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Transcript from press conference with Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll

By Nate Ulrich Published: December 10, 2010

Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll met with reporters Friday afternoon. Here is a transcript from the press conference:

Browns Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll press conference 12-10-10

(On the Bills’ Reggie Corner) -- “He’s got good quickness inside.  He plays in their sub package as the nickel back.  He does a nice job on those quicker receivers that he sees inside, but I think he’s got a good change of direction.  He matches routes well, can play man to man and is a decent player inside at what we call the star, the nickel position.”

(On if he has to have several game plans in place because of the different possibilities of weather conditions) -- “You have certain bad weather plays just in case.  If it’s a swirling wind, it really doesn’t matter which way you are going.  If you have got the wind, then here is a nice game plan and a couple of plays that you want to use with the win.  If you’re against the wind, you make the game a little bit longer when you are against the wind.  You have to have some things set in play based on what you may get and you don’t know what that is until you get there.”

(On if his play calling sheet is different because of the potential weather conditions) -- “No, I think it’s just segmented.  You really don’t want to run a few of these plays and put the ball in jeopardy or risk a different ball handling-type of deal.  You just kind of eliminate those.  You don’t know, you might wake up and it might be sunny and 30 degrees.  Who knows?”

(On if he gets as detailed of a weather forecast as he can before and tweaks his game plan accordingly) -- “Living in the northeast your entire life, you kind of know that it might not necessarily be what they say it’s going to be the next hour, let alone the next day.  You have your game plan and you practice.  We practice out here in the elements and if you get something that maybe you didn’t expect to get, you have something prepared if you need to get to that.  Whether that be more runs, less passes or different types of passes, you have all of that stuff prepared for it already.”

(On how Jake Delhomme passes in cold weather) -- “We’ve practiced out here the last however many months and we haven’t had great days all of the time.  Particularly the last few days in this, he’s done fine.”

(On Peyton Hillis approaching 1,000 yards rushing for the season) -- “As everyone knows, he has done a really good job with the opportunity that he has had, a really good job.  Not just in the runs, but in the passes and the pass protection too I don’t think gets talked about enough for the guy.  I think he’s one of the better pass protecting backs I’ve been around in 12 years.  He does a great job against the linebackers or if we are sliding and he has got to get a defensive end.  He’s been really good for us, hopefully he just continues to have success because his success really helps all of us.”

(On some critics saying in the past that one of Hillis’ weaknesses was his pass protecting) -- “I can’t speak for the Denver deal.  I know since he’s been here, since OTAs, he’s been really good at it.  He gets up, fits the window, stones the linebackers and he’s been really good at it.  Hopefully he continues to do it, but like I said, I think that’s really a strong point for him.  I know you guys see the number of carries and the yard and the catches, but I think he’s a compete back in terms of being able to do that, which is not always the easiest thing to do.  That’s a hard thing to do.”

(On Hillis’ receiving skills) -- “I think he has got 53 catches, which I think is first in the AFC if I’m not mistaken for backs.  He has very good hands.”

(On if Hillis’ hands are like those of a wide receiver) -- “No, I just think as a skill player, all of the skill players that are out there, one of the requirements that they are going to have to have is they are going to have to be able to catch the football because at any time, it could come to them.  He has hands that are the framework of the body.  You have seen some of the catches that he’s made.  We have thrown him a couple of downfield balls.  He’s got good tracking judgment, soft hands and he can catch the ball well.”

(On if the Wildcat is ideal for bad weather like it was when they played Pittsburgh last December and if Joshua Cribbs; foot affects the Wildcat) -- “It affects it a lot.  You take a look at some of the Wildcat teams in the league and one of the reasons it’s either successful or not successful is because of the guy that’s running it obviously.  In that game, he was great.  I think there are certain elements that can help you if you choose to go that route, whether you get an extra blocker, but it’s going to depend on how Josh is doing and how comfortable he feels.”

(On if they have been able to practice the Wildcat this week because of Cribbs coming back from injury) -- “We practiced a little bit of it.”

(On Robert Royal doing more for the offense than catching passes) -- “We’ll just start with him as a guy.  Exceptional veteran leadership.  I think he’s been really good for Ben (Watson) too.  He’s a guy that’s been around the league, he’s great in the meetings, he can see the game and he’s very helpful.  Him and guys like Vick (Lawrence Vickers), guys that don’t get a lot of catches or whatnot, they can see the game really well and are very good communicators.  He’s a good in-line tight end that can make his blocks, a good communicator with the tackle, understands the running game, understands pass protections and understands the passing game too if you ask him to run a route, but he hasn’t done much of that here.  We got into the game at Miami with him.  Evan (Moore) went down, but we decided we were going to go a different route.  Rather than three receivers, we just went with Robert in there when we had that little drive going.  He’s able to plug right in and is just a good, veteran presence.  The guys really like him in the huddle, when he’s in there.  He’s one of those vocal leaders for everybody.  He’s been around the league a while, he knows the game.”

(On Royal being serious when it comes down to business) -- “He is.  He’s one of those guys who knows how to keep it light too.  I don’t know if you ever see him at the beginning of practice when you guys are out there, he’s quite the dancer.”

(On going to Watson frequently last game against Miami when the running game wasn’t working well, why that didn’t happen in Jacksonville) -- “You’re getting different coverages sometimes.  Miami does a pretty good job, they have some big guys up front that played very, very well I think.  I think they are a very, very good defense.  Sometimes you get an extra guy down in the box where they load the middle of the field and there’s a safety in the middle of the field and then there are some extra guys in the middle of the field and then they bring another guy down.  Miami wasn’t so much bringing another guy down, so you get two safeties back deep a little bit where you hope you can get some running lanes.  Miami’s a heck of a defense, they held the Raiders back to, I think zero yards rushing the week before, 13 yards total rushing against the Raiders rushing offense, which is one of the tops in the league.  They’re good.  The middle of the field was open and Ben does a nice job working in between those hash mark throws against the guys that have to cover him.  I think he’s sometimes a little bit of a mismatch for some of the guys that have to deal with him when they leave two safeties in the middle of the field open.”

(On if Watson an injury at Jacksonville) -- “He did, early on he had it so he was fighting through it.”

(On if the throw to Mohamed Massaquoi was a little off) -- “No, it was a good throw, he jumped.  He was jumping instead of just stopping and coming back he just miss timed his jump and it was right off his finger tips.  If he had to do it again he would not have jumped, because it was right on the money, back shoulder.  It would have been good.”

(On if Massaquoi was down on himself at halftime) -- “Yes, in the passing game the whole entire game against the Dolphins Jake (Delhomme) was 19 of 22 on first and second down throws, two of them were throw aways.  One on a screen, one out of bounds, the other incompletion was the one to (Chansi) Stuckey in the end zone.  Those were the three that he had, but we missed a couple opportunities  there so I was a little hot there at intermission but Jake’s a good veteran calmed it down and said, ‘Let’s just start throwing it.’  That catch he made to come back and made that catch was a huge play in the game which was good to see after that first back shoulder, he came back made a nice catch on the deep over.”

(On how it was a good catch) -- “Oh it was a heck of a catch and the guy was draped on him too coming down and he actually held it so good to see that he came back.  He made another couple other plays too for us and he’s been doing that consistently the last few weeks.”

(On if they are facing the same Bills defense that they have in the past) -- “They do a couple different things spacing wise up front.  A little bit more multiple with some of the fronts that they play.  Some of the guys that they have are obviously the same. I really think Kyle (Williams) is a very good interior player and they’ve got (Marcus) Stroud in there who’s big and always been a challenge tall, lengthy guy, bats down a lot of balls.  (Paul) Posluszny’s doing a good job in the middle making a lot of tackles.  (Donte) Whitner, I think he’s heck of a safety and then outside they have athletic guys.  Drayton Florence I think is an underrated corner. He’s got good quickness, can match routes, physical.  There are some guys that I’m familiar with but they definitely have their own twist to how they play it.”

(On Josh McDaniels and his reaction to what happened) -- “You’re kind of in your own little world when you’re here.  He’s a good friend and you’d never like to see that happen to anybody whether it’s this profession or any other profession, particularly people that you’re friends with.”

(On how his and McDaniels responsibilities changed after Charlie Weis left for Notre Dame) -- “We pretty much did the same things.  We’d meet, we’d do the passing game and then we’d go from there with the game plan.  We’d all kind of work together during those years that he was gone and then Josh got named coordinator and he was responsible for it.”


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