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Updated: 2014 NFL Draft: Where the Browns currently stand in the draft

By Ryan Lewis Published: May 8, 2014

We're through the first round of the NFL Draft. Here's where the Browns stand with some quick analysis and news. You might have heard they took a certain QB from a certain Texas-based school. 

The Browns Thursday night added:

— CB Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State (No. 8 overall)
— QB Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M (No. 22 overall)
— The Buffalo Bills' first-round pick in 2015
— The Buffalo Bills' fourth-round pick in 2015

To do this, the Browns  moved up and down in the first round and lost one of their two third-round picks (No. 83 overall) in the deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, which led to the bombshell Manziel pick. 

They first moved back from No. 4 overall to No. 9 overall in a deal with the Buffalo Bills, in which the Browns swapped first-round picks and then picked up an extra 2015 first- and fourth-round pick from the Bills. For only moving down five spots in a deep draft, adding a first-rounder is not a steep price. 

The Browns then moved up one spot with the Minnesota Vikings, which cost them their fifth-round pick this year (No. 145 overall). Considering the Browns have two picks in the third and fourth round, dealing a fifth isn't much of an issue if the Browns wanted to make sure they got the guy they wanted, which turned out to be Gilbert. 

Later, they traded their No. 26 overall pick and a third-round pick (No. 83 overall) for the Philadelphia Eagles' No. 22 pick to take Johnny Manziel. 

In one night the Browns have added their top-rated cornerback, Johnny Football and an extra first-round and fourth-round pick in next year's draft, while only losing one of their two third-round picks and a fifth-round pick this year. The Browns also hold the No. 35 pick, which is the third selection of the second round. 

Likely targeted positions could be wide receiver, offensive guard or offensive tackle. 


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