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What's Browns coach Eric Mangini saying?

By Nate Ulrich Published: November 1, 2010

Browns coach Eric Mangini met with reporters Monday morning. Here is a transcript from the press conference:

Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 11-1-10

(Opening statement) -- “Good morning everybody, welcome back.  Today, we are doing the third day of our bye week.  We wanted to have the guys get the concentrated time off that they did and we were able to cover first and second down and third down last week.  As we do on Monday, this is really the third installment of looking at us.  We have gone through the red area, the goal line, the short yardage, the things that we typically do on a Friday, we did that study when the players were gone on Thursday and then we’ll practice that here today.  This morning, that’s what they went through, they went through the corrections that we had, the different things that we were either going to add or subtract with the diagrams and corrections that component of it, walk through it.  Then we’ll practice it, watch it on tape and finish that part of it up.  It’s really Browns today and moving our corrections forward today and then when they leave we’ll move forward on the Patriots and when they come back on Wednesday that will be our focus.  It will be normal game week.  In terms of guys practicing, only three guys will be out today, it should be just Seneca (Wallace), Jake (Delhomme) and John (St. Clair). So everybody else should be back, which is a low number for us I think so far.”

(On if he watched the Minnesota game last night) -- “I saw part of it.  I taped it. I saw part of it and then got interrupted by trick-or-treating.”

(On Brett Favre’s starting streak) -- “In terms of him starting or not starting next week, I know that when we were together in New York we never talked about that.  He never brought that up with me. That was never a focus of something that we would have in our discussions.  We would get together typically in the early but of the week either Tuesday or Wednesday to just discuss the plan and things like that and that never came up, so I’m not sure how it is currently or any of that.”

(On if Brett Favre’s streak and Cal Ripken’s streak are comparable) -- “My father-in-law (Ron Shapiro) had Cal and I’m a little bias there just because of that.  I think that was a pretty amazing streak, but to play that many games, such a physical game, so demanding, to take the type of hits that he’s taken over time and still be able to come back and play the next week, it’s pretty amazing.  It’s amazing in any position and I think it’s really amazing at the quarterback spot.”

(On while in New York if Brett Favre was still there best chance to win games when he had a torn bicep) -- “Yes, definitely and the thing with that whole situation was he practiced each one of those days and he wasn’t receiving treatment so I knew he was going to play each week, we knew he was going to play each week.  He definitely gave us our best chance to win at that point so we were going to move forward with it.  That was the thought process.”

(On the Browns’ starting quarterback for Sunday) -- “I think Jake and Seneca are a lot better after the bye and some more time.  I’d say Wednesday may have a shot.  I’d say Seneca’s probably a little closer than Jake, but that could flip pretty quickly so we’ll just see where they are.”

(On if he has talked with Brian Daboll and Mike Holmgren about which quarterback will start) -- “We haven’t had to have any discussions yet because neither guy is practicing.”

(On if both Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace might be ready for Wednesday) -- “I think Seneca’s a little further ahead than Jake is right now but I don’t know whether they will or not Jeff (Schudel).”

(On if the old thought of not losing your job to injury still applies today) -- “I don’t think any rule is hard and fast. Each situation you have to look at a little bit differently.  Tom (Brady) went in and played and has played pretty well and we stayed with him that whole year.  I don’t know. I don’t really feel like it’s just one universal rule that can be applied to every single guy.”

(On if they would start Seneca Wallace if he was better before Jake Delhomme knowing that they would start Jake when he was heeled in a week or two because this would mean another transition for the offense to go through) -- “What I’ve been happy with is I really feel when Seneca played he played well.  Since Colt’s (McCoy) been playing, he’s played well and I know that we talked about before even Colt got a chance to play, it would be a nice situation to be able to choose between two really good options.  I’ve been pleased with what Colt has done, but I was pleased with what Seneca had done as well. I think that’s a good situation where you have two guys that it’s not like either guy went in and you’re looking for the next alternative.  I think they’ve both done nice things and now it’s going to be a function of getting guys back to healthy, seeing where Colt continues to go.  There is some ability now to go further in terms of rest if we need to with Seneca or Jake because we do have the situation that we have.”

(On if injured reserve is a possibility for Jake Delhomme) -- “That’s nothing that we’ve talked about Mary Kay (Cabot) so I really feel he’s progressing like you would expect him to.  There haven’t been any setbacks; there hasn’t been any thought process to him not being able to play once this is completed.”

(On if they would start a different quarterback for different teams if he thought they matched up better for a specific game) -- “I really wasn’t thinking in those terms Jeff (Schudel), where you’d go one guy one week, one guy the next week, one guy the other.  That’s not how I was thinking of it.  I was thinking of it more just who you feel is playing better, who’s going to move the offense more effectively at that point, not necessarily switching those guys out like you may a feature running back or a feature receiver. Although some teams have used two quarterbacks, that’s not really what I was talking about.”

(On if he takes into consideration the opinions of the players about Colt McCoy playing into consideration) -- “No, I think that would be the case if Colt had gone in and not done very well and that’s what it was.  You’re not going to get something past that group of guys in there, they’re pretty savvy. Everybody can see that he’s done good things and if he continues to do good things they’ll see that too.  I feel like I’ve been pretty consistent in terms of trying to get the best guys on the field and trying to give guys opportunities if they earn it and having it be merit based as opposed to how much money a guy’s making or where they were drafted or any of those things. If they feel like you’re playing someone to justify a draft pick or to justify a salary, they don’t feel like you’re doing what you’re supposed to do.  You’re holding up your end of the bargain giving everybody the chance to win the game.  That’s more important because it doesn’t matter how you got here it matters what you do while you’re here and how you help the group be successful.”

(On if he would ask the captains or players about who they felt should start) -- “I talk to the captains every week and it’s not a shy group.  Scott’s (Fujita) in there, Phil Dawson’s in there, you know right on down the line, Joe (Thomas), (Josh) Cribbs, they’ll express their feelings. I don’t feel like I ever have to say ‘Hey guys what do you think’.”

(On if he takes the players’ opinions into consideration) -- “You take all of that stuff into consideration.  You know.  Guys know, you know, the coaches know there is enough interaction and awareness and conversations you get a sense of how guys feel and what they’re thinking.  At the end of the day everyone wants the same thing. Everybody is selfish in the sense that we all want to win.  Whatever we can do to get there is what everybody wants to do.”

(On if the team fades out of the playoff race if he would play whatever quarterback would help them win the game or play Colt McCoy who could potentially be the future of the team) -- “No it would be the guy who gives you the best chance to win that particular game and that to me is something that we owe the other players, we owe ourselves, we owe the fans.  We’re playing to win the games. We’re not using the games as a developmental type mode.  You want guys to develop as they’re playing but we’re playing to win each game and that’s our commitment collectively.”

(On how this is the first home game since Colt McCoy has been playing and how there will be more energy in the stands and if that goes into consideration at all) -- “To me there’s always energy in the stadium and my goal is to have that energy build because we’re winning the game and we win the game as opposed to just the initial announcements.  It’s more to get the best group out.”

(On if he got a lot of feedback on the quarterback decision while out trick-or-treating) -- “There wasn’t a ton of feedback on that specific case.  There were some pretty funny comments one guy came up and said, ‘You two guys, great costumes you like just like Mark Shapiro and Eric Mangini’ I said, ‘Thanks, I’ve been working on it.’  We went to Chagrin Falls it’s pretty amazing talk about just America.  Hundreds of kids, houses decorated what a great environment.  I’ve never experienced anything like that.  I’ve never seen that before just incredible and there were a lot of local fans too which was nice but everyone was focusing on the trick-or-treating which was great too.”

(On if a Colt McCoy came to do the door) -- “I was out with the boys so I didn’t have one.  I saw a couple Josh Cribbs, it was pretty funny with the dreads and it was pretty cool.”

(On what his thoughts were when he was in New England and they decided to go with Tom Brady after Drew Bledsoe was healthy) -- “We were rolling pretty good and I was coaching the DBs (defensive backs) and whatever the decision was the decision was.  You just focus on your group and get them to play well and then all the other decisions, we weren’t really analyzing it.”

(On what he took from going through that) -- “It was a pretty plus decision it worked out pretty well for us at that point.  You hope all decisions work out that well but each place is different each situation differs.”

(On if he thinks it is almost impossible for a coach to sit Brett Favre) -- “I don’t know.  It’s what are the alternatives.  I think it really comes down to what are the alternatives and when you play Brett, defenses play differently.  Whether he’s healthy or not healthy or has a bum leg or whatever it is, you get different defenses because they’ve got to honor the deep ball, they’ve got to honor his ability to generate points and to generate points rapidly. I don’t know if the alternative that you put in there, maybe there is a change in actually performance, but what you’ll see will be radically different with the next guy then what you see when you play him because he can do things other guys can’t do and he can do things hurt that other guys can’t do.  I remember the week that we played Arizona, he was questionable, I think with an ankle or whatever it was and he threw five touchdowns. That was one week where we really didn’t know whether he was going to be able to play and he goes out and throws five touchdowns and that’s him.  It’s really what’s your next guy and then is that next guys increase in performance however you’re going to measure that, is that going to offset the change in defensive philosophy that you get by Brett not being in there.”


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