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Cleveland Cavaliers

5 things I think I know about this series

By admin Published: April 22, 2006

1. The hardest player for the Cavs to control will be Antawn Jamison. Gilbert Arenas will get his points, he's a great player.  But the Cavs really don't have anyone on their roster who has shown they can defend him.  He averaged a double-double against the Cavs this season.

2. LeBron James will be able to get to the basket whenever he wants. The Wizards are lazy defenders in general.  While Brendan Haywood is a shot-blocker, for the most part they are weak inside and James is as quicker and stronger than any of their perimeter players.  The question is whether James will drive or settle for open jumpers as the Wizards try to bait all teams into.

3. Zydrunas Ilgauskas can be the most effective player in the series, if he stays out of foul trouble.  The Wizards simply have no answer for him.  Plus throwing it into him will slow the game down, which is what the Wizards hate.  He must not be forgotten or under-used, no matter what some blog readers think about it.

4. Arenas will catch fire and making unbelievable shots.  He will also go ice cold and take bad shots and weak shots.  The idea is to make him work as hard as possible so the hot streaks are few.

5. The Cavs will win the series in six or seven games. I know the Wizards are a bad match-up for the Cavs, I know they beat them three out of four regular season games.  But the Cavs have the talent advantage, they have the home-court advantage, they've played better basketball for the last two months than Washington, and they have the best player.

--If you have a few minutes, check out Tom Reed's great story on Zydrunas and his wife, Jennifer.
--If you read this, you can sound smart to your friends.
--Mad props to Bob Finnan of the News-Herald, who correctly predicted the Cavs record for the third consecutive season.  Records are kept for this, but it has to be one.   By the way, I said the Cavs would go 47-35 and finish fifth in the East.
--However, before you pat Finnan on the back, he also revealed to me the other he thinks his dog looks like Tracy McGrady.  Please take that into consideration.

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