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What's Browns coach Eric Mangini saying?

By Nate Ulrich Published: November 10, 2010

Browns coach Eric Mangini met with reporters Wednesday morning. Here is a transcript from the press conference:

Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 11-10-10

(Opening statement) -- “Good morning everybody, how are you doing?  Today, the only guys that should be missing are Jake (Delhomme) and Baby (Shaun Rogers), so we have that same d-line switch that we do during the week.  Seneca (Wallace) should get some limited reps and John St. Clair should get some limited reps as well.  In terms of what we did this morning, we watched some of the New England tape and it was abbreviated but going through the positive things and the things we need to fix because we don’t want to lose track of those things moving into next week.  After we did that, we jumped right into the Jets and I think this is going to be another fun week, another challenging week.  In watching what Rex (Ryan) has done there, I think he’s done an outstanding job.  He really has and in all three phases they present challenges and multiple challenges and very creative challenges.  I think offensively, they’ve been able to run the football really effectively whether it’s L.T. (LaDainian Tomlinson) or Shonn Greene.  I think that their offensive line is outstanding with the development of D’Brickashaw (Ferguson), Nick Mangold and the job that Bill Callahan does with them.  Him and George (Warhop), I have been very lucky in my experiences with two offensive line coaches like that.  After they get the running game going they’ve got the ability to get some big passes off of play action.  They’ve got a group of big-play receivers whether it’s Santonio (Holmes), Braylon (Edwards) or Dustin Keller.  Jerricho Cotchery is very consistent and he can hurt you both deep or short, really a solid player, great person.  Dustin Keller is a young guy who continues to get better week in and week out and just knowing his work ethic he’ll eventually make it to the Pro Bowl.  I’d say defensively, there are a lot of things to deal with.  They can generate pass rush with three guys, four guys, multiple blitzes from all different angles and they’re outstanding against the run.  They generate a lot of negative runs which puts you behind the count which then allows them to blitz that much more effectively.  Mike Pettine’s done a good job along with Rex and Bob Sutton and the way that they all work together to come up with a plan that’s innovative and challenges that opponent that week. Outstanding group of corners, I might go on for a while and bore you all to death.  Then on special teams with Mike Westhoff. I love Brad Seely and I really love Mike Westhoff.  Mike, I didn’t know whether he and I would get along and I’m sure he didn’t know whether we would get along but after sitting down and talking with him and seeing how creative he was, what a good coach he was, I really was happy to have him on the staff.  Whether it’s the fakes, the variations of rushes on the punt team, the consistently being at the top of the league in kickoff return, regardless of who the returner is.  If you look at it year in and year out, he does a great job there so we’ll have our hands full there as well.”

(On if he’s had any discussions about the quarterbacks and if he has declared a starter) -- “This is really Seneca’s first day back and first day doing any field work so Colt (McCoy) will get the bulk of all the reps.  He’ll get the majority of the reps and at this point it’s just seeing what Seneca can do.  This is the next step but we’re really early.”

(On what Wallace will be able to do today in practice) -- “I’d say he’ll be able to take part in about a quarter of the practice, typically.  There will be some drills he can do and some drills he can’t do. We’ll coordinate that with the trainer and just gauge it as we go.”

(On if he can see any negative or positive with naming a starting quarterback for the rest of the season) -- “I think Tony (Grossi), the important thing is to just continue to gather information and get all of our guys healthy and see where they are.  Don’t really know where they are going to be at this point so I don’t think that there’s a need to rush into any decision.  I feel really comfortable with all three of those guys whether it’s Jake, whether it’s Seneca, whether it’s Colt, they’ve all done positive things.  The group of offensive players are very confident with any one of them in there, so I just think it’s important to see how we keep going and make decisions based off of as much information as possible.”

(On he’s ever coached a rookie quarterback before and if this decision is more difficult than he anticipated) -- “I’ve had young quarterbacks. I had Kellen Clemens and he was in the competition there the year we drafted him then weren’t sure really where Chad Pennington was going to be.  One of the things that I talked about with the rookies the other night on Saturday night, Joe Haden was one of the guys who spoke to the team, in the league the conventional thinking is that after you get to eight games you’re no longer a rookie.  You’re a rookie with an asterisks but you’ve had enough time to get used to your system, get used to your surroundings, get used to expectations, get used to game planning and you’re performance should continue to grow and you should be playing as opposed to thinking and playing.  We’re at that point and I think the young guys have responded really well.”

(On what his philosophy is with picking a starting quarterback and if he isn’t sure that McCoy gives them the best chance to win) -- “What I’m saying is that we’ve got three guys that we all feel very good about.  I think Colt has done a really good job and I like the way that he is able to take more each week and it’s a great thing and it’s fun to watch.  I’m proud of what he’s done, now it’s just a function of getting all of our guys healthy, seeing where we are and making the best the best decision.”

(On what point he considers having four quarterbacks on the roster a luxury he can no longer afford) -- “You start talking about that when they’re all healthy.  That’s really the point that we have to get to and we haven’t been at at all.”

(On what point he would sideline Delhomme for the year) -- “We haven’t had any decisions like that at all Tony (Grossi).  I like Jake a lot, Jake’s been very helpful to Colt.  He spends a lot of time working with him, he spends a lot of time helping him out on the sidelines. He spends a lot of time helping him in the meeting rooms and at practice.  I really respect Jake even more now that I’ve seen him in different situations because he’s the consummate team player and he is doing everything he can. When Seneca was in it was the same way.  He’s doing everything he can to help those guys as much as he can so I really like Jake.”

(On the Braylon Edwards trade and how it has worked out) -- “I think Braylon’s done a good job and when we made the decision and talking to Braylon I thought it was important that he get a fresh start, that he go and make the best of that opportunity and that he’d have the chance to do that.  I was really happy with the guys that we have with Chansi (Stuckey). I think everyone is getting to know him a little bit better and the contributions that he’s made and Jason Trusnik.  Now Shawn Lauvao ends up being a part of that and Larry Asante is a young guy who is developing so ideally when you make a trade it benefits both teams and all the players involved.  None of them are perfect but you try to do that and that’s why everyone makes those things, they hope both sides win.”

(On how Mark Sanchez has developed) -- “I think last week is a good example of how he’s developed.  There’s a game that they’re behind, it’s late in the game and he’s able to make some plays.  A very important part of that game when the pressure was on to move them down the field, tie up the game and then to win it like he did, shows maturity.  From a quarterbacking perspective he does a lot of things in terms of using his different tools, being able to check in to stuff, check out of stuff, throw some side adjusts, throw some hots, things along those lines that aren’t just your standard, ‘Okay, you’re going to follow this package of plays,’ and not have any freedom at the line of scrimmage to make decisions to get them into a better play.”

(On if he thinks that last year he was in a position where taking a quarterback with the fifth pick would have been an impossible situation) -- “No, you were here last year Jeff (Schudel), one guy was an unknown quantity a first round draft pick, there was some promising things there.  Another guy had come off a Pro Bowl season so two very good candidates that you had to learn a lot more about.  At that time being able to trade back was a good thing and get the guys that we got.  Alex Mack I think is going to be an outstanding player here for many years to come.  Kenyon (Coleman) has done a great job with starting the games that he has and contributing the ways he has.  Abe Elam I think has started every game since he’s been here, so there are real pluses to both sides and at that point making a decision on a quarterback, I don’t think would have been the best route to go.”

(On if he was worried how it would affect the team getting rid of a talented player like Edwards) -- “You make personnel decisions and you’re really doing them for one purpose, it’s to help your team be successful.  Ideally, as you make those decisions it helps the player be successful as well and the players that come in the same thing, that everyone is able to move forward in a really positive way.  I just thought that that was the best decision to make at that point.  Braylon’s done a nice job.  He really has since he’s been in New York and I’m happy for that and I’m really happy that we have Chansi (Stuckey) and Jason (Trusnik) and Shawn (Lauvao) and Larry (Asante) and the guys that we got.  They are doing some really good things here as well.”

(On if his emotions are different going into this game than they were going into the New England game) -- “Both games are special, they are and I spent so much time in New England and that was such an important part of the development.  The thing with New England is being there and the system, it changes each week but core philosophies stay the same and you have real insight into that and you appreciate how hard they work, how disciplined they are.  You appreciate a lot of those things because you were in there and you experienced that first hand so that was one component of it.  In New York, I got my first opportunity to be a head coach which was tremendous at a young age and Mike (Tannenbaum) and Woody (Johnson) were really supportive while I was there.  I think we did some really positive things, but in leaving them and Rex (Ryan) taking over even though it’s a lot of the players are the same I don’t know what’s happening in the building the same way.  I don’t have that same insight because I’ve never worked with Rex.  I don’t know if that makes sense, but they’re both special but it’s just a little bit different with each one.  What I’m really most excited about is the way that we’re playing.  You appreciate that against a team like New England because they are hard to beat and they do a lot of things really well and you have to do a lot of things really well to beat them.  It will be the same thing against the Jets.  They’re outstanding in so many areas and we’re continuing each week to make some strides and I want to see that continue.  I really enjoy this team.”

(On what he learned in New York that he has adjusted to in Cleveland) -- “There are a lot of things that I learned there that I have adjusted here.  I tried to, really tried to become a better communicator and tried to over communicate and make sure that if there is a problem you don’t let something small turn into something big.  Talking much more in my voice, I think when you get a job at a young age and you don’t have a lot of experience you go back to what you’ve learned, what your mentor’s taught you.  Often times you talk in that voice and I do with parenting.  Sometimes I hear my father’s voice as I’m saying something to Jake or Luke, well really it was Jake as I’ve gotten now down to Zack it’s my voice and you just grow.  You learn that you take the best things from all those experiences that you’ve had but you got to do it in the way that you believe in and in your style.  That’s the most effective and the most authentic and it takes some time to really become comfortable in any new role.  I think I’ve grown a lot that way and just become a lot more comfortable in this position.”

(On if it helps having Rob Ryan to give insight in the mind of his brother and the Jets defense) -- “I don’t know if it helps or hurts because you know what the potential is too.  You see the mindset and the potential at the same time.  Yes and no, I think there are some similarities in approach.  One thing that’s similar in both of these guys is that they are going to throw up some stuff.  Rob says that, ‘Somebody’s band is going to play, either ours or theirs.’  There’s going to be some of those plays, there’s going to be, ‘you can’t throw with tears in your eyes,’ types of blitzes that come.  Those types of things that you know they are coming, you have just got to be able to figure out how they are coming.”

(On if he is bracing himself for Rob and Rex Ryan’s verbal back and forth that will take place this week) -- “Rob is really only going to be talking on Friday, so it will be limited from that perspective. I enjoy Rex’s press conferences as much as anybody.  It’s must-see TV.  I’m sure he will have a lot of entertaining stuff to say and stories that will come out.  Rex is a funny guy.”

(On how well he got to know Sanchez before the draft last year) -- “I’d say similar to the way that we research all quarterbacks, it’s really a thorough process.  You go through and you evaluate them physically and do the backgrounds and talk to the player and you go through all of those steps.  I’d say it’s a similar process to all of the ones that we have looked at over the years.”

(On what his impressions were of Sanchez) -- “I thought he was a good guy.  I spent a lot of time with him actually up at USC, just he and I together.  I thought he was a really good guy.  I thought he was smart, I thought he made some excellent plays on his feet and I thought he was really likeable.  I could see guys playing for him.  He’s just a nice, nice is probably not the word, a very likeable personality.  He’s a very likeable person as well as intelligent and capable.”

(On if Edwards was counterproductive to what he was trying to accomplish with this team) -- “My goal with any player, and this isn’t just Braylon, is we are all working in the same direction.  That’s what you’re always looking for and you’re always trying to move things forward together as a group.  You go and you make decisions and you move forward.  I think he’s moved forward and done some nice things and we’ve moved forward and done some nice things.  Ideally from my perspective, you want everybody to just continue to push in the right direction.  My experience with Braylon was that he did that for the most part.”

(On if other receivers will have to step up because of Darrelle Revis) -- “Revis is outstanding and he can match up with anybody at all.  I think Antonio Cromartie has done an excellent job as well.  They play a lot of man to man coverage and they’re going to test us from that perspective and go down and see whether or not we can get open.  They’ve got some other good, young players in there whether it’s Drew Coleman, Dwight Lowery or Kyle Wilson, right on down the line.  They have got quite a few players that can go play man to man coverage and do it effectively.  Darrelle is arguably the best, if not in the top five.”

(On if Mohamed Massaquoi’s performance last Sunday was a reflection of them trying to get the ball to the receivers more) -- “It wasn’t a focal point.  We are not really going to do that, where we push the ball one place or the other for numbers.  What we are always going to try to do is push the ball to the open receiver and that’s the goal.  Some weeks they may have more catches, some weeks they may have less catches, so it’s really the plan to win that game on Sunday.  I was happy with Mohamed’s production and he made some great catches.  There were a couple of catches that he made that were not easy catches.  The one on the sideline, the one over the middle where both (passes) were low and I thought he had an outstanding day.”


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