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What's Browns coach Eric Mangini saying?

By Nate Ulrich Published: August 6, 2010

Browns coach Eric Mangini met with reporters before his team practiced Friday afternoon. Here is the transcript from the press conference:

Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 8-6-10

(Opening statement) -- “What we did this morning is we corrected the film and spent time on that and got that all cleaned up. I had a squad (meeting) with them to split the team up into brown and white, coaches players, right on down the line and they had their initial Brown and White meetings. We’ll go out to practice today and we’ll do a brown, white walkthrough. We’ll get together as a group to go through the pregame warm-up that we always do. Both teams will do the same thing on Saturday to simulate what we will do the following weekend, all of the procedures the same. In the locker room, we’ll try to make it as realistic as possible to give the guys a view of how we operate. Bench operation, locker room operation, halftime operation and we’ll do a couple situations here. This morning brown versus white and we’re holding the game tomorrow so this evening, instead of having your standard night meetings, the brown team will use the white film to do their night before the game meetings, their scouting reports. That type of things and vice versa that we get here from today’s practice. They’ll be watching the tape, and they will also be installing for the game tomorrow. It should be fun. I’m looking forward to a big crowd turnout. That’ll make it even better. These rookies don’t really understand how noisy it gets at our place, but they’ll learn soon enough. We have Browns Backers weekend, here this weekend, so we’ll have a group of backers here today. Really, the fan attendance at training camp has been outstanding so that’s nice and there are some tough days out there. They help you through it and we appreciate it and the Browns Backers, I know my mom goes to a Browns Backers restaurant when we have away games. She likes to be in that environment. My brother, I think, has found one in Australia. The family definitely appreciates that, having that group to watch games with.”

(On if quarterback Jake Delhomme’s three interceptions yesterday were a product of good defense play or poor play on Jake’s part) -- “We don’t ever want a three interception day. I thought two of those plays were really good defensive plays. On the first one at the start of the game period, D’Qwell (Jackson) folds back in late and gets his hand out, hit the ball and it gets batted up. He had Lawrence (Vickers) on a shallow crosser that would have gone for probably five or 10 yards. D’Qwell came in late, batted it up and we teach the offensive linemen there, if that was a game, they do whatever they need to do to bat the ball down. Obviously, practicing we wouldn’t be conscious of each other and that was the first interception. I thought Abe (Elam) made a really nice play in the end zone. He had backside coverage. His coverage where he was going to double, his coverage cleaned up pretty quickly based on the release of the receiver and he held backside which is what you want to do to give the illusion that you’re not there and get the guy to throw the ball and Jake was trying to lead the tight end away from the defensive back and I thought Abe did a really job with his disguise and then the execution. The deep ball by Wrighteous (Eric Wright). I thought that was a pretty good pick, but I thought that was one where we could have led the receiver better. That was a real opportunity for a big play. They had gotten us defensively, in terms of him being open. I don’t want any three interception games. The encouraging thing because you’ve got to flip it now, is that the defense is creating more turnovers, whether it’s been working the ball out and forcing turnovers or some of the interceptions that are coming. That’s encouraging on the other side. Where you maybe don’t like the numbers here, you like the numbers here, so being the glass half full guy that I am, I like the numbers defensively.”

(On what the format is for tomorrow’s scrimmage) -- “It will exactly like a game. Mechanically, it will be like a game. We’re not tackling. The officials will decide where the ball is spotted. Their rule is final. We’re not hitting the quarterback. We’re not hitting the punter and kicker. It’s a penalty if you get too close. We’re shortening it from 15 minutes to 10 minutes just because of the numbers that we have on each side, but the mechanics of challenges, two-minute warning, penalties, game operation, we’ll have a full crew. The NFL officials, I know you spoke to them, plus the group that we have that helps us out at practice. We’ll have a full crew there. Coaches will be in the booth so as much as we can get it to a game like environment.”

(On whether there will be a running clock) -- “When in doubt run the clock, that kind of running clock.”

(On if there could be three downs and a punt) -- “Yes, it’s whatever happens, happens. If Brad (Seely) decides to go for it on fourth-and-one, so be it. He goes for it. If he wants to punt it, he can punt it. It’s fun. Over the years we’ve seen some very coachable moments both from players and coaches.”

(On if kicker Phil Dawson is going to play for both teams) -- “Yes, that’s always a tough one because the kickers, are they on the winning side or on the losing side? One year, Mike Nugent missed one a little bit to the left and he voluntarily went with the losing team because they should have won the game. I think the way we did it last year is the winning team gets to vote whether or not they want the kicker and punter and last year they voted yes because I think Phil might have missed a kick for the other team so they voted him on.”

(On the stakes for the game) -- “It’s a little bit of time off for them in terms of curfew. They’ll get curfew off for tomorrow night and the losers won’t and the winners come in a little bit later. The losers come in a little bit earlier. We’re not betting the house here, but it’s valuable to the guys.”

(On what he wants to see from quarterback Seneca Wallace tomorrow) -- “I expect that he’ll throw to Josh Cribbs a lot. That’s what I’d expect. If I was on the other team, I would probably guard Josh Cribbs pretty well.”

(On whether Wallace and Delhomme are opposing quarterbacks in the game) -- “Yes, the quarterbacks are split up. I can’t remember if it’s Seneca and Colt (McCoy) or Seneca and Brett (Ratliff). I can’t remember how we had that. There were a couple of late trades last night that we had to make, so the roster’s changed a little bit just based on availability and balance.”

(On if Wallace naturally looks for Cribbs) -- “I think some of that happens naturally. I think some of that is Josh is open which is good and that means that he’s getting better as a receiver and I thought he did good things as a receiver last year. I think he’s continuing to improve in that role and you’ve guys have seen some of the catches he’s made. That one handed catch the other day and he had a really nice play in the one-on-ones yesterday. A beautiful, really nice throw and catch, back of the end zone on the last plays of the situations, a pretty good throw and catch too.”

(On who won’t play tomorrow) -- “I don’t know yet because we have to practice today. The PUP guys won’t play tomorrow and then (Chris) Roberson won’t play tomorrow.”

(On if Peyton Hillis will play tomorrow) -- “Not sure. There’s a group of guys that are on the cusp as to whether they are going to play. Most of those guys are on the cusp, but I’ll talk to Joe (Sheehan) and the Doc and see where they are.”

(On if Dave Zastudil is back) -- “Yes, he’s back. He will not work today, but he is back.”

(On if Peyton Hillis is feeling better) -- “He’s getting better. I think out of all those guys that have missed some time, we’re getting close with all of them. I think it was yesterday, we had three guys that had been out and came back. It’s going to happen like that over the rest of camp where a guy gets nicked up and it’s not too serious, but they need some time to just rehab it and get it ready to go.”

(On if Zastudil needs any further surgery) -- “I don’t think we’ve drawn any conclusions right now. I don’t think there’s anything new as of yet. We’ll talk about it and see where it goes.”


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