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Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cav Market

By admin Published: January 26, 2006

Atlanta -- The Cavaliers index is up today, as traders responded to their three-game winning streak.  Futures, however, remained unchanged as investors were still wary of the team's inconsistency and the general softness of their last three opponents.

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Time for roles to find a roll

By admin Published: January 23, 2006

Seven different beds in 12 nights, more than 8,000 miles in the air, and not a single viewed snap of the AFC or NFC Championships games while flying back from Salt Lake plus a delay in Houston while sitting in a jammed plane amid to a church mission group that had just returned from Mexico sneezing and coughing while talking about how they had to throw their used toilet paper in the trash can.  It was a rough journey.

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Small losses, small steps

By admin Published: January 20, 2006

San Francisco -- I'm not sure what it is going on back home, but based on my e-mail it seems that Cavs fans are very frustrated but understanding about what's happening on this dreadful road trip.  It has been challenging to report on these losses.   In general, LeBron has played some terrific team and individual ball, yet I'm compelled to focus on the late-game failures because of their impact and because the national pundits have done the same.  Additionally, I've really been impressed with the way the Cavs have played overall.  They've really battled defensively, they've often made good adjustments, and they played one of their best offensive games of the year in Phoenix.  But, of course, all there has been are losses.  The best example is what happened in the loss in Denver, which I think really sums up the games since Larry Hughes went down with that season-altering finger injury.

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Weary, dreary road for Cavs

By admin Published: January 16, 2006

Portland -- I don't have a lot of time, but I felt I needed to express some thoughts following the Cavs fourth straight loss last night.

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Worrisome Wednesday

By admin Published: January 11, 2006

Los Angeles -- When I got off my flight this afternoon, I was rather taken aback my how much e-mail I got from fans upset by the way the Cavs played and lost to the Knicks last night.  Obviously, you guys and gals are upset with what you saw.

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We get letters

By admin Published: January 7, 2006

Living without Larry

By admin Published: January 6, 2006

It is the impulse of fans, often in an extension of the media, to be reactionary following a dramatic event like Larry Hughes' injury.  No one doubts the Cavs have suffered a pretty deep blow by losing their second-best player for two months but it is too early to be suggesting breaking up the team with crazy trades.

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Questions burning in my e-mail inbox

By admin Published: January 1, 2006

1. Larry Hughes and LeBron James exchanged some words, as did many Cavs players when they lost seven on nine games.  There is no rift between them and, in case no one has been watching, Hughes level of play has been very good during this currently winning spell.  I wrote about this a few weeks ago.  I don't own the patent on Cavs info, it comes from many sources and sometimes I'm behind or wrong.  However, if you read this blog you probably are a keen observer and cognitively sound individual, thus I'd encourage you to evaluate the reliability of the source when judging the validity  of team news.

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