playing well.  He played well last year.  I think he’s a good leader for us on offense.  He’s a guy that’s intelligent.  He’s right in the middle there of Alex (Mack) and Joe (Thomas) and I think they have good chemistry going.  We’re trying to build, all of us are trying to build and become better as an offense.  Each week that’s our goal, we’re not where we want to be.  We’ve had some tough challenges, it’s going to be a good challenge again this week, but he’s done a good job.  All of those guys up front I think have done a good job and they’ve got their hands full this week with these guys.”

(On if he was holding breath for how the right side of the line would hold up with the recent changes) -- “Billy (Yates) and Chop (Floyd Womack) are pros. I’ve been around Billy for a long time and he hadn’t played in a lot of games but he’s a professional. He’s smart, he’s an extremely smart guy. He knows all the calls, he’s like a coach on the field and I think that also helps Alex (Mack) to be honest with you.  I think (Shawn) Lauvao you know it was unfortunate he got hurt. He’s coming along and it takes awhile to come back from what he had.  Hop’s (George Warhop) done a good job of putting him in the game and getting him some reps.  But those guys in terms of the players there and the guys there, no I’m confident in those guys.”


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