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About Those Fighting Irish from Boston

By George Thomas Published: May 16, 2010

I've taken a couple of days to decompress.  I didn't even watch Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals in its entirety, preferrring to get some things done around my place for a few hours.
After two days of enduring "What happened to the Cavs?" and having people ask me about unsavory rumors that, to my knowledge have no basis in fact, I didn't want to go anywhere near hoops or sports for that matter.
The rumors thing confirmed some stuff for me.  The first one being that Northeast Ohio has lost its mind, all in the attempt to validate and make sense about what happend to the Cavaliers.  Here's what happened:  they lost.  Plain and simple.  They lost. 
They forgot their identity in the playoffs - defense first - and they were out of sync offensively - primarily because of injuries to LeBron James, Anderson Varejao and Shaquille O'Neal missing from the final weeks of the season.  That's it, Northeast Ohio.
The other observation:  after learning that the Celtics basically ran up in the Magic today, you have to wonder if after being cast off as irrelevant because of their players' ages and after the performance against the Cavs, you just have to wonder if they are at bare minimum this year's Cinderella team or, dare I say it for fear being hunted down by angry fans, a team of destiny.

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