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Transcript from press conference with Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll

By Nate Ulrich Published: November 26, 2010

Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll met with reporters Friday afternoon. Here is a transcript from the press conference:

Browns Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll press conference 11-26-10

(On Jake Delhomme being back) -- “It’s unfortunate that Colt (McCoy) got injured. I thought he was doing a good job and I know Jake’s excited to play.  He’s really played one half of football for us healthy since we got him.  He’s been out there doing a nice job with all the guys.  He hasn’t shown over excitement about facing his old team, I think he’s kind of steady for us, old savvy vet.”

(On how hard it is having to keep having different quarterbacks) -- “It’s definitely a challenge.  Different throws, not just that you’ve got to get a rhythm with the guys you’re playing with.  Throw it over and over and over and over again to them so they know exactly.  Jake hasn’t been out there for quite some time now and he’s just trying to get his rhythm back.  Guys will let it throw, it drops a little different.  It’s different.  It’s definitely a challenge sometimes.”

(On if he goes back and watches preseason film on Delhomme) -- “They’re always into it whether they’re out there or not and you have a good idea of the plays they’re very familiar with and that they like and then you kind of incorporate those.  You sit down and talk during the week, he’s been just like Colt (McCoy) up here a long time during the week.  It’s kind of how it goes.”

(On if the play book has changed much since Delhomme has been injured) -- “It’s different each week.  There was definitely some stuff we incorporated for Colt and when Seneca (Wallace) was in there there was definitely some stuff for Seneca.  You kind of try to adapt the best you can to the guy that’s running your team in terms of the quarterback position.”

(On if they are going to have Joshua Cribbs on Sunday) -- “We’ll see, we’ll talk about that tomorrow, but hopefully.”

(On everything Delhomme brings to the team on and off the field and how rare it is to have a guy who is a team first player) -- “He’s exceptional in that regard.  He’s been great with Colt.  He’s been great with me and for me as an older quarterback.  I’ve been around (Brett) Favre, (Tom) Brady and Chad Pennington and he’s just a selfless, selfless guy.  He cares about one thing and one thing only and that’s the team and winning.  He always says there’s two things, there’s winning and there’s misery and that’s it.  He’s a great example not just for young quarterbacks but for all the guys that are in the locker room because he’s such a team first kind of guy.  Preparation, how he goes about at practice, he keeps it loose too, he’s a really good veteran guy, it’s been really great to have him.  Just wish you had him, he only played one half honestly of football.”

(On how the fans haven’t seen Delhomme play) -- “I think they haven’t seen him.  They’ve seen him for a half, that’s reality.  He played a half of football after that he gutted it out.  He’s a tough son of a gun, but he’s played a half of healthy football for us.”

(On if the fans will be surprised with what Delhomme can do) -- “I just think that they’re going to see his best effort when he goes out there on the field.  He’s going to give everything he has to help this team on Sunday. I know that.”

(On what happened in the last game) -- “We didn’t play well enough.  We definitely had chances there to move the football, to get it in the end zone and we didn’t get it done.  All of us, we didn’t get it done.”

(On what he would do over again if he could) -- “They did a good job of stopping the run and we tried a variety of runs.  Gap trap runs, scheme runs, we tried some inside zone runs, we tried some outside zone runs, we tried scheme outside zone.  I believe you have to be able to run the football too.  We practiced it, we stressed it all week and they did a better job than we did all the way around, all aspects.”

(On not getting the ball to the tight end most of the game) -- “Colt was going to the right spots with the football in terms of his reads, he was.  He didn’t have many poor reads just kind of based on the coverage and how they played things, that’s just kind of how it went.”

(On if in looking back, they should have been more aggressive on possessions off of turnovers) -- “We didn’t score, so I definitely should have done something differently.  We didn’t get it done.  There were some things that we did see, even in the running game because Peyton (Hillis) has been good for us all year and the line has done a good job.  In the passing game, they got us.  Obviously if you don’t score after that, you look in the mirror and say, ‘I should have called this or should’ve called that.’  They did a better job all the way around.”

(On if it is tougher to be aggressive when you have the lead and are going for the win) -- “We were up, but with the scheme or the play, we thought we had a chance with some of those things.  I can’t say it enough, their scheme and their players did better than me and the guys we had.”

(On if last Sunday was one of the lower points for him personally) -- “We lost.  Every loss is a low point, honestly.  That’s what it is.  We had some chances, we didn’t get it done.”

(On what kind of year Mohamed Massaquoi is having) -- “The last three have been his best games.  It’s different for those guys too playing with a lot of different guys.  It’s been kind of a changing deal every couple of weeks with the consistency that we haven’t had there.”

(On if Massaquoi does a good job despite few balls coming his way or if he can do more) -- “I think it’s a combination of things.  The last three games, I think, have been his best three games.  He’s done a nice job of creating some separation, making plays when he had  a chance and he missed a couple of plays early on in the year maybe that he could have brought down, but he’s getting better.  He is.”

(On if he is referring to a couple of passes near the sidelines that Massaquoi missed on) -- “Yes, he had it then he came down in the Kansas City game or one of those, but he’s been doing what we’ve asked him to do.”

(On if Massaquoi is recognizing zone coverages better and finding ways to get open in them) -- “Yes, and I think it helps just talking with Jake and having those quarterbacks around and Seneca.  Those guys have good conversation and good flow.  I think that helps young receivers too when you some older quarterbacks around.”

(On what Massaquoi has done better in the last couple of weeks) -- “He’s played really, really fast.  He hasn’t made many mistakes, he’s played real physical, which he usually plays physical.  When the plays have come his way, he’s done a good job of making them.  He made a really nice catch, the one that they were playing a single high zone, Colt kind of moved out, the guy came underneath and it just got it batted by this much and made a nice play on the sideline.  He made some nice plays there at the end on two minute.  He’s been pretty consistent for us.”

(On why there hasn’t been a lot of production from Brian Robiskie) -- “He keeps working.  At the end of the game there, we went with Evan (Moore).  They kind of play the same spot, and Evan has been playing a little bit outside on the perimeter and doing a nice job.”

(On if a player drafted in Robiskie’s position should have more than 16 catches) -- “I’d like to see it too.”

(On if he needs to get Moore on the field earlier to get more production out of him) -- “With the amount of reps that he gets at the end of the game, he gets 25-30 reps.  He’s not going to be in every personnel package group with Ben (Watson) and then sometimes we’ve got big people with Robert (Royal) and Ben and (Lawrence) Vickers.  He’s got two to three personnel packages that he pays in.  It depends on how much we use it each game.”

(On if getting Moore the ball throughout the game should be more of a priority) -- “The times that he’s been in have obviously been some passing situations at the end.  Whether it be some zone or whatnot, he’s done a good job that he’s such a big bodied guy.  He’s been in there early on too, it’s just you guys see it at the end of the game where it’s just consistent plays right in a row, rapid fire.  He plays throughout.”

(On if Vickers wasn’t in as much in the fourth quarter last game) -- “We were getting going a little bit with the no huddle, and he’s not in that particular package.”

(On if it amazes him how much the lineup has changed throughout the season because of injuries) -- “You deal with it each week in the NFL.  People get hurt, people go out, but we have three quarterbacks with three ankles.  That’s pretty amazing to me.”

(On having the starting offensive line from the first game together for this game) -- “We’ll talk about it, but we’ve had some players rotate in there the last few games.  You’ve have got to deal with it, that’s what you’re dealt.”

(On how Shawn Lauvao has done) -- “He’s doing some good things and there are some things that he needs to get better at.  It’s early in the process for him too, he’s been hurt, he’s a young player, so there are some things in there that he’s seeing for the first time as well.  It’s just going to come with experience.”


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