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What's Browns coach Eric Mangini saying?

By Stephanie Storm Published: August 16, 2010

Browns coach Eric Mangini met with reporters Monday afternoon. Here's the transcript from the press conference:

(Opening statement) -- “Good afternoon everybody.  Just looking at the tape of the game, a lot of the things that I felt on Saturday were reconfirmed.  One of the things that I talked to the players a lot about, we talked about it before the brown and white game, we talked about it again this week: win or lose, you come in and you look at the tape and you draw value from the experience.  You draw value from whatever happened and it only has value if you can take that information and apply it to the next time that you play and you stay consistent with the approach.  Often times in a post-game analysis, if you win you can gloss over some things that have to be fixed.  If you lose, you can harp on some things overly so.  It was a good chance for me to go through that process again.  I really liked the way that we played offensively.”
“I thought Jake (Delhomme) did an excellent job on the first drive.  I thought the group as a whole did an excellent job on the first drive and we were able to do a lot of things against a team that we weren’t able to do very much against last year and their first group, including converting on the fourth down, being able to run it in when we got there on the four yard line.  Good control of the offense by Jake in terms of establishing the protections and getting the line in sync with where we wanted to go with the protections.  So a lot of real positives and then Seneca (Wallace) having a chance to work with that group as well after the sudden change and the things he was able to do.  And the people we were able to get involved, whether it was Ben Watson, Brian Robiskie, Peyton Hillis, Mohamed (Massaquoi).  I thought the catch he (Mohamed) had on fourth down was outstanding.  Shawn Lauvao getting a chance to start, Evan Moore getting involved; so that whole group I was pleased with.  We didn’t have any penalties with that group, didn’t have any turnovers with that group.  Green Bay was the team that led the NFL last year in turnovers.  Obviously, some things to correct there, but a very good start.  I also really liked the way we operated at the end of the game, putting ourselves in a position to tie it and then putting ourselves in the position to win it offensively on that last kick.”

“Defensively, we worked on some pressures and each game you’re going to see we will work on different things.  I think the best teaching tool from that was there’s always a small margin of error when you pressure, but when you play an offense that’s as potent as they are, the margin for error is that much smaller.  They felt like Aaron Rodgers threw the ball well and they caught the ball well.  Even on the touchdown that T.J. (Ward) had, he was in good position; he played the ball the right way through the guy’s hands.  Where we got into trouble there is Joe (Haden) showed the pressure too early, which allowed the quarterback to come out, signal the double move, shift the protection over and it wasn’t a dramatic showing of the pressure, but it was enough where if you get a veteran guy, an experienced guy, he’s going to get that.  Some great lessons there and I thought that everything that we did, there weren’t guys running free, fair-catching passes in the end zone.  There were a lot of coachable things that I think are very correctable and I like the way we turned the ball over as well.”
“On special teams, I really felt like we did a nice job there.  (There were) probably eight big plays in terms of where we started with the ball after a kickoff return, punt returns over 15 yards, pinning them down on the five yard line and the two converted field goals.  We had a couple of problems there where they were able to pin us down and some things we have got to get cleaned up on field goal and punt protection, but I thought we made some strides and there’s another place where T.J. showed up on the first two kickoffs, he has two tackles.”

(On the stability at the quarterback position) - - “It has been great.  You can see that both of those guys go in, and it’s a little different package for each player, but they’re both efficient with the operation.  Seneca makes some plays with his feet that cause problems.  The throws were on time and guys had a chance for every ball.  It was great to watch.”

(On whether he had his rotation at quarterback or set or whether he was satisfied with Delhomme’s first drive) -- “Yes, it was an 11 play, 80-yard drive. I was thinking around 15 snaps for him so when we got the sudden change, it was actually positive because it got Seneca more work with the first offensive group, which I wasn’t sure if we we’re going to be able to do as much of that as we were able to do, so I was pleased with that.”

(On quarterback Colt McCoy’s injury status) -- “He’s fine. He might miss a day or two.”

(On whether he expects running back Montario Hardesty on the field today) -- “No. He’s in the next phase of rehab, so probably practicing next week, but he’ll be doing a lot more active stuff this week.”

(On whether McCoy will play this week against St. Louis) -- “Yes, he should play.”

(On whether the clock stops in the last two minutes when the quarterback slides) -- “What you’ve got to do, Brian (Daboll) and Brett (Ratliff) did a nice job. You tell the official before the play, we are going to declare down, so when he catches it, he slides down, which is him declaring down and you can call a timeout and you’re not subject to the touch rule.”

(On whether the clock could have run out if they hadn’t talked to the referee there) -- “The clock could run out if they don’t touch you, so you have to tell them, after this play, we are going to declare down, wherever you catch it and then you call a timeout.”

(On the areas the team improved on and what still needs work) -- “I thought the protection and the understanding of the protections have been good all camp. I think the understanding by the receivers of when they have to break hot or make a sight adjustment or things like that when they are a part of the pickup based on the routes has been good. We could have done a better job with that in the game and I think that will continue to improve. We didn’t run the ball as much as we may in some other games, but I look forward to seeing more of that and seeing where we are in the development of that. I was happy to run the ball in from the four like we did. We were in a little bit of a bind with the second group, in terms of how many offensive linemen we had available and John (Malecki) was about 24 hours in the building and played quite a bit, so we’ll have some of those guys back this week and probably do some more things.”

(On whether he was curious to see how his scouting transferred off the page with safety T.J. Ward) -- “I had seen him hit live in college and usually that translates. Guys that are biting at that point, tend to bite when they get here and guys that don’t, every now and then, they do, not so much usually. Percentage wise, and he was one of those guys that really had a lot of big hits, was a good tackler and you can see his aggressiveness when we’re not hitting here. So, I assumed that would continue along the trend.”

(On whether he lived up to the live hitting that he saw in college) -- “In terms of him being consistent with what we saw on the college tape, I’d say it was consistent. What I was happy with, I didn’t see a lot of special teams play out of him in college, so you don’t know how that’s necessarily going to play out, but I thought the second tackle was better than the first. I thought he did a great job there, on the kickoff. He went down, kind of gave an inside move, the guy was blocking him, ran by him, sliced behind and got beyond the 15-yard line.”

(On why he played him and cornerback Joe Haden three quarters) -- “Because they need the work. They don’t have any pro experience. They don’t have any game experience. So to give them a chance to get that experience, you’ve got to play them. Same thing with Shawn (Lauvao), he got some great work early and he worked with the second group. Their number of pro reps started the other night and that’s about this big.”

(On how encouraged he was by the tackling in the secondary) -- “To me, that’s critical because it’s the difference between a big play and an eight-yard gain, or a seven-yard gain or a 10-yard gain. They should get what they’ve earned through the completion, but it shouldn’t be very much after that. There were multiple times last year where a guy catches a ball, even Green Bay during the regular season, a guy catches the ball and we’ve got two different opportunities to tackle him and he goes in for a touchdown. Same thing with (Spencer) Havner, the tight end against Green Bay, we’ve got two or three opportunities to tackle him and he runs for a touchdown. Those yards shouldn’t be there. That’s not how it should work and it’s going to be the safeties and the corners who usually determine how many yards after the catch the guy gets.”

(On how he evaluates the touchdown run that Ward was involved in) -- “Yes, there were things on the defensive line where we got reached when we shouldn’t have got reached. We should have controlled the tight end a lot better. There shouldn’t have been that huge hole that was there and we hit them, knocked him back and then T.J. had a chance to hit him and he needs to wrap up at that point. I chalk it up to learning.”

(On how wide receiver Joshua Cribbs is coming along as a wide receiver) -- “I think you guys see how he’s coming along. Every day in practice he makes fantastic catches. I think his route running has improved dramatically. He’s doing more than just running the routes. He understands the nuances of route running, which is great to see and there was a time in the game where I thought, well I don’t think he was wide open. The guy borderline tackled him, but it didn’t get called. It was in front of the end zone. The ball went to (Brian) Robiskie. He got mauled. He beat the inside slot defender. He got mauled and probably would have been a touchdown there. I think he’s made great strides.”

(On whether wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi will be on the field today after getting injured during the game) -- “He won’t be out there today. He’ll probably be out later in the week.”

(On how he thought Robiskie played) -- “Good. I thought he played well. I was really happy for him because he’s worked hard and he’s taken a lot of heat and he’s been a consistent person. He’s been a consistent player and I know this is only preseason, but it was nice to see him make some catches because he’s been making a ton of catches throughout the course of camp and you see some of his value outside of the receiving is that play in the red zone when Seneca ran out he reverted to what we call scramble rules, which are very specific and guys have to be in a very specific spot and Brian was there. Seneca knew he’d be there and was able to complete the ball and that’s the type of stuff that are not the typical routes you are looking for from the guys and I think Brian does a nice job with that.”

(On the quarterbacks showing confidence in the wide receivers) -- “I don’t want to speak for the quarterbacks, but my sense is they have a lot of faith that the guys will be where they are supposed to be and it’s not just with Mohamed and Robiskie, it’s with all those guys. That group is very conscientious. They work at it every day. They work together well and there’s one of the core characteristics, there’s trust and the young receivers are showing that they are trustworthy and that whole process, you have to build trust and you have to give trust and that’s everybody working to establish that they deserve that.”

(On how linebacker Matt Roth is against the run) -- “He’s really good against the run. You want him to run to that side. He’s really good against the run.”

(On whether the blitzes were designed to get pressure on quarterback Aaron Rodgers or he wanted to see how some of the young guys in the secondary would react) -- “It wasn’t a typical game plan, where you’d say this is the best thing against Green Bay right now. We really didn’t spend that much time doing it. It was only really a day of practice and a couple meetings, but you’ve been working on different things throughout camp. Some of it is like another practice. We want to run this four times, this three times. Hopefully we’ll get this check and see whether or not the guys can do it and in more of a pressure situation, different bodies that they have to adjust to, different formations so it’s kind of an extended version of the install.”

(On how the secondary did with it) -- “I thought there were a lot of good things there, especially, in the recognition, the communication, getting it to the right side. Now, as I said before, when you are playing an offensive like that, you have to be right and the coverage has to be tight and if you don’t have those two things, you are going to get hurt, but it’s good to see that stuff against an offense like that to get a sense of what you need to correct and it’s different going into a postgame, where guys are running free and as opposed to having to correct technique things and to correct slight things.”

(On whether linebacker Marcus Benard is coming along) -- “Yes, he is. Where Marcus is now versus Marcus a year ago, it’s night and day. He was about as raw as you can get, in terms of a college player and his development as a player and as a person has been tremendous. He spoke to the rookies this year about his approach and his thought process and I thought he was thoughtful and eloquent and it was a powerful message from a guy that came from a small school and had to fight each day, to stay in the building. As long as he keeps that approach and that’s really the approach Josh Cribbs has. Josh, it doesn’t matter how much he makes, it doesn’t matter how many accolades he has, he’s working every day. You hear Jerry Rice talk, you hear the guys that get inducted into the Hall of Fame and I’m not putting anybody in the Hall of Fame, but that’s how they talk. It’s not, I’m satisfied with where I am, it’s okay, what do I have to do today to get better. Teddy Atlas always used to talk about fear and a little bit of fear is healthy. It doesn’t allow you to become complacent. It’s not that you are afraid of what’s coming, but you are afraid of not reaching your potential, of not maximizing the gifts that you have.”

(On whether they will be taking anybody off PUP) -- “No, nobody off PUP.”

(On nose tackle Ahtyba Rubin looked in the game) -- “I think Rube has looked good all camp. This style of running game is different than what we may typically get, so the one thing you go into this game with, because it’s the first preseason game, you haven’t really worked a lot of those runs and it’s a very different style and I thought Rubin did a nice job remembering how he had to play it based on last year and adjusting to it.”

(On how much better he feels about the quarterback position now considering what it was like last season) -- “It’s been very positive and in a lot of ways because Jake (Delhomme) comes out of the game and he was as involved when he was on that first drive, he was that involved in the fourth quarter and the third quarter when he was helping out Colt (McCoy) and Ratty (Brett Ratliff) and Seneca was right there. Those pictures would come off, they were into the game and wanted to help those guys out and they’re teaching while they’re not playing and that’s a great thing.”

(On whether they did more in the first game this year than they did last year) -- “We did more this year because we could do more this year. We didn’t do less last year because we wanted to; it’s just where we were. That’s where the state of the union was, we could only get to a certain amount of things. Now, we have a group of guys that are familiar with the information. We have new guys that have come in that are all really bright and pick things up quickly, so you are able to do more, so you try so more things to evaluate a broader group of plays.”

(On whether a little bit of fear relates to multiple players at a position) -- “Yes, I think competition is a very healthy motivator and you’re always trying to strike that balance in training camp because you want the older guys to work with the younger guys and you want the younger guys to seek out that advice and there is a dynamic there where one group is trying to take another group’s guy or job or one guy is trying to take another guy’s job, looking for that teamwork and competitiveness to exist at the same time. So, I think any time you have depth, and any time you have someone chomping at your heels a little bit, it picks up your pace. You are a little brisker; you dot a few more eyes.”


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