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Cleveland Cavaliers

A Few Observations from the Nose Bleed Seats

By George Thomas Published: April 19, 2009

- As some of you may have realized after reading this blog for the past six months or so, I never really had to provide any depth of analysis for the Cavaliers prior to getting this gig.  That's OK, I learn fast.  But it doesn't take a genius to notice that the Cavs have turned into an offensively balanced team.
- Mike Brown took the blame for that being lacking in the past, saying that he often relied on LeBron James to either score or help his teammates make a play.  Given who he has in James it's understandable, but Brown certainly sounds happier knowing that he has two other options on the court in Mo Williams and Delonte West with James.
- Speaking of Mo Williams - folks shouldn't freak out when he has a bad first half.  He's had more than a few this year only to turn around and fantastic second ones.  It's his way - occasionally and worth dealing with for what he brings to the team overall.
- Some people ask me what the hardest part of my job is.  Honestly, it's maintaining objectivity when you know a team has a player like James.  Why?  Because on any given night he can make you slip and just drop your jaw at something he did on the court.  Case in point:  yesterday's end of the half bank three-point shot.   The jaw nearly got separted from the rest of my face.  I felt better after seeing that the same thing happened to everyone else on press row.
- Can someone tell me why Commissioner David Stern is getting involved in some petty crap as the Cavaliers ''dancing'' against the Boston Celtics?   This from Mitch Lawrence from the New York Daily News:

The Cavs handled themselves like pros all season, until LeBron James and friends broke out in dances during a rout of Boston last week. "If I were the Celtics, I would make sure that tape exists, and I'd run it every game in the locker room as a sort of motivation," said commissioner David Stern. "I wouldn't want to provoke the Celtics." Some of the Celtics took issue with the dancing, including Ray Allen, who said, "I'm always going to remember that." But with Kevin Garnett done for the season, the Cavs might have gotten away with one. Chances are the next time they see the Celtics will be in 2009-10. For the record, Stern is not looking to ban dancing, saying he has no plans to "spend my time telling our players about that." Stern even gave James a pass, saying, "It was just his over-exuberance at the time." Maybe, but it certainly wasn't an act befitting an MVP.
There is really nothing like a complete and utter lack of context.  Folks act as if the Cavs went all John Travolta on the Celtics last week when all it actually was was some head bobbing and shoulder swaying while sitting down.  The Celtics' Ray Allen, who had earlier in that game tossed an elbow to Anderson Varejao's groin area, took issue with it.  Give me a break.  The Cavs reacted to a Rick Astley tune that got played a lot this year because they won. 
- Are the Pistons already preparing to head to their off-season homes?  If I read their coach, Mike Curry, correctly, they may be close.  While it's difficult to sweep in the NBA, Curry seemed frustrated and exasperated by the Cavs' blase 102-84 win Saturday.
- Just another perspective on why the Cavs will lose the NBA championship.  I just love when writers who cover the opposing team and know that they have to deal with crap, like to just take aim because they have nothing better to write about.
- The video above is from during yesterday's game.  I think Cavs fans are ready to go.
- And this is completely off the track, but yours truly is a huge Journey fan (one of few who admit it) and these kids are from Northeast Ohio.  They deserve some props:
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