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What's Browns coach Eric Mangini saying?

By Nate Ulrich Published: November 4, 2010

Browns coach Eric Mangini met with reporters Thursday morning. Here is the transcript from the press conference:

Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 11-4-10

(Opening statement) -- “Good morning everybody.  Today the guys that will be out will be the same group as yesterday.  Kenyon (Coleman) won’t practice today. We just switch days, usually he works on Thursday, doesn’t work on Wednesday. We just switched that and he should be out today.  Jason (Trusnik) is back from his birthing experience so he’s pretty excited.  He was talking about putting the car seat in to pick his wife up. He doesn’t even know (joking).  What we’re doing is we’re following the same schedule that we usually follow, working on third down.  New England is really good on third down, first in the AFC second in the NFL in terms of their offense.  They just do an excellent job with a lot of different ways of getting guys open and a lot of really creative ways to beat coverages so those are things that we’re going to have to be sharp on in terms of recognizing the formation and the plays and understanding the beaters that they have built in to the system.”

(On if Shaun Rogers had a set back with the leg injury) -- “No, not really. He should be back today, he missed yesterday.  I thought we were going to reverse the order yesterday but we didn’t so I just got confused.”

(On if they can name Colt McCoy their starter for Sunday) -- “I think we’re moving pretty strongly in that direction.”

(On Seneca Wallace sounding optimistic on Monday about being ready to play this week) -- “I wouldn’t say it’s out of the realm, here, of possibility.  He is a lot better, he’s moving around much better.  I think John (St. Clair) is the same way and I said Jake (Delhomme) is a little bit behind that group. I think we have an outside chance for tomorrow but nothing definite.”

(On if Delhomme came back too early) -- “No, it was a little bit different deal.  With any of these things, I think when you come back, regardless of when you to come back, if you got hit the right way you’ve got a chance of re-injuring it.”

(On if there is a formula for New England’s ability to defend inexperienced quarterbacks) -- “I think it depends on the individual guy and I think it’s also a function of because they are so game plan specific, typically young guys have a harder time recognizing, ‘Okay, this is what’s being done this game and the answers that I typically would have aren’t there and I’ve got to go somewhere else with it.’  It’s something you have to experience, something you have to understand, something you have to anticipate and I think a lot of times young guys don’t quite process that as quickly as guys who have seen that approach before.”

(On if he can help McCoy prepare for the game with his previous experience at New England) -- “I think there’s definite value there between myself, Brian (Daboll), Rob (Ryan), Brad (Seely), there’s a lot of guys with familiarity.  The problem Tony (Grossi) is you don’t know what it is going to be for you, so you can explain and show examples of, ‘Okay, this is what it was against San Diego, this is what it was against Minnesota, Baltimore,’ right down the line and then you just have to say this is what it could be against us.  If it is that here are some answers, if it’s something different then we need to talk about it on the sideline and have our answers for that.”

(On what makes Tom Brady, Tom Brady) -- “He’s got a tremendous work ethic.  That’s the starting point with him.  That was true from before Brady was Brady, as a young guy.  He always had that intense work ethic and I don’t think that changed, I know it didn’t change after we won Super Bowls, he was the same guy.  He’s down to earth, success doesn’t faze him. It hasn’t changed his approach to things, he’s got natural leadership ability and it’s not about his numbers. He’s not caught up in his stats, his numbers, that doesn’t matter. It’s just how are we going to win the game? What are we going to do to win the game?  He doesn’t care who he throws to, it’s just get it to the open guy.  I think all of those things make him who he is and he’s got really good poise.  There are some snaps where he’s playing people and he’s got good protection and he’s standing about as still as you can get. It almost looks as though he’s reading the paper back in the pocket, just poised and he waits for the guy to get open and just throws him the ball.”

(On why Brady was picked so low in the draft) -- “He didn’t come out of college the guy who he is now. There was a lot of work that had to be done and we used to do this post practice work and he wasn’t quite lighting it up, but he worked at it every day. He did all that opportunity work where I was coaching the DBs so I had the young DBs and he was throwing against them and you weren’t sitting there saying, ‘Holy cow this guy is unbelievable,’ but what you did sit there in those periods and getting to know him was, ‘Man this guy has an unbelievable work ethic, this guy’s really smart, this guy really cares.’  He got bigger, he got more experienced, he’s worked at it, it’s just hard work.  Ability combined with hard work and it wasn’t a finished product by any stretch but he turned himself into who he is.”

(On if there was a time he knew that Brady was going to be a great player) -- “Maybe after we won the first Super Bowl, that was it, but I’m telling you it wasn’t like everyone was sitting back going, ‘Man, Brady’s in hooray,’ initially because he was a young unproven guy that you loved a lot of characteristics, you loved a lot of things he did but that’s what he was.  He was a young unproven guy with great traits, and even that first year there were a lot of bumps along the way for us in winning the Super Bowl.”

(On if all they have to do is stop Tom Brady on offense) -- “No, because those guys do a good job of getting open.  Wes Welker does a really good job of getting open. BenJarvus Green-Ellis is averaging 4.4, Danny Woodhead is at 4.9.  There’s the young tight ends whether it’s (Aaron) Hernandez or (Rob) Gronkowski, they’ve both done a really nice job.  Deion Branch, I think he’s an outstanding receiver and he’s outstanding working with Tom.  There are a lot of weapons in that group and he makes those guys play better and perform better.”

(On what Gerard Warren has given New England) -- “I think he’s done a good job in the system, he’s a big body, he plays both end and nose tackle so there’s some flexibility there.  He plays really in all three spots for them so they can move Vince (Wilfork) around and he can come in.  He’s done a good job in the running game.  It looks like he’s been a solid player for them.”

(On how he attacks a defense with three rookies starting) -- “Even though they’re young guys, the one thing that they’ve done really well is play within the system.  There haven’t been a lot of mistakes, they play sound and that’s a big part of what they do. They don’t give up big plays.  The yards may come all those numbers passing yards, running yards nobody cares about that it’s just don’t give up the points and don’t give up big plays and make the team go the long, hard way.  They’ve done a good job of playing sound, fundamental football across the board and it works.”

(On what’s the best approach against Brady) -- “We’ve used a bunch of different approaches over time.  This approach will be different than the last approach and the one before that was different than that and what you do is it’s just not going to be the same.  It’s not going to be the same as what we have shown in the past.  I’m sure he knows that and Bill (Belichick) knows that. It’s going to be different.”

(On if you can play aggressive against a quarterback like Brady) -- “He can kill you a couple different ways.  You can die slowly or you can die quickly.  The key thing is to keep avoiding the bullets and make sure you’re able to deliver some blows along the way.  He’s got a great understanding of what the coverages are and if the coverage isn’t what he expects it to be there’s an answer and he goes with the answer.  A lot like with Peyton Manning where the pressures coming and if they don’t have it picked up, he’ll just throw it out of bounds and live to fight another down.  Tom is often times the same way.  It may not be out of bounds but there’s an easy answer, there’s a quick answer, there’s a smart answer.  You go to that, you pick up six yards and you move it.  We got to make sure the answers aren’t always the same.”

(On Wes Welker) -- “One, he’s tough he’s very tough.  He’s very good in zone coverage and understanding where to fit in the zones.  He’s very good in man to man coverage reading away from the leverage, he’s got great short away quickness and he’s really good at the run after the catch because he’s so shifty.  I think all those things make him hard to defend.”

(On if they can double team a guy like Welker) -- “You can try to and work at it and do it different ways, a lot like Wayne Chrebet.  Wayne Chrebet, he could get open regardless of whether he was doubled or not doubled because you understand how those doubles are going to work and the more that offensive player understands about how coverages are working, the more successful they are in attacking them and beating them.  I think he does a really good job with attacking and beating doubles and things like that.  He’s a really talented guy and he’s a smart, tough guy.”

(On if Brandon Tate takes Randy Moss’ spot as a deep threat) -- “He’s had some deep balls.  I think with (Aaron) Hernandez, he’s had some deep balls.  There’s a couple different ways that they can get to the same thing. They may not exactly the nine routes but they’ll throw those but some of it could be with deep overs with crossing routes down the field like that, some sort of combination routes to get the deep ball.”

(On how similar Julian Edelman is to Welker) -- “I’d say there are some similarities in terms of short area quickness, toughness, hands, things like that but Welker has established himself over time. There’s a large body of work and production.”

(On Edelman having big production in spots of his career) -- “He’s still part of the game plan, he still does a lot of things for them. He’s returning punts. He’s another guy you’ve got to defend that they can rotate through at any point.”

(On if he understands why Belichick would say the Browns are running a west coast offense) -- “Do I understand why he would do it?  Yes, sure I understand why he would do it.  I think there are elements of the west coast in what we do.  I definitely do, but it’s pretty mixed.  There are things from a lot of different systems, but if he wants to classify it as that, that’s great.”

(On if he has compared McCoy to Brady in the sense that McCoy has also had to work from the bottom up) -- “To me, I don’t really make that comparison with just Colt.  Those types of comparisons are not even comparisons.  Those example are examples I use all of the time with our young players.  That, to me, is why it’s so important to draft the right type of guys because we have programs in place.  Whether they be the coaching element, the extra work on the field, extra work in the classroom, player development, whatever it is, we have all of these things in-house, in place to develop players and get them to be better and reach their potential.  If a guy doesn’t want to do that, if they’re not committed to that, then they’re just programs for us.  We might as well not have them.  If you get the right type of guy with the right characteristics, the right intrinsic motivation, you take average and average becomes good, good becomes great and great becomes a hall of famer.  That’s how it works.  You can develop, you can become whatever you want to be if you’re willing to work to get to your potential.  It’s example after example of the years between my time in New England, New York, here of guys that shouldn’t be playing, according to the experts, according to the draft and they play for a long time.  Look at Rick Lyle.  Rick Lyle is a guy that played 10 years in the league.  Mike Wright was a free agent out of the University of Cincinnati.  I remember watching his free agent tape after the draft and he’s become a good player in the system.  It’s filled with guys like that and it can happen every single year.  It’s getting the right human beings and giving them the ability to be successful.”

(On if the right side of the offensive line is settled or if Shawn Lauvao is still competing for a spot) -- “Shawn had a good day yesterday.  I thought he had a good series of practices over the bye week, but Billy (Yates) has as well.  I think it will be like our last game against New Orleans, we’ll just see at the end of the week who had the better week.  They’re both working with the starting group as well as working at their normal backup spots that they have.  It really comes down to who has the better week.”


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