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What's Browns coach Eric Mangini saying?

By Nate Ulrich Published: November 11, 2010

Browns coach Eric Mangini met with reporters Thursday morning. Here is a transcript from the press conference:

Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 11-11-10

(Opening statement) -- “Good morning everyone.  The only guy that should be out today is Kenyon (Coleman) so everyone else should be back.  Jake (Delhomme) will do a little bit of work, it won’t be that extensive but it will be some stuff on the field here today.  Then Mike Adams should be back, just waiting for clearance on that.  In terms of what we’re doing here today, it’s our standard Thursday third down day and definitely presenting quite a few challenges on third down from an offensive perspective. Get a lot of different looks out of their sub packages and they bring several combinations of people.  They do a nice job disguising it so it’s going to be really important that we understand where we’re going with the protection, hot sites, things like that.  I think they do a great job with this package.  Then defensively, (Jets Offensive Coordinator) Brian Schottenheimer has always been creative on third downs so I expect him to be creative again this week.  They do some things too with Brad Smith and their version of the Wildcat and some of the other specialty type plays that he can do.  A lot that we are working on at this end and I thought yesterday was a good start to the week.”

(On if Frank Ryan is grasping the offense) -- “He started a little bit slow, but he’ll be in the mix there with Jake and Seneca (Wallace) and Brett (Ratliff) here today and we’ll just see how he does.  He’s moving around better than I thought.”

(On what he thought of Rex Ryan’s imitation of Rob Ryan) -- “I thought he could have studied a little more film of Rob (Ryan).  He didn’t really have the pulling the pants up, there wasn’t enough swearing.  There were a lot of good things about it, don’t get me wrong.  The wig was a little bit off.  He’s got a guy that helps him with that stuff, this guy (Jets Outside Linebackers Coach) Jeff Weeks helps him with his humor, so they might need to sit down a little bit and spend a little more time on them.”

(On how there isn’t a bounty on him because he is too small of a target) -- “Rex (Ryan) has done a nice job with his weight loss and I think everyone in New York is happy about that.  Except maybe Macy’s losing one of their floats.  He could still do some of the local stuff like in Point Look Out or somewhere in Long Island but he’s getting there. He needs to keep working at it.”

(On if this week is better with the media than last week when a lot of the coverage was him versus Bill Belichick) -- “Did that happen? I didn’t notice any of that stuff (jokingly).  No, what’s great about it is I’ve known both guys for a long time and they’re really good people.  They’re fun guys to be around, but they’re also very good friends. Rob has been a good friend for a long time and getting to know Rex, he’s the same type of person.  I’m happy for Rex’s success and obviously I am very happy that Rob is here with us.  I’ve gotten to know Buddy (Ryan) a little bit over the years and he’s a great guy.  He’s fun to listen to because you can learn so much from him. He’s great with just his stories, his approach.  He’s a big Browns fan.  Rex can say what he wants to about cheering for the Jets, but he’s all Browns.”

(On what Rex Ryan is going to wear to the game) -- “He’s going to wear our colors.  That’s my guess.”

(On how Seneca Wallace practiced yesterday and if he will do more today) -- “Yes, it will increase Tony (Grossi).  There was quite a bit of rust, but I thought he moved around well too for his first day back.  There’s the football specific drills that he has done to get to this point, but now doing it with some of the thinking that’s involved, that’s a little bit different because you’re less conscious of your physical movements are you’re processing things, and I thought he did a nice job considering that.”

(On if having Seneca Wallace back takes away reps from Colt McCoy) -- “No, Seneca did the majority of his work on the show team stuff so Colt still got the bulk of the reps.”

(On if this rotation with Seneca Wallace and Colt McCoy will continue) -- “Through the early part of the progression, yes that’s what we’ll do.  Like I said Colt got the bulk of the work yesterday.”

(On what is behind the new formation with just Ahtyba Rubin and Shaun Rogers lined up) -- “We’ve actually done a decent amount of that combination over the course of the last few weeks, and Shaun’s in some different packages both in base and sub and Rubin actually does some sub work now as well. You could see him in our first down or second down package or you could see him in our substituted packages, the two of them together.  They both obviously bring size and strength and things like that and they have some versatility as to what they can do.”

(On if that was the first week Ahtyba Rubin was in the sub) -- “No, there are a couple variations to our Nickel packages, so he’s in one variation of the Nickel package.  Then he works a little bit there each week. It’s not his primary focus but he does work there some each week.”

(On if Ahtyba Rubin’s next phase is becoming a complete lineman) -- “Yes, he’s become better and better each week and I think at some point that role will expand.  It’s finding the right spots, it’s finding the right fits and you don’t want to take away from all the good things that he’s doing in the base stuff and throw a big part of the sub stuff at him.  It’s been a progression for him and it’s nice to see him get that sack.  I think he’ll have some more as we keep going, as he keeps getting better in the system.”

(On what he envisioned Peyton Hillis’ role being in the summer) -- “When I talked to Peyton on the phone right after the trade, I said that there’s no reason that he couldn’t come here and have 1,000 yards and be a core part of the offense.  That was our first conversation and I believe that, I really did.  That wasn’t to take anything away from Montario (Hardesty) or Jerome (Harrison) or anyone that was here, it’s just I thought that he could be a back like that.  He could play in that role and he could also play at fullback and that could give us some versatility if we wanted to go with him and Jerome at that time.  Him (Peyton) at fullback and Jerome at tailback and do some things from that perspective.  What I like was the versatility, but I also believed that if you gave him the ball on a consistent basis he could really be very productive with it.”

(On why did the team draft Montario Hardesty after making the trade and acquiring Peyton Hillis) -- “It’s like anything else Tony (Grossi), you have a certain feeling, but when you have a chance to add depth and you have a chance to have a lot of good players at any given position, that’s a real positive thing because you don’t know how the injuries are going to play out.  You may go into the season and you think you have tremendous depth at this one spot and then suddenly it doesn’t look that way.  Even though that hadn’t been his role in Denver that was a feeling that I felt pretty strongly that he could have that role.  Now having multiple backs then he could play fullback like he had played in Denver and do some things there both in the passing game and rushing the ball as fullback. There was versatility but it wasn’t just come and be a special teams player, be a fullback type mentality.”

(On when Jake Delhomme will be active again) -- “I really don’t know, this is the first day he’ll be on the field.  He’s moved a long pretty good inside. I’d have to see what it looks like today to get any idea.  It is his first day just like Seneca’s first day was yesterday and I thought Seneca moved around pretty well.  It does go to the moving and thinking and not just focusing on the motion but focusing on all the other stuff that you have to see how those two things play out.”

(On how Jake Delhomme has been since being injured) -- “He’s consistent as you can get and he is a great teammate and he is a great example of selflessness and doing anything he can to help the group win.  It’s impressive. It’s impressive to watch his interaction; it’s impressive to watch his mentorship, all those things.  I think he’s a real good role model to other guys as to what it means to be a leader because you can lead in a lot of different ways and at this point this is how he is leading in that capacity.”

(On how important it is not to have any negative plays against the Jets) -- “It’s important not to have those negative plays and they do a great job with it.  I think 11% of the time they generate some sort of negative play and they’ve done it against a lot of good backs throughout the course of the season.  Rex has been able to do that throughout the time that he’s been defensive coordinator.  It’s going to be a key part of what we do because you don’t want to get behind in the count. Now it’s second-and-12 or third-and-eight instead of third-and-six or four, whatever the case may be.”

(On if Alex Mack is on his way to being as affective of a center as Nick Mangold) -- “Yes, I think he’s heading in that same progression, I really do.  They’re similar type guys in the sense that they’re both really bright, both started as rookies, they both enjoy playing football. They really have a passion for it, they both have high motors.  There’s a lot of similarities from their core traits that I think will help Alex to continue to progress along the way that he has.”

(On if he can critique Alex Mack’s performance in the New England game) -- “I thought he did well against a very big group of nose guards.  That position in a 34 defense is pivotal to be able to stop the run and play the run affectively and I thought the things that Alex did helped us generate a lot of positive runs against some big, good players.”

(On how the past two games the defense has been good against the run and what is clicking for them) -- “It’s again being coordinated and understanding how we have to stop each type of running game, each type of running back because running backs have different styles.  It’s not only stopping the play it’s understanding the back that’s in the game running that play. Tackling, being able to get the guy down at the point of contact as opposed to four, five or six yards down the line, I think that’s been better.  Then a few more throws than carries, that always helps.”

(On the trade with Brady Quinn and Peyton Hillis) -- “Hillis was the important part of the trade, he really was he was the important part of the trade.  Then the other components of it were what made it work.  In terms of all the specifics on it, I’d probably have you talk to Tom (Heckert) and Mike (Holmgren) about it and let them talk about it, but really Hillis was the important part of the trade.”

(On if Mike Adams had a concussion the last play of the game) -- “Yes, it was a slight concussion, yes.”

(On if Braylon Edwards’ confidence exceeds what he’s achieved in the NFL) -- “I think most receivers tend to be very outwardly confident.  That’s pretty consistent.  You’ve got to have confidence to play the position, I think a lot of defensive backs are like that too.  I think that’s typically a starting point for those guys is they have to believe.  For defensive backs, they’re on an island so much they better believe it, otherwise they can be in trouble.”

(On if it is important to back up what you say with your play on the field) -- “I’m a big believer in making sure that you perform consistently on the field, and this isn’t specifically with Braylon, I’m talking about with anybody.  Go out and consistently perform and that, to me, speaks volumes.”

(On how he went about telling Edwards he was traded and if there were other places he could have sent him) -- “There really wasn’t.  With trades, you have got to have a trade partner.  At that point, New York was our trade partner.  It’s not like with a trade you can just send anybody to any spot that you may want to.  You’ve got to have a deal in place with somebody and it’s got to be mutually beneficial to all sides and it felt like it was and I think it has been.  The conversation was a really good conversation.  I told him what I’ve shared before is that it’s important to go ahead and take the opportunity to get a fresh start and take advantage of that opportunity and try to be as successful as you possibly can.  Which is what you want for any player to do, as a coach, is to achieve to their potential.  Sometimes it doesn’t always work out where you are together, but as coaches that’s what you want from players.”

(On if he worries about Peyton Hillis getting worn down) -- “You would like to spread it around, but at that point Mike Bell had gotten dinged up, so there wasn’t a big alternative.  We could have gone to some Wildcat.  The thing oftentimes with backs and especially big backs like Peyton, is when they get going and get into a rhythm, especially in a game they tend to improve as the game goes on. Some guys really like to be fed the ball because it helps in the rhythm of their game.  We are always trying to balance that stuff out with all of our players.”

(On if Thomas Clayton is close to being active this week) -- “He’ll definitely be part of the conversation and he has been each week.  You go through and you look at a couple of different spots and try to figure out where you can add value on special teams and add value in terms of play time.  It’s an ongoing talk during the week.”

(On if it is important to get Clayton up to speed because of the need to run the football often in colder weather) -- “I don’t think he’s not up to speed to play.  He could play right now.  It’s not a function of him not knowing the offense or us not having faith in putting him in, it’s just that we carry two backs to the game typically.  It’s ongoing with him and Mike as to who is going to be up and who is not.  A component of that is special teams, a component of that is obviously the run game and then there are other positions looking at depth there.  You can bring one less receiver, you can bring one less defensive player. There are different ways of mixing and matching.”

(On if he is ready to name a starting quarterback) -- “I think we are like every other week, we are heading in one direction.  We are heading there.”

(On if they have had internal discussion on who the starting quarterback will be) -- “Everybody is not healthy, that’s the component.”


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