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What's Browns coach Eric Mangini saying?

By Nate Ulrich Published: November 5, 2010

Browns coach Eric Mangini met with reporters Friday morning. Here is a transcript from the press conference:

Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 11-5-10

(Opening statement) -- “Good morning everybody. The guys that are going to be out today are the same three so Jake (Delhomme), Seneca (Wallace) and John (St. Clair). Everybody else should be available to practice here today.  We are on our standard schedule, there’s no big shift, no big variation of what we’re doing. It’s red area, it’s goal line, it’s review and I think everyone’s excited about finishing up our prep.”

(On if they are just being cautious with Wallace) -- “We’re just following what the trainers say and what the doctors say so as soon as we get clearance from them.  The week that he, John (St. Clair) and Jake (Delhomme) had I think was really good probably the best week in terms of their movement and things like that.  I still think Seneca’s got a shot for this week but I’d say it’s an outside chance.”

(On if this is a unique game against the Patriots because he has Rob Ryan and Brad Seely with him and if they have had a lot of stories this week as comic relief) -- “There are definitely a lot of stories going around.  I don’t think it’s unique for me, I think it’s unique for a lot of them.  (Brian) Daboll was there for a couple of the games in New York, but this is Brad’s first time doing it.  Rob has coached against them in Oakland but in terms of us all being together, yes there’s been some funny stuff.  Nothing I could really share because it wouldn’t make for good headlines (joking).”

(On what he means when he said Wallace has a chance for Sunday) -- “Being active, not starting.”

(On if he would consider Wallace for the number two quarterback spot) -- “I don’t really know, it would really depend on what it looks like.  It would depend on those things, I couldn’t tell you now.”

(On if Matt Roth is okay) -- “Yes, he’s fine it was just a small thing, we wanted to make sure we had it on the injury report.”

(On if Colt McCoy will be seeing new things from Patriots that the Saints and Steelers haven’t done) -- “It depends because if there’s something that New England liked from those packages, things that people did against us, we may get that.  It really just depends on what they feel is going to be the best thing to stop us and attack us.  Sometimes those are new things that originate there, sometimes it’s, ‘Hey, this was a really good approach,’ based on whoever played us before and you implement that, so it could be either one of those.”

(On if he goes back to reference Luke McCown’s rookie game against the Patriots in 2004) -- “I don’t remember that game so no.”

(On if anything is scary about sending in McCoy against New England) -- “No, he’s been in a couple tough arenas here.  Going to Pittsburgh for your first game that’s about as tough as it gets so he’s walked down that path before.”

(On if there is anything that McCoy can be sure that he’ll see against New England that he hasn’t seen against other teams yet) -- “I’m sure there will be something.  The whole key is you don’t know what the something is going to be so you’ve just got to give a range of things.  There’s core of things that are done game in and game out so I’m not saying that every single play is going to be brand new but there’s going to be some things that just look a little bit different or the approach is a little bit different.  It’s just the way it is and on the flip side that’s how we approach each game as well, and there will be things that New England sees that they haven’t seen us do.  We’ll just see who recognizes it first.”

(On if it puts extra pressure on their team because New England waits for their opponent to make a mistake) -- “It’s just smart football.  As long as your starting point is your team doesn’t lose the game, that’s smart football because you’re not beating yourself, you’re not doing those things that are going to cost you the wins.  Eventually, the other team makes a mistake, they’re very good at capitalizing on those mistakes.  With that being said it’s not like they just sit back like World War I where it’s trench warfare. They’re still moving things forward, moving the plan forward, it’s just sound philosophy, don’t beat yourself.”

(On the difference between playing smart and playing conservative) -- “I don’t think it’s conservative I think it’s just smart, good smart football.”

(On if New England can run the ball) -- “Both their running backs are averaging over 4.5 yards a carry, that’s a pretty good average for your two core running backs.  They’ve always been able to run the ball, and the things that they do in the passing game usually helps them in the running game from a coverage stand point.  Tom (Brady) is very good at recognizing, Okay, they’ve got seven in the box which means that we’re going to be light against the run, check to a run.  Now they’re heavy against the run now check to a pass.’  Getting the numbers always in their favor from just audibling it at the line of scrimmage.”

(On if there are any parallels between Brady and McCoy) -- “It’s different because if you remember, Tom was a year plus into his time.  He had spent a whole year on the team working, learning and growing.  We are talking about two totally different timeframes with where the guys are.  If this were a year from now, we could look at it more objectively, but it’s just a totally different timeline and dynamic.  With Tom, like I said, we weren’t all high-fiving when he got the nod, but it sure worked out good.”

(On if McCoy is better prepared to face the Patriots defensive scheme because of his first two starts being against tougher defenses) -- “I think with each experience, it helps you because you can recognize some things better.  You get more comfortable adjusting on the sideline, that becomes a little easier.  There’s going to be some things that are different.  The week before against New Orleans, that had game plan-specific elements as well.  We saw some things that he hadn’t seen before, so it’s just a different approach defensively and we did get quite a bit of that from New Orleans.  That was a good, sort of introduction to it.”

(On if he has been surprised with the way McCoy has handled himself so far) -- “I’ve been pleased with it.  It’s a tough environment for anybody.  For a young guy, I’ve been pleased with his poise, I’ve been pleased with his approach and I’ve been pleased with his confidence.  It’s not that false bravado that someone has to try to make those around them feel better about the fact that they’re playing, it’s legitimate.  This is his third shot and I feel good about him going into this game.”

(On if he still talks to Bill Parcells) -- “Yes, I talk to Bill quite a bit.”

(On if he has talked to Parcells about Matt Roth and why it didn’t work out in Miami) -- “I talked to him when Matt had gotten released and he was very high on Matt.  Sometimes you have got to make a change.  He had a lot of good things to say and was very positive on him.  That helped us too in terms of our claiming him, but we really haven’t revisited it since then.”

(On if he would abolish the bye week if he were king of the world) -- “I like the bye week, I’m a big fan of the bye week.  I think you can get a lot done during the bye week.  I think it’s very important to go back and look at the things you’ve done over the first group games and improve it.  It’s a chance to work on you.  It’s always been very productive and it’s also a nice opportunity for the guys to get away.  You figure they’ve been working for quite a bit of time here during the season, so it gives them a chance to get away and recharge their batteries.  I think it’s a really positive thing and I don’t know if that would be my first thing as king of the world.  I’d have a long list of things I would probably start with.”

(On the first thing he would change if he were king of the world) -- “World peace.  I sound like a Miss America contest (joking).  ‘I’d go for world peace.’”

(On the first thing he would change in the NFL if he were king of the world) -- “I don’t know, that’s a loaded question.  It’s not good to talk about it in the middle of the season. I’ll get back to you at the end of the season on that.  We’ll do a whole a whole profile, ‘If I were king of the world,’ (joking).”

(On if it would be difficult to share snaps between Shawn Lauvao and Billy Yates at right guard) -- “We’ve don’t that before.  We did it last year with Hank (Fraley) and Rex (Hadnot) some, so that’s not out of the realm of possibility at all.”

(On if he thinks it is possible for Lauvao and Yates to share snaps this Sunday) -- “It could be, yes, definitely.  I think Shawn has had a good week of practice and Billy has as well.  I wouldn’t be opposed to working either one of them in if the other one wasn’t starting.”

(On if there is a part of him that relishes the opportunity to go up against Belichick and the chess match involved) -- “It’s always fun to coach against the Patriots and work against Bill, it really is because you appreciate and respect the things that they’re going to do.  You appreciate and respect the way that they’re going to work, the way that they’re going to prepare.  There’s a lot of that understanding of the approach and so that’s always fun.  You add a guy like Tom Brady into the mix who’s so good at taking the plan, taking the information the way that he dissects defenses.  That’s a huge challenge as well.  Whenever you get those opportunities, it’s great, but there are challenges every week that you have to deal with.  Having been there and understanding the people and really knowing them first hand, you definitely respect the challenge.”

(On if he spends a lot of time trying to anticipate the new moves that Belichick is going to make Sunday) -- “Our deal is give them plenty of stuff that he’s going to have to figure out.  That’s the approach.  Everybody gets a chance with the chalk.”


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