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Video/transcript: Browns GM Michael Lombardi on the first three rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft

By Ryan Lewis Published: April 26, 2013

On what he likes about McFadden: "I think Leon's a four-year starter. He's got good mirror skills. He's competitive, can make plays on the football. I think he's got the attributes that we're looking for certainly at the position. I think he brought the dimensions that we wanted in terms of players that we want to bring into the organization."

On the Honey Badger, Tyrann Mathieu: "I think you do the research on all the players and you make a decision on kind of what you really feel is the best for your organization, and we just felt Leon was ideally suited. He played a lot of football in college. He's competitive, and he's been productive."

On where he envisions McFadden will play, inside or outside: "I think that's a coach's call. I think he's got the skills to certainly compete and whoever wins the job will be determined based on their play on the field."

On McFadden playing inside our outside, again: "He's done both at San Diego State, so I think he can play either. He's got the skill set to do that. He came to San Diego State as a receiver, and they moved him to corner. I think he can see the game through both eyes and I think he can play in or out."

On the thought of taking a quarterback in the third round: "No, we were more focused on trying to improve the positions of the secondary, defensive line, offensive line, those areas."

On Davone Bess: "Bess is a really talented, productive receiver. I think he's the 14th most productive receiver in the NFL over the last four years. He's caught a lot of passes, converted a lot of third downs for the Dolphins. They signed a couple of other receivers this year, so it was a good opportunity for us to bring him in here and see what he can do in terms of being inside the slot, play outside, he's done both. He did both last year with Miami. He's been very productive since he was a free agent out of Hawaii. So he'll certainly give us a chance. Before the trade is official, he's going to have to pass his physical."

On Bess being a veteran WR: “I think because he's produced in the league certainly is attractive and he's proven on tape against really good competition, so it wasn't a question of looking at it any deeper than he could make plays against people that we have to play against and he's been very productive.

On Bess’ proposed three-year extension: “We've talked about it, we haven't finalized it.

On McFadden: “He's 5'9 -3, but he weighs 193, so he's got good size to him. Obviously we all want 6-1 corners. We all want Willie Brown from the old days. Sometimes it's harder to find. But he makes plays on the football which is important. He's got great awareness, he's got balance, so I think those are things when he's down the field are important.

On Brian Sipe possibly having an impact: “No, I don't think so. The good thing is in the conference he plays in the ball is being thrown constantly all the time so you have a lot of great opportunity. Like in most college football there's a lot of opportunity to evaluate him in terms of covering man-to-man, then he got to go to the Senior Bowl, which was also a great experience for him. As we look at players when they play at a certain level of competition and they move up a level, the Senior Bowl is a great test to see how they match up against other receivers and I think Leon did a great job.

On Barkevious Mingo: “I think Mingo is a defining kind of player you want to bring into an organization. He's competitive, he's extremely tough, he loves football, he's passionate, he's fast, he's athletic and he's long and those are things you talk to coach Chud, you talk to Joe, those are the kind of the qualities we're looking to add to the football team, productive in college and played in college and I think with Leon as well, you see he's played a lot of games at San Diego State.”

On the need for a veteran WR: “I think we're always looking to add good players. David nelson's an older player, too, who caught 71 passes I think 2 years ago before he got hurt. You're always trying to add players to your team you think could help, and certainly Bess we think can help. And he's played in the league and I think on the most critical down he's been able to convert, so it was a good opportunity for us. Again, he's got to pass his physical first, though.”

On Bess and David Nelson: “
I think it gives us competition. I think David will be healthy, he's close to being healthy coming off of the ACL. So it gives us great competition for the coaches to evaluate the players and see what roles they define and how they play. I think it's still early to really see what roles are going to be played. I think both players have produced in NFL games and have made plays and scored touchdowns and converted third downs, which is always something you always want to have.

On contact with McFadden: “We talked to him. There's always interviews you have to do at the combine and then there's the workout. He worked out at the combine, so you had an opportunity to watch him work out. So you didn't have to go back. And there really wasn't any questions to ask in another workout. Sometimes you have to go to a guy and get another workout. But I think with Leon, we liked what we saw in the workout, we interviewed him and I think if you talk to anybody at San Diego state, the character and quality of the person was pretty significant in terms of the background check that we did on him. So I think you can just let that kind of stay the way it is. and you feel comfortable with him and you feel comfortable with the person.”

On McFadden’s interview at the NFL Scouting Combine: ”Even though you don't have a formal sit-down with all the players, at the combine you have what we call the informal chats. And so we talked to him. Plus we've had four or five scouts go through there and spend time there and dig up research and talk to all the players. We still got a long way to go.”


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