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Transcript from press conference with Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll

By Nate Ulrich Published: December 3, 2010

Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll met with reporters Friday afternoon. Here is a transcript from the press conference:

Browns Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll press conference 12-3-10

(On how he processed last week’s game with Jake Delhomme) -- “Really no different than we’ve done in every other week.  We sit down, we watch the tape,  go through the plays, show the good stuff and make the corrections from some of the stuff we could have done better.  Then we move on to Miami.”

(On if Delhomme is still capable of making plays having thrown a lot of interceptions dating back into last season) -- “He made a lot of nice plays last week, he really did.  You look at the beginning part of the first half, that’s the first time we have really went no huddle in a while.  I thought he did a lot of really good things.  He came out in the second half and had a nice hard sell play action and the backside linebacker did a nice job of reading it on that one and made a nice play on it.  He didn’t see him, the guy just made a really good play.  Then on the second one, he’d like to have that one back I know.”

(On what he says to a veteran like Delhomme when he makes mistakes) -- “It depends on how it’s going.  “It’s not a wise decision.  Hey, you should’ve took it here, you should’ve thrown it away.’  I was (Brett) Favre’s quarterback coach too, he’s played for about as long as I’ve been alive.  You just pick and choose, it depends on how the player is.”

(On if he can rein Delhomme in at all) -- “At the end of the day, he has the ball in his hands.  That’s what I tell those guys.  You’re going to have the rush on you and sometimes those guys, they don’t want to surrender when it’s time to surrender sometimes.  Take an incompletion, take a sack if you have to take a sack, but you’re not going to be able to make the impossible play.  Go ahead and kill it and move on to the next play.  You’re not going to lose the game because of incompletions very often.”

(On what the difference was in Brian Robiskie last week) -- “Your questions last week, that was it (joking).  He made nice plays on the ball.  The coverage dictated where we went to it and there we a couple of plays that he made that he got open against man to man coverage, particularly at the end of the game.  They were playing a lot of man to man coverage and come of those quick slants and he ended up making them, which I was happy for the guy.  The week before that was the Jacksonville game, we had the same play called right there on that third down and he just didn’t come down with it.  He came down with these ones and it was good to see.”

(On how much of a factor Mike Bell can be in helping lighten Peyton Hillis’ load) -- “When he goes in, we are looking for him to do his job.  I’m not looking to take the ball out of Peyton Hillis’ hands.  You all know he’s our bell cow, that’s who is going to get the ball the majority of the time.  Whoever is behind him needs to be able to go in and be productive.  The couple of caries that Mike had, he did a nice job with them.”

(On if he did not quite know what he had with Hillis earlier in the season) -- “I’m not going to sit up here and say I knew Hillis was going to have however many catches, 900 something yards and this many touchdowns.  He’s been just a consistent guy, he’s tough as nails, he’s a worker and you have some type of idea when you see him practice out there.  Then he’s in the games and he’s playing, you have some type of idea of the guy he is.  I have never questioned him once since he’s been here.  He’s been nice to have.”

(On what makes Cameron Wake so good) -- “He plays outside linebacker, then he’s a rush guy for them.  Particularly when he gets down in his four-point sprinter’s stance, he does a great job of getting off on the ball.  He plays with really good leverage, he’s explosive, he can speed to power you, he can get around the edge on you and he’s just one of those dynamic rushers that has the speed, the quickness and the power.  He’s done a heck of a job this year.”

(On how they will distribute help to the offensive linemen blocking of Wake) -- “I think most teams have an elite pass rusher in the league.  You have some type of package each week in order to try to take care of him depending on how the flow of the game is.  Is he in the game or is he taking a break from the game?  Is he playing the 3-4 scheme or is he now in their sub package?  It depends on what play you call, a pass play, some have help, some don’t.  You just have to kind of see how the flow of the game is going with that type of guy.”

(On if tackles are supposed to know before the play if they are getting help with a man) -- “Yes, they know.  It’s in part of the play call and they need to know if they have got a little chip help with them.  A lot of teams have been doing it to the guy, rightfully so.”

(On if Miami’s defense is similar to New England’s) -- “No, I wouldn’t say as much New England.  (Mike) Nolan has his own type of defense, but I’d say there are some similarities with Baltimore, with the Jets and Rex (Ryan).  I know they were there together.  They’re pretty much top 10 in every category right now.  They play a 3-4 package, but there are a lot of different fronts that they play.  One time it’s double bubble, the next time it’s guard bubble and they have a lot of different fronts and they play a lot of different coverages.  He does a good job of mixing it up throughout the entire game.  What you see one week is not necessarily what you see the next week with them.”

(On why Oakland didn’t run the ball last week against Miami) -- “I don’t want to speak for Oakland.  I know that Miami did a heck of a job of setting edges which I know this is part of the defense of setting edges and closing up the gaps and beating gaps down. When they were playing their two gap, they did a good job, they took it to them in the running game.”

(On how much more he can do with the offensive game plan with Delhomme starting instead of Colt McCoy) -- “It’s not much different.  There’s particular plays that I know Jake really likes from his days in Carolina just like there were some plays that Colt really liked at Texas, but like I said before with Colt, he’s pretty smart for being a young guy.  There wasn’t much we didn’t do.  The first game was a little less but as we got going there really wasn’t much that he couldn’t do, Colt.”

(On not having Lawrence Vickers in a couple short yardage plays) -- “A couple of them we were trying to get it off quick and I thought we had it.  The guys were standing up on a couple of the quarterback sneaks.  Then the last one, we went 13, it was a different personnel set up where we thought we were going to get a particular advantage on a look with a little shift and a motion and we just didn’t execute it as well.”

(On where the decision to run the ball came from on their last offensive possession) -- “You ask Eric (Mangini), ‘Hey what do you want to do here,’ and we want to make them use their time outs.   We were going to run it in that situation there was no question and then punt it.  If we could get it, it would be great, if not we were going to punt it, make them use their last one and go.”

(On if Delhomme was rusty from all the time off) -- “Starting out at the beginning of the game, no.  I didn’t see it.  He drove us down the first three or four drives, we fumbled it on the six yard line or five yard line whatever it was and that’s going to be some more points.  We came out second half (Jon) Beason made a nice play on that one and then he had that other pick.  I’m sure there’s some plays that he wishes he had back, a couple where we could have thrown it away.  You’d have to ask him in terms of feeling rusty or not.  I thought he executed and operated pretty efficiently in the beginning.  We had a couple lulls, a couple plays in there where it wasn’t as effective but I thought he did a pretty nice job.”

(On if Delhomme is more critical on himself than other quarterbacks) -- “As critical, the guys most of them are pretty hard on themselves.  The good ones are real hard on themselves.”

(On what his process is to come up with the plays when they were behind at the end and they have to get points with the time running out) -- “In that situation where we were at, you go to and what I was going to go to was some of his favorites that he feels really comfortable with, that we’ve run for a while and pretty much have an answer for anything they want to do.  Whether it was pressure, whether it was drop coverage he’s run them a thousand times, the guys have run them a thousand times.  We had a couple checks in there with them in case they gave us a different look if we want to go ahead and run it.  Just something I knew he was very, very comfortable with and three or four of them were the same plays.”

(On how there were defenders right on the receivers) -- “A couple of them, particularly the slants the one to Mo (Mohamed Massaquoi) inside where he gained it, and then the one to Brian (Robiskie) it was right on the money.  That was good to see.  You score some points, they come back and then you drive it back down to put your team up at the end of the game.  That’s a testament to those guys that kept fighting.  That happened in the Jacksonville game.  We were behind and Colt (McCoy) brought them down there, kicked the field goal there, that kept fighting that was good.”

(On how good the Miami corners are) -- “They’re good.  Both (Sean) Smith and Vontae (Davis), pretty athletic family there.  Strong, lengthy, get up in your face, they’re pretty good and then you bring Al (Harris) in who’s a veteran who’s always been a challenge to go against because he’s so crafty and good at the line of scrimmage.  Then you’ve got (Cameron) Wake coming off the edge that helps too.”

(On how big Sean Smith is) -- “He is a tall, lengthy guy, got good speed, got decent transition for a bigger corner.  A lot of corners are a little smaller.  They’re pretty good.  Physical, they have a very physical football team and I think it starts from the head guy.  They have a very physical, big, strong team.”

(On if it enters his mind that they are both just second year pros) -- “No, I think they’re good players.  They’ve done a good job, they’re fourth in the league in pass defense right now.”

(On if it is more of a pass rush or sacks thing with Miami’s ranking) -- “No, I think it’s a combination of both.  They play some tight coverage, have some good coverage schemes.  It helps them all the way to the back end.  The other guy that’s pretty good back there is Yeremiah Bell.  He’s a good blitzer, he’s a pretty good player too.”

(On if Joshua Cribbs will be effective on offense on Sunday) -- “I’m going to sit down with Eric (Mangini). We’re going to have this meeting.  I hope, I hope so.  My understanding right now is he’s going to start out on special teams, returns, whatever else and then kind of see how he’s going to be relative to the game plan stuff.  If he is great, we have plenty for him to do.”

(On Jordan Norwood) -- “That’s something we’ll talk about Saturday night relative to who’s up, who’s not up.”

(On why Norwood got a promotion) -- “He’s been a consistent guy.  He’s been a pro out there on the practice field, on the show teams, he’s got some quickness, he has good hands. I think he’s earned it to get a promotion.  He’s done a nice job.”

(On what McCoy has been like not being able to practice) -- “The same.  I’ll meet with Jake for a while on a Monday or a Tuesday and then I’ll get a call in a half hour, ‘I’m coming in,’ with his boot and stuff on.  You’re game planning and getting stuff ready but he’s into it.  They stay after the meetings and they sit and he stays in there and watches tape and him and Seneca (Wallace) and Jake stays in there.  He’s been the same.  He’s obviously disappointed that he got injured but he’s been the same guy which you like to see.”

(On how McCoy is a coaches’ kid) -- “He is, he really is he eats it up.  I think he might be trying to help Jake out a little bit.”

(On if McCoy is a funny guy) -- “No, he’s not.  The quarterback room is a different room than the big room.  He’s a normal guy.  He’s a quarterback. I think he’s a leader, he knows how to respond and interact with a bunch of guys.  I know it’s eating him up that he can’t be out there, I know that.”

(On if McCoy can pick things up like the special guys) -- “He can see the game, yes.  In the games that he’s played so far he’s been great.  Coming off on the sideline with the pictures, ‘I saw him here… I saw him coming… It was just like we saw on Tuesday… I knew that guy…’ he’s been pretty good at that, and I think it’s because he studies his tail off too.  He was pretty successful doing it where he came from.”


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