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What are the Browns talking about heading into minicamp?

By Nate Ulrich Published: June 9, 2010

Several Browns players met with reporters after practice Monday. Here are some of the highlights from their conversations:

Joshua Cribbs

(On if the rookies have impressed him so far) -- “Definitely.  I feel like they are showing the coaches what they want to see.  They are making the right reads, making the right coverages because that’s what it’s all about in OTAs. Can they be coached?  Are they coachable?  Are they athletic enough to do what their coached? A lot of the guys are impressing the coaches and steeping through.” 

(On if fewer balls are hitting the field during practice than in the past) -- “It’s a lot more attention to detail.  We are out there playing loose, it’s a different atmosphere out there.  You have a lot of veteran guys in the leadership positions and the rookies are following suit.  There’s no room really for mental errors and a lot of guys are on their job.”

(On if he would like to have fewer roles on the team to focus on) -- “Not at all.  The more you can do, the better in this league.  The older I get, the more it will die down.  The more talent that comes on the team, the more it will die down.  The more guys that we get at receiver, I might play less of that.  The more running backs we get, I might play less of that.  So it changes each year.  No, not at all, the more I can do, the better.  I want to do as much as I can for my football team to help them win.”

Shawn Lauvao

(On getting reps at different spots on the offensive line) --  “It’s been good.  I just got to get used to it.  A lot of times coaches just kind of throw it all in terms of just testing me, just toss me in at center, left guard, right guard.  So every day is kind of like a new experience.  The biggest thing is just becoming consistent more and more every day.”

(On competing for the right guard position) --  “Like I said before, I just want to come in and just help the team in any way possible.  So whatever coach sees fit, I’m more than willing to do so whether that be center, left guard, right guard, I’m more than willing to do whatever.”

(On offensive line coach George Warhop) -- “Hop is a good coach. That’s one thing, he is definitely technical. He is real detail oriented. Just through this whole transition, he’s helped me become a better player just within this little time together.”

Eric Steinbach

(On if there are a lot of changes this year) --  “No, not really. This is going on our second year with Mangini’s staff and there’s  some new faces with personnel and players and everything, but the system that was put into place last year is the same, nothing’s changed.  As you guys can tell you have been out for a few practices already.  The way Eric’s (Mangini) ran practice last year is the same this year.  Just got a couple new faces and I think we got a good start this year that we’re coming off of last year.”

(On what steps the offense should take to improve) --  “We should basically just improve off of how we finished last year.  I thought the last four games we finished real strong.  Obviously the goals for the coaches and the players are to build off the way we finished.  We finished strong, obviously winning the last four, but I really think the last half of the season was a big improvement from the first eight games.  If we can just build off that I think we will be headed in the right direction.”

(On what the team can build off of from the end of last year) --  “For one, just take the attitude.  If you look at the way we finished those I think a lot had to do with the player’s attitude going out there and just having the want to win.  I think a lot of it also had to do with us everything just coming together all the pieces of the puzzle and then just basically start off, with wins where last year we didn’t.  It’s rough being 1-10 and then trying to finish the season, so if we start off with some wins, it’s going to help us out in the long run.”

Joe Thomas

(On the differences he has noticed in the offense) -- “This spring, we have really made a big focus on throwing the ball.  It seems like we have really improved our passing game so far.  I’m not in those meetings, so I don’t know why.  It just seems like we are completing more passes, not turning the ball over and really moving the ball on the defense.  Granted, like you said, we don’t have pads on, so it’s hard to tell.  Very positive things in the passing game so far.”

Lawrence Vickers

(On why he came back before his contract was resolved) -- “I was ready to work.  I missed my teammates. I wanted to be back with those guys.  I saw them on the internet having fun, so I was ready to come back.”

(On how long he will be here practicing) -- “I’m going to be here the whole week.  I’ll be here for minicamp and everything.  I’m ready to work.”

(On the rookie class) -- “They are looking good.  We have got a good class in, I’m liking them a lot.  They are out there playing and they know what they are doing.  They are kind of catching onto things fast, so I’m happy and I’m excited about it.”

(On the differences between this year and last year’s OTAs) -- “Things are a lot smoother.  We don’t have to adjust as much as we did last year.  We kind of know what coach expects and what he wants, so we come in with the right attitude.  Last year, it was kind of unexpected not knowing what was going on.  We know what he wants, we know what he expects of us and it’s up to us to come out here and do it.”


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