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Cleveland Browns

What they're saying today

By dan Published: November 24, 2008

- Akron Beacon Journal (Patrick McManamon): Brutal Browns loss can't be defended
- Akron Beacon Journal (Marla Ridenour): Edwards wants fans to know he's trying
- Akron Beacon Journal (Stephanie Storm): Late benching catches Quinn by surprise
- Chronicle-Telegram (Brian Dulik): Shake up the Browns? Why bother? This season is a lost cause
- Houston Chronicle (Jerome Solomon): Texans demonstrate they haven’t given up on season or Kubiak
- Houston Chronicle (Lance Zierlein): Texans game ball goes to.... you'll never guess
- Orange and Brown Report (Rich Passan): That's It; That's Enough
- Plain Dealer (Bud Shaw):An abysmal loss seals Crennel's fate, but he can't be Browns' lone fall guy
- Plain Dealer (Terry Pluto): Plenty of culprits for this stinker - What I'm saying today: Romeo Crennel should be fired. Not at the end of the season. Not at the end of the week. Today. Football fans tend to think irrationally after a bad beat, but the Browns systematically broke down and gave up on Sunday. Crennel clearly doesn't have the ability to be an NFL head coach.
A quick glance at the lowlights:
- The quarterback of the future gets benched for a guy who couldn't keep his job. - Your sure-handed running back has two fumbles. - Your All Pro left tackle has two penalties. - The Pro Bowl wide receiver drops four more passes (the tracker will be updated later today). - Arguably the best player on the team, Kellen Winslow, got his only catch with three minutes remaining in the game. - The fans chant for a coach who was the leader of the rival team for 15 years. - The offensive coordinator, who looked like a surefire future head coach following last season, abandons the running game when it's successful and calls several plays for Stonehands Edwards. - The biggest cheer of the second half? Penalties on the Texans.
There are several more. Share one if you have it. Let your frustration out here at the Bulletin.
There were actually some highlight, as crazy as that sounds.
- Jamal Lewis ran very well, going for a 5.8 clip. Sadly, he only got 10 carries. - Kamierion Wimbley had his best game of the season. - Phil Dawson and Shaun Rogers look like Pro Bowl players. - I had a delicious steak after the game.


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