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Cleveland Browns

What's next at QB?

By Marla Ridenour Published: March 9, 2010

The Browns' quarterback situation could still be in flux after Tuesday's release of quarterback Derek Anderson and Monday's trade for Seahawks quarterback Seneca Wallace.

The only thing that appears certain is that the Browns seemed to have reached their quota of undersized quarterbacks with Wallace, who is 5-foot-11.

It would be shocking if the Browns traded with the Ravens for former Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith, who has been campaigning to return to his hometown of Cleveland. Smith is 6-foot and Browns president Mike Holmgren expressed his reservations about quarterbacks of that size last month in a conversation about Saints' Super Bowl star Drew Brees.

How the Browns go forward from this point depends on how Holmgren feels about Brady Quinn. Holmgren thought coach Eric Mangini deserved more than one season to prove himself in Cleveland. Perhaps he'll feel the same way about Quinn, who has made just 12 professional starts.

But Quinn's 52.1 career completion percentage will be a red flag in the Browns' transition to a West Coast offense. Quinn is financially friendly if he doesn't reach any of the escalator clauses in his contract. So it seems possible that Holmgren will keep Quinn and allow him to compete with Wallace for the starter's job in 2010, then draft someone like Cincinnati's Tony Pike (6-5 1/2), Central Michigan's Dan LeFevour (6-3) or perhaps even Florida's Tim Tebow (6-3 1/2) and groom the youngster next season. (Tebow would need even more grooming than that.)

But Holmgren said last Friday that the Browns were ''actively looking at quarterbacks.'' When asked if all of the options were still open at quarterback, he said, ''Yes, (they are) still on the table. There’s stuff going on, kind of fun stuff. I wish I could tell you about it.''

That might lead some to believe that there was more going on that just with Wallace. Holmgren, a dedicated list-maker, may have scribbled down several quarterbacks he liked during his season off in 2009, so a trade for a starter cannot be ruled out.


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