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Transcript from press conference with Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll

By Nate Ulrich Published: December 31, 2010

Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll met with reporters Friday afternoon. Here is a transcript from the press conference:

Browns Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll press conference 12-31-10

(On how much Colt McCoy has improved since his first game against Pittsburgh) -- “I think each game is a learning experience for him in this league.  He had a rough one in a couple of plays last week, but he’s been doing a good job for the teams he’s played and the amount of games he’s played.  I think he’s got a chance to be pretty good.”

(On how tough it is to go against Pittsburgh’s run defense) -- “It’s hard.  You’re going to have to do it, but the longest run they’ve given up all year is 24 yards.  They’ve given up 18 runs of 10 yards or more.  It’s tough.  You’ve got to have outside, inside and understand there is going to be ones and twos and zeros because there is every game against that team.  You’ve got to stay at it and you have got to be able to throw the ball too.”

(On the chances of Peyton Hillis playing Sunday) -- “I hope that’s he’s going to be able to go.  He hasn’t practice.  He’s running all of the plays that we are obviously going to run, so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for when they let me know.  I’m hopeful, but I don’t know percentage-wise what it’s going to be like.”

(On if he feels good about Mike Bell if Hillis is unable to play) -- “Yes.  Mike, when he got some opportunities last week, did a nice job.  You can’t replace a guy like Peyton, but Mike has been preparing the last couple of weeks very, very well.  If he has got to do it, I have confidence in him.”

(On if the plan last week was to split some carries between Hillis and Bell or if it was a result of Hillis getting injured) -- “Yes, he got dinged up pretty good on the second play.  He was going to try to go, but you knew he needed some time.”

(On the notion that this could be his last game as offensive coordinator here in Cleveland) -- “I haven’t even thought about it, I’ve been working on Pittsburgh.  I’ve got enough on my plate with the Steelers coming in.”

(On if they will be able to do some different things with Joshua Cribbs in the lineup this week to spell Hillis) -- “Yes, and he’s been slowly getting back to speed.  I thought last game was probably his most up tempo game for him.  It’s always in there, it depends on how he feels and how he thinks he can plant and run.  If we need it, we are definitely going to have to go to it.  You have got to have alternatives.”

(On what Troy Polamalu can do if he plays Sunday) -- “They have good players on defense, very good players.  This is a guy like the guy we talked about last week.  He’s exceptional.  You don’t quite know where he’s going to be, but it’s your job and you’re going to have to know where he is because he can be anywhere.  He’s a difference maker.  I’m anticipating him playing, he’s a difference maker.  You have got to put a big fluorescent light on his number and stay away from him, don’t go near the guy because he’s awesome.”

(On McCoy saying that he did not see Ed Reed on the first interception that Reed made and if he baited McCoy’s throw) -- “It was tight. I think the ball kind of hung a little bit inside.  I know he’s like to get it outside a little bit more for him.  We had the corner, we had our eyes at the corner, and Ed Reed read him and got a good jump on it.  I think if it was outside, maybe he had a chance, but the guy made a good play.  He did.”

(On if James Harrison has been playing any differently since he has been fines earlier in the season) -- “No, I think he just plays hard.  This team is filled with very, very good players on defense and he’s at the top.  I don’t see a huge difference.  I think he plays the game hard and goes and tries to sack quarterbacks and make plays on the ball and hits people.  He’s pretty (darn) good.”

(On Rob Ryan saying they were going to try to kick the Steelers butts) -- “I’ll leave that to Rob.  Some things are just best left said from Rob.”

(On if they have any extra motivation after Harrison knocked out Cribbs and Mohamed Massaquoi last time they played) -- “No.  There’s enough motivation to go out there and try to beat Pittsburgh when you’re from Cleveland and you live in Cleveland.  You saw what happened last year when we won and it was great excitement.  We didn’t have a great record, we went out there and the people were out in the stands were awesome.  Then you win the game and I don’t know what it was, 2,000 and some days, I don’t know what it was since we had beat them.  We’re anxious for it, we’re anxious to go out there out last game against these guys.  I know how good they are, we all know how good they are, but we are going to try and play well.”

(On if this game is important going on to next year) -- “I think you go out there with this is your last game of the season and you approach it like that.  You want to go out with a win, you don’t want to go out with a loss.  I think each year is a different year but to play the Pittsburgh Steelers on your last game, you know they’re fighting to be the number two seed in the playoffs.  They’re a huge rival for us, for the fans and we want to go out there and try to beat their (butt).”

(On how much more comfortable he feels as a coordinator after doing it for two years) -- “I feel good, I don’t feel good with losses like that but I feel better than I did last year.  Yes, no question.”

(On if he has grown into the coordinator position) -- “Yes, it’s a lot different.  I think experience helps everybody.”

(On if he feels the same way as Rob Ryan who feels confident that if this is his last season with the Browns that he will get another job somewhere) -- “I’m just concentrating on this game.  We’re going to go out there and try to win this game and that’s where my focus is.”

(On if it bothered him that Josh McDaniels was at Browns practice) -- “No, Josh is a great friend.”

(On if McDaniels is his friend) -- “He’s a very, very good friend, very good friend.”

(On if it is tough to stay focused with all of the uncertainty about next season) -- “No, that’s the business that you’re in.  That’s what you signed up for when you got in this business.  Starting out working all those hours, 20 hours a day at Michigan State and stuff like that.  You try to get into a position like this and when you get into it you understand what it is.  It’s a bottom line business and I’ve been around a lot of good coaches and I’ve heard a lot of good stories from a lot of good coaches in this league.  A lot of good coaches, some great coaches.  That’s just the nature of the business.”

(On if he thinks he is a package deal with Eric Mangini) -- “I think everybody understands the nature of this business, I really do.  We’ll find out what happens here, but I think everybody understands the nature of this business.  It’s a bottom line business.  The guy that used to coach here the year before we got here used to always say it’s a production business, Romeo (Crennel).  It’s a production business.  It was his first line to the defensive staff when I was over there on defense, it’s a production business so you understand that.  We’re going to try to produce this Sunday.”

(On if he expects Mangini to stick with him) -- “I haven’t even been thinking about it to be honest with you.  The one thing I’ll say is you understand the business, you understand the business.  Now you can’t think about it, you’ve got to go out there and try to play Pittsburgh and do the best job that you can and try to beat them.  Things will all fall into play, they will.”

(On how he blocks all of the stuff out) -- “You have to.  You’ve got to in this business.  Things that happen are going to happen.  You have a positive outlook on things, everything happens for a reason.  You control what you can control which is to go out, there try to call a great game against Pittsburgh, give those guys a good chance, be energetic at practice, get them to go out there when we have this record practice good, have a good attitude, have a good attitude in the meetings, not point fingers, enjoy being in there still, enjoy going out on the practice field, having a good practice.  You can control all those things and that’s all you can control.”


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