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What's Browns coach Eric Mangini saying?

By Nate Ulrich Published: December 3, 2010

Browns coach Eric Mangini met with reporters Friday morning. Here is a transcript from the press conference:

Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 12-3-10

(Opening statement) -- “Good morning everybody. The guys that are out today will be Colt (McCoy), Scott (Fujita), Baby (Shaun Rogers), Josh (Cribbs) and then Peyton (Hillis) is going to miss today for personal reasons.  He’s fine physically and he will be fine for the game.  Everybody else should be back today.  I think we’ve had a couple good days of practice here and are looking to finish the week strong and just get ready to head down to Miami.”

(On if something happened with Cribbs) -- “No, a lot of this is to get him to be the best he can be for Sunday.  As we talked about it, we didn’t think it would be great for him to practice on it yesterday.  We thought that could push him back a little bit, so we decided to just do some other things in lieu of that to give him his best chance to be as effective as possible on Sunday.  It really wasn’t a setback, it was just more adjusting the plan.”

(On if he will have Cribbs work out before the game last week to see what he can do like last week) -- “Yes,  I think we are a week further along from where we were last week, so I’m pretty comfortable with his ability to play and play at a higher level.”

(On if giving Cribbs some rest will give him a better chance to be used in multiple spots on Sunday) -- “The starting point will be kick returner/punt returner, and then we’ll play it by ear during the course of the game.  He has his plays that he’s involved with that he’s very familiar with, the Wildcat and the stuff he’s very familiar with as well.  There will be a package of things that he can do if he is available to do that.”

(On if something else happened with Rogers or if it is still his ankle) -- “No, it was a hip.”

(On if he thinks Rogers will play on Sunday) -- “Yes, I think so.”

(On if it’s their focal point to be competitive the rest of the way and how competitive they have been so far this year) -- “I really see it as being a part of the process that we’ve talked about for a while, those steps that I’ve talked about quite a bit. We are in every game and we’ve won some of those games.  We need to just keep learning how to win consistently and that’s a really important step in what we’re trying to achieve.  I see a lot of progress with the team over the course of the season and what I’m looking for each week is for us to get better in all different areas.  I see that in a lot of ways and I think it’s pretty apparent outside of the team as well.”

(On if he tries to sell any of the points that he is trying to accomplish this year to the team) -- “No, I had a discussion with the group after Pittsburgh and before New Orleans.  I told them, ‘Look, I’m not a salesman.  I’m not up here trying to sell you anything.  If I was trying to sell you it, that would mean I didn’t believe in it.  What I’m telling you is the truth and it’s what I firmly believe in.’ When you’re selling and trying to convince somebody of something, I see that as being a distinction and it’s not that. It’s the truth it’s what I’ve seen work, I’ve experienced it working. We’ve seen it here work and it will work.  It’s interesting that you asked that because that was one of the things we talked about after the Pittsburgh game, the Monday leading up to New Orleans.  I’m not trying to convince them of anything, just really fundamentally what I believe in.”

(On what the level of belief is in the program among the players) -- “I think it’s been apparent in the way that the guys compete, in the way that they practice, the way that they work.  We have a lot of guys who’ve experienced similar things to what I’ve experienced.  Whether it’s Scott (Fujita) in New Orleans, whether it’s Ben Watson in New England, there’s a group of guys who understand really what it takes to be consistently good and to compete at a high level both individually and collectively.  Sheldon Brown, those guys are helpful in that process too because it’s not one voice, it’s not just from coach, it’s from a lot of different voices that get that.”

(On if he can let them know what answer he got from the league on if the clock should have ran out in the Carolina game) -- “I don’t think I’m able to actually.”

(On if he was satisfied with the answer) -- “I was satisfied with the answer that we got back from the league.”

(On if he felt the Panthers should have been down in bounds and the clock should have ran out and the kick would not have happened) -- “That’s what I felt, and I was satisfied with the answer that we got back.”

(On what the key is to defending Brandon Marshall) -- “Stopping him is difficult in general because you look at his production over time and to have a 100 catches in three consecutive seasons, that’s not easy to do.  He’s a special guy in terms of what he can do on a range of routes, whether it’s comebacks, posts, shallow crosses, under thrown fades, he can catch them all and that makes it really challenging.  You have to mix up the ways that you play him, sometimes it’s press, sometimes it’s off, sometimes it’s double team with high-low, sometimes it’s double team where you invert the way that you do it.  There are a lot of different things that you try to do but they have a lot of other people that can create plays as well. I think Davone Bess is excellent at what he does and has developed a lot as a receiver since I first saw him.  I think Brian Hartline does a really nice job as well and Anthony Fasano.  That’s one component of it and you add the running game which you have to deal with.  It doesn’t matter which back is in, they’re both difficult to deal with.  You wish there was just one set answer that you could say, ‘If you play this you can deal with their main problem and kind of adjust to everything else,’ but they’re able to create problems in a range of ways so you’ve just got to try to mix how you’re going to do it and try to address it that way.”

(On if Jake Delhomme is starting Sunday) -- “Yes.”

(On if Colt McCoy is healthy enough to make the trip to Miami and if he will serve as a third quarterback) -- “He’s definitely healthy enough to make the trip, he can get on that plane (joking).  As a third quarterback, we’ll see tomorrow.  I think we’re in a range where that’s possible but I’d rather see tomorrow than say that now because I couldn’t really tell you definitely now, but he could make the trip.”

(On how Brian Robiskie had a good game last week and what the difference was for him) -- “I think that one of the things we were able to do this weekend is and I think Jake (Delhomme) did a really good job of this, he was able to get a lot of the guys involved in the mix.  Almost every skill player that played on Sunday got the ball or touched the ball in some way. That’s a really good thing because you’re pushing problems on to the defense and stressing a lot of different points on the defense.  That also came with our ability to protect the passer better, to run the ball effectively and convert on some third downs and keep drives going.  All those things play a big part in a range of guys being able to get involved, they all support each other.  I thought Brian did a nice job of getting open and catching the ball when he had the opportunity.  There were a lot of different reasons for that and what I’d like to see is that each week.  Mohamed (Massaquoi) caught quite a few balls too so the more of that we can do, the better we are. What you don’t want to do is force it because then you’re not playing to the percentages, usually that goes the other way.  Some kind of problem comes up as opposed to when you don’t have to force it and it can go to those reads.”

(On what he said he wanted Brian Robiskie to work on last week) -- “I can’t recall what it was either.  Looks like he worked on it though.  I want him to work on the same thing (joking).  No, he’s a hard working guy and I’m really happy that he had the production that he had.  Talking about two really young guys, young in their career but they both are the right type of guys.  They’ll keep getting better as we go on and I anticipate their production each year to continue to improve as we improve and as they improve.”

(On if they ran more short routes for Robiskie last week) -- “Maybe a little bit more but not a significant percentage, we didn’t dramatically change that routes that he runs.  There might have been a few more of those as part of the plan this week but it wasn’t a dramatic jump in those types of routes.”

(On if the defense has practiced better this week) -- “I’ve been happy with the first two days.  I think all three phases have had good days and that’s the way it should be each time we go out there.  As you go through the course of the season you get some weeks where one group’s up, one group’s down and that’s the constant challenge is to have consistency.  It is a long, long season and you have guys hurt, you have different voices in the huddle, all those things and the goal is to be able to get whoever is out there on that day working in that position with whatever the game plan is, to be consistent, for us to be consistent in our preparation.  It’s not an easy thing to do over the course of 17 weeks but it’s a really important thing to do.  If it’s not going well, I know I’ve talked about this, guys will say, ‘Come on, let’s go,’ to me I don’t want to hear that, do something about it.  All that other stuff is just cheerleading and it doesn’t mean anything it’s more of an attempt to pacify me than to change things.  I’m not a big fan with that.”

(On if it makes it worse that he was happy with the leagues decision on the end of the game against Carolina because they could have lost the game) -- “That happens a lot and everybody is trying to do their best to get it right, I get that.  If you’re on the plus side of that decision you’re happy, and if you’re on the down side of it you’re miserable.   I’ve been on unfortunately both sides of that, fortunately a few times I came on the right side of that but it just depends where you sit.”

(On New England’s rookie tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez) -- “I thought they both were talented guys.  I think Hernandez is really an outstanding receiver and can threaten a lot of areas of the field.  Gronkowski I think was coming on since our game and catching the ball a little bit more and he’s a big guy, he’s a tough guy, creates some problems in the running game and I think he’s also an effective receiver.”

(On if Joe Haden fumbling on his interception against Jacksonville was because he is a rookie) -- “I don’t know if that was the case or not.  It happens to a lot of guys.”

(On if Robiskie and Massaquoi getting more involved in the passing game last week was a product of Delhomme having a rapport with them from training camp) -- “No, I really do think a lot of that is a function of how the game is going.  As you have more first downs and you’re able to sustain drives and you’re able to balance it with the running game and get the running game going, that takes a lot of coverage off of the outside.  They have to play more eight man boxes, which changes, typically, what you get outside.  That helps a lot for the receivers.  As you have more drives and longer drives, the opportunities increase substantially.  That all plays in together.  Some of it is they did a good job of understanding the defensive backs that they were playing against, where the holes in the zone were and they did a nice job of getting open and catching the ball once they were open.  It all kind of worked together Mary Kay (Cabot), as opposed to just being one specific thing.”

(On how the official on the Browns sideline could have seen the result of the final pass because it was on the other sideline) -- “I’m just going by the guy that I spoke to, so maybe he saw an initial ruling or maybe he talked to the guy.  I kind of talked to him a little bit after they stopped the clock for the challenge, so maybe he talked to somebody else.  I don’t know Jeff (Schudel).  That was really the conversation.”


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