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What's Browns coach Eric Mangini saying?

By Nate Ulrich Published: June 11, 2010

Browns coach Eric Mangini met with media Friday afternoon between practices at minicamp in Berea. Here are some of the highlights from the press conference transcript:

Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference (6-11-10)

(Opening statement) -- “I didn’t think we had as sharp of a practice yesterday afternoon as we had in the morning.  In talking to the players after practice, one of the things I stressed to them was our ability to put a couple of practices together.   Ideally, you just keep stringing them together and not have the ups and downs that you typically have with multiple practices in a short amount of time.  That’s something that will be a challenge during training camp as well, is to be able to maintain consistency through various levels of install, fatigue, things like that.  It’s good work for us and it’s a good preview for the rookies as to how it’s going to be when we get back here in July.  In terms of updates on players, I think for the most part the guys that were out this morning will be out this afternoon.  Evan (Moore) might be back, I’m not really sure on that.  No real updates on the restricted guys and I think that’s it.”

(On the receiving corps) -- “I think that Robo (Brian Robiskie) is having a great camp.  Since we have started OTAs, he has done a really nice job and I think he feels a lot more comfortable with the information.  He’s not learning the plays, now he’s getting the feel for how to run the routes.  One of the things that we really liked about him at Ohio State was how precise he was, how detailed he was and I’m really happy to see the progress that he has made.  I’m excited to see him move into the preseason.  Mo (Mohamed Massaquoi) continues to develop, which is a good thing.  I think Chansi (Stuckey) has had a really nice camp as well.  They’re all getting use to Seneca (Wallace) and Jake Delhomme) and Colt (McCoy) to some degree, but overall it’s been positive.  With Carlton (Mitchell), from the first day we got him to where he is now, there’s been a lot of good steps.  He’s going to get in that area where he’s confused with things because it’s a whole new world, but there are some real positive things that he has done.  With (Johnathan) Haggerty, he’s a guy that shows up usually once or twice a day, which is nice to see.  Now you are looking for consistency, being able to retain the information, being able to retain the coaching, being able to run the routes that you ran well yesterday as well today in addition to getting the new install.  That’s hard.  There’s going to be peaks and valleys with those guys, but they’re taking steps forward.  Overall, that’s a very positive thing.”

(On what attributes to the wide receivers’ improvement) -- “I think that it has a lot to do with them.  That’s why it’s so important from my perspective to draft players like that because all offseason, they worked.  When they are done with their workouts, they go into the field house and they catch balls off the JUGS.  The offensive guys are all working together in the field house at different points.  They just keep plugging away, they keep trying to get better and they’re going to.  Typically, people with good work ethics and high character and that are intelligent, they get better.”

(On defensive lineman Kwaku Danso and if he came with a lot of experience) -- “No, he didn’t come with a lot of experience, he came with a lot of size, which is good.  He’s bright.  That time period that we had between the rookies first reporting and when they came back, he did a ton of work studying.  You can ask him pretty much any question and he knows it.  Now going out an executing it with the calls, that’s a work in progress.  I like his size, I like his intelligence and I like the way he works, so it’s encouraging.”

(On the chances of Danso making the team) -- “Defensive linemen are really hard to evaluate at this time of year.  You do the best you can and we have some extra defensive lineman, so we’re really trying to spend time looking at those guys to make sure we get the right guys for camp.  Then once they put on the pads, that will be where they can make their strongest case.”

(On receiver Mohamed Massaquoi) -- “He’s got outstanding hands.  There were a bunch of times last year during practice, and I’d show these clips in the meeting, where he would just make unbelievable catches.  The adjustments that he can make with his body I thought were really impressive.  Now it’s route in, route out, catch in, catch out, which is something that he continues to work on.  For a young guy who played as much as he did, I thought he did some really good things.  The other thing I like about all those receivers and our receivers last year at the end of the year is they block.  They block and they create some things on the perimeter that other teams can’t create because of the way they aggressively go at the people they’re assigned to.  They finish plays.  Yesterday it was play after play on the tape.  We are always talking about finishing, they catch the ball and they turn and run whether or not they’re tagged off.  You don’t have to remind those guys, they’re just doing it.  Those are really good habits to get in to and as a group, I think they are doing a nice job.”

(On if Danso is a lock to make the training camp roster) -- “I’d say that he’s made a really good case for himself.  I want to sit down with the coaches at the end of this camp.  We’ve gotten him more reps this camp than he had gotten through the OTAs as well as the other guys that we are trying to make decisions on.  I’d like to sit down after that and make that decision and talk to Tom (Heckert) as well. I like what he’s done and he will get some more chances here between this afternoon and tomorrow as well.”

(On if he quells down players fighting in practice) -- “It’s not even quelling, we shut that down. We are not fighting at practice.  We don’t do it. We are never going to do it.  I’ve seen too many bad things happen in that situation where either the guy that throws the punch breaks his hand or gets hurt, or he hurt somebody else and they’re rolling around.  There’s so many chances that the guys have to show how tough they are, that’s not one of them.  You need to be able to control your emotions in the game.  There’s going to be times where you’re hit in the game, there’s going to be times where maybe you’re cheap-shotted in the game.  Whatever it is, they always catch the guy that pushes second and you get the penalty and you have got to learn how to control your emotions.  I talked about that with the players yesterday night.  We are not doing it. We are never going to do it. I don’t believe in it and I think it’s wrong.”

(On receiver Johnathan Haggerty) -- “He’s another guy that has an outstanding work ethic, is bright, very bright and he gets it.  He gets what a great opportunity this is and everyday he is going to come out and make a case for himself. There may be some days where he takes some steps back like the rest of the group, but we brought in a lot of rookies.  We brought in a lot of guys.  We have a lot of new people and you got to pop off the screen.  He popped and he popped and he popped and eventually you learn his name and you learn different things about him and watch him a little bit more closely.  He’s gotten some more looks because of the good things that he’s done and now it’s, I’m excited about what he’s done.  It’s a function of what he can keep doing.”


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