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Cleveland Browns

What they're saying today

By dan Published: September 29, 2008

-Beacon Journal (Marla Ridenour): Just enough to win -Beacon Journal (Patrick McManamon): Browns should hold noses after surviving this stinkfest -Cincinnati Enquirer (Paul Daugherty): Disarmed and dangerous -Columbus Dispatch (Scott Priestle): No lipstick for this pig -Plain Dealer (Tony Grossi): Not pretty, but precious -Plain Dealer (Bill Livingston): Against lowly Bengals, Browns overcome faltering offense, inflexible coach -Plain Dealer (Terry Pluto): Browns' victory should calm jumpy nerves, while some (Cowher) rumors should just fade away
-What I'm saying today: It seems like most are upset about this win. The offense still looked bad. Derek Anderson wasn't quite bad enough to bring in Brady Quinn. Josh Cribbs wanted to cry after the game. Carson Palmer wasn't playing.
It doesn't matter. The Browns won. Cheer up.


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