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Cleveland Browns

Wed. Aug. 11: QBs debunk cheating story

By Marla Ridenour Published: August 12, 2009

Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn made light of Internet reports that said Anderson accused Quinn of giving the defense the hand signals during Sunday's intrasquad scrimmage at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Several sites implied that Quinn was cheating to win the starting job.

When the radio transmitter failed in Anderson's helmet, hand signals were used to send in plays. Anderson, who had a pass at the goal line intercepted by linebacker D'Qwell Jackson, joked afterward that Quinn had tipped off the defense as to what the signals meant.

Anderson's team defeated Quinn's 17-14. The winner's team had no curfew for the evening.

''We were having a good time, everybody was doing everything they could to win,'' Anderson said Wednesday. ''Obviously we had some incentive to win. They scripted fun plays, we did some things we don't normally do. It was all in fun. Obviously I wasn't trying to ... Whoever took it and ran with it, obviously I've got to be careful what I say.''

Quinn said, ''I think everyone blew that out of proportion a little bit. Uh, no one was stealing hand signals. Our defense knows most of our hand signals at this point, anyway.''

Mangini could only shake his head, seemingly amazed by the play the story received.

"Those guys are competitive and they're friends," Mangini said. "The group is friendly and the game was competitive by nature. ... All I see them doing is supporting each other."

Who's not practicing: Receivers Braylon Edwards, Lance Leggett and David Patten, running back Jerome Harrison and tight end John Madsen.

Who's visiting: Indians GM Mark Shapiro, whose sister Julie is married to Mangini, and former Kent State coach Jim Corrigal, now an assistant at Hiram.

QB update: Defense ruled during most of team drills. Anderson would have been sacked by rookie David Veikune, defensive back Hank Poteat and by a host of defenders on another throw. Shaun Rogers could have taken down Brady Quinn, while Brett Ratliff was chased by linebackers Kamerion Wimbley and Titus Brown and threw the ball into the base of the goal post on another because of the pressure. Quinn tossed a TD pass to rookie Mohamed Massaquoi, but Massaquoi blatantly pushed off cornerback Brandon McDonald to get separation. There was no flag, which even drew complaints from cornerback Eric Wright.

Defensive stars: Safety Nick Sorensen notched an interception off Brett Ratliff. Later he picked up a Ratliff ball that bounced off running back Noah Herron's foot and into the air and returned it for a TD. Rod Hood nabbed an Anderson ball, but it was tipped by rookie receiver Jordan Norwood.

Wasting no time: Fred Weary, signed on Sunday, got some time at right guard with the first team.

Very interesting: Visiting coaches are not allowed to bring their cell phones into practice to prohibit Tweeting.


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