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What's Browns coach Eric Mangini saying?

By Nate Ulrich Published: June 10, 2010

Browns coach Eric Mangini met with reporters between practices during mandatory minicamp Thursday in Berea. Here are some of the highlights from the transcript:

Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference (6-10-10)

(Opening statement) -- “One of the things I was really pleased with this morning, we didn’t have a lot of time, last night we just had our squad meeting this morning and we had an NFL program so we didn’t have a lot of time to get the install.  The guys looked over it last night but I thought their recall from the OTA days was really good and it was positive especially the defense, their level of communication.  I was happy with that because really taking two days or two plus days of install and compacting it into one practice and it will be the same thing this afternoon.  The same thing tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon so it’s nice to see a limited amount of miscommunications.  Offensively, we had a lot of shifts, a lot of motions.  We used a variation of cadence and there was only one penalty here this morning and that’s really what I’m looking for and that’s something that I was really happy with especially considering the number of things that we did. We reviewed, so I’m pretty pleased with that.  Now, we’ll go back here shortly, meet again, re-install the third down stuff and now you’ll have all the stuff from this morning, all the stuff that’s new and see how it goes here this afternoon.  Looking for more of the same and the big thing is the level of communication really helped everybody get where they needed to be.”

(On an injury update for T.J. Ward and Eric Wright) -- “T.J., he has tightened up.  He’s been tight and the same thing with Eric.  I haven’t talked to Joe (Sheehan) about Eric in terms of whether he will be out there this afternoon.  Not sure, that was all it was him.  With T.J., I thought he was going to go here this morning, but doing it more precautionary than anything else to not try and get a pull or something like that.  It’s more tightness right now.”

(On Peyton Hillis not being at practice today) -- “He should be back tomorrow night.  He was sick when he went home last time and had a pretty bad cold so didn’t want him to travel.  He will be back tomorrow night.  I don’t anticipate him practicing this weekend so we will just make sure he is back on track. He’s been building up and he will be back.”

(On how long Hillis has been out) -- “Whenever we had that one break and guys went home. He got sick when he was home and it just wasn’t good for him to travel at that point.”

(On the depth at the running back) -- “I think there is good depth there and I’m happy with it.  You figure with Jerome (Harrison) and Montario (Hardesty). I think Montario has done a really nice job for a rookie.  He’s taken a lot of reps and then Peyton (Hillis) can play there and will play there for us.  You got Chris Jennings and James Davis.  Both guys did some nice things last year so it is a competitive group.  You add Thomas Brown to that mix and yeah I’m excited to see what they do in training camp and then with their opportunities during the preseason games.  Good group and it’s a really conscientious group.  They pick up information really well which is good.  I’ve been pleased with them.”

(On where James Davis was last year before the injury and if he surprised him) -- “No, I don’t think it was necessarily a surprise. I actually showed that run.  We were talking about screens yesterday, the screen he had against Detroit that went for a touchdown, pulled some from the archives.  I think he had some nice games in the preseason.  The tough thing to evaluate is where he would have been as we extended along and also if you’re not the first guy or second guy you’ve got to have a role on special teams.  That’s another area where he’ll keep working, Chris Jennings will keep working and they need to carve out a role there as well.”

(On his impressions of Carlton Mitchell) -- “He is a lot like the rest of the rookies.  The one thing that I’ve liked with Carlton is he’s gotten a little better each day and there’s going to be, with those guys, they may take a couple steps forward and then a step back.  He’s a hard worker.  I think he’s got really good speed.  He’s got good size and he’s made some progress in terms of understanding his assignments, the adjustments, things like that.  He’s gotten some good work here in terms of the number of reps that he’s had a chance to participate in.”

(On if he was surprised or disappointed in the three RFA’s not attending the first day of minicamp) -- “I didn’t go into the weekend with any sort of expectation one way or the other.  I think that, and I know I’ve said this before, when you’re not here you are missing out on information which is important information and you’re giving other guys your reps.  It’s really created some nice opportunities for other guys.  Obviously, I want all the guys here and learning and participating and being able to mix and match personnel groups and things like that.  Really for those guys it’s still voluntary because they haven’t signed a contract.  Would I like them here? Yes, but they’re not here so we move forward with the group that we have and we will just have to get them caught up when they come back.”

(On how he thought Phil Dawson looked and if he expected him here) -- “I expected him here and I’m glad he is here.  He looked pretty good, I thought, for his first day of kicking.  In terms of how he felt I didn’t talk to him about that but I thought in the opportunities he had he looked pretty good.  He is a perfectionist and he is always going to be hard on himself so I would expect him to feel rusty.”

(On finishing number one in kickoff coverage last season being a testament to Dawson and unit) -- “Yes, it’s everybody together.  You need good kicks in order to allow the coverage team time to get down there.  Good hang time on the kicks.  Good distance.  That is really important and then you need the group to go down there and play the proper leverage and technique and things like that.”

(On if Jake Delhomme had a bad day) -- “I wouldn’t say, necessarily, a bad day at all.  I haven’t really watched all of the tape yet, but I thought he made some good decisions on different things.  There were a couple of things that he checked into that were really good.  We were talking about something he checked into and then he realized, cat and mouse, he checked into something, the defense checked into something and then he could’ve checked back to the original thing.  That’s something that he realized and saw and talked about, which is really good. That’s an element to him with his experience that he gives us.  It’s intuitive, he understands it, he’s anticipating it and right away he knew he could have gone back to the original call.  Things like that are good to see, but I didn’t think he had a bad morning.”


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