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Cleveland Browns

What they're saying today

By dan Published: December 8, 2008

- Akron Beacon Journal (Patrick McManamon): Nothing else is working. Play Cribbs
- Akron Beacon Journal (Marla Ridenour): Great performance isn't good enough to satisfy Jackson
- Huntsville Times (Allan Taylor): Titans' fate still not clear
- Nashville Tennessean (Gary Estwick): Key returns offset Titans turnovers
- Nashville Tennessean (Joe Biddle): Brown-out wasn't just the lights
- Plain Dealer (Mary Kay Cabot): Dorsey blames 'execution' in struggles vs. Titans - Plain Dealer (Bill Livingston): In their reluctance to display some 'Flash," Browns prove how drab they really are
- What I'm saying today: That was ugly, but what did you expect? Well, you probably at least didn't expect Ken Dorsey to throw the ball 43 times. Or Jamal Lewis to have just seven carries for seven yards. Or for the Browns to win the turnover and penalty game, yet still not be competitive.
But, with this season, you have to expect the unexpected. And like it.
- Site note: We'll again have the live blog chat for Monday's game against the Eagles. Also, if you notice to the right, the Braylon Edwards dropped pass tracker has been removed for a cheery picture of Romeo Crennel. I like it and so should you.


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